Out of commission yesterday, apparently I missed a number of noteworthy items.

CBS and NBC have been wrestling over the Patriots/Broncos game on December 18th. NBC would like to flex out the game to Sunday night, while CBS wants to keep it right where it currently is – a 4:15 start on their network. The NFL announced that a decision would be made today on the schedule for the game. Chad Finn has more on the situation.

Update: ProFootballTalk.com reported first that the game will not be flexed to NBC. The Patriots and Broncos will play at 4:15 on CBS on December 18th.

The Celtics 66-game regular season schedule has been released.

Talk continues about a possible trade involving Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. It still seems a longshot, but Celtics fans should feel conforted by the fact that Danny Ainge is doing everything he can think of to keep the Celtics a contender, and will continue to do so. The rumored price (Rondo, Green, two first-round picks) seems very steep, but we’ll see how things shake out.

Currently there is a lot of hand-wringing over the airwaves on Tyler Seguin missing a team breakfast and then being a healthy scratch in last night’s loss to the Winnipeg Jets. It’s a topic worthy of discussion and judgement, though certainly not enough to fill entire segments of airtime, which it is being used for.

Terry Francona has joined ESPN and he and new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine were on the ESPN Baseball Tonight set last night after having essentially swapped jobs in the last few weeks. Here is the video from ESPN of the two of them.


At the moment, it appears that David Ortiz will be back with the 2012 Red Sox, reports have him set to accept arbitration from the club.

I’ll have the NFL decision on Patriots/Broncos on Twitter when it is announced, and will update this post as well.


7 thoughts on “A Wednesday Catchup

  1. Alex Belth of the Bronx Banter blog wrote a terrific piece on the late George Kimball. A great read on a pretty fascinating person. Deadspin picked up the article and put it on its site. It long but you will not be able to take your eyes off of it. http://deadspin.com/5863743/the-two+fisted-one+ey

    Sports by Brooks has been stringing an item on Twitter on current Alabama and former Miami Dolphin coach Nick Saban. Brooks Melchior, the writer of the blog, reported that in 2005 former Dolphin offensive lineman Geno James passed out and started suffering from convulsions. His teammates carried him to a hallway. Saban came down the hallway and walked right over the seriously ill James without any emotion. After James was airlifted to a hospital, Saban had a team meeting saying he had to do things for the good of team and never mentioned anything about hoping for the well-being of James. The local angle is that the story was told by former Patriot, Heath Evans and confirmed by Patriots beat writer Greg Bedard, who worked for the Palm Beach Post at the time. http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/evans-saban-stepped


  2. agree with the Seguin situation. Not worth 4 hours of airtime but it is a layup for the sports yakkers because of the SOAP OPERA aspects of it. Just don't see this kid as a "bad seed" or a troublemaker. Just a 20 year old kid who needed a "wake up call": ( pun FULLY intended) They let him slide a couple of times. After this benching if it were to happen again then I would feel differently. As of right now?….much ado about nothing


  3. Bruce,
    Nice to see Farinella mention this website, at least obliquely. Check out his latest column blaming his woes on Belichick. Mark, did it ever occur to you that if reporters ask dumb questions, they are going to get dumb answers? That as they try to rephrase the same question over and over again to get the response they want, the answers from BB are going to get increasingly short and curt? (see: the blond reporter)

    I love the crack about Belichick manipulating the media, as if the media doesn't manipulate every interaction to get some kind of explosive response to sell their stories and themselves. (see: the blond reporter again…and I bet she was secretly jumping for joy that she got a rise out of BB).


    1. Mark, I honestly don't care if you enjoy a win or not, but fans would like the chance to. Is that too much to ask? Not every reporter and columnist has to be a Borges "Buzz-Kill Buddy", to steal a bit from the Big Show.

      It's okay if you, Mark, feel that BB's answers are predictable. I feel that the reporter's questions are just as predictable: "What do you think of the next 3 or 4 games on the schedule?" (when they know it's one game at a time), "How severe is so-and-so's injury?" (when they know no one talks about injuries), and the ever popular "How do you feel?"…which has to be the dumbest, least-original question that's constantly asked.


    2. The media was out in force defending whatsherface because she's a woman and she's hot. Let's call it like it is. If it was Ron Borges or Chris Gasper or whoever else, no one would care. The angle was obviously "Bill Belichick hates women! Hot ones!"


  4. Yesterday, Tony Massarotti again, showed just how insufferable he is. Felger and Maz have had nothing to complain about with regards to the Bruins (until today, and boy have they and everyone else run with it). So Maz went after a target that he loves to aim at, the fans. He made this ridiculous statement, "The only thing that bothers me is that the fans are acting like the Bruins have won a Stanley Cup". Really, what fans have said this? It is another contrived and moronic argument that Maz will use when he has nothing to complain about. Are the fans happy about what the Bruins are doing on the ice? Of course, as well they should. Before last night, the Bruins had won 28 out of a possible 29. Fans are and should be happy, but I have not heard anyone say the Bruins are going to win the Stanley Cup. The statement by Maz is a boldface lie.

    Unfortunately, I do not think things are going to improve at WEEI. Since going to FM, the ratings for WEEI have improved a lot. Mut and Lou and the Big Show are now number three in all of the important demographics. Mut and Lou I do not mind but I believed that Glenn Ordway would be removed after football season. This looks like it may not happen. If you want to know how bad the Big Show continues to be then all you had to do was listen today when the topic was the 2001 Tuck Rule playoff game against the Raiders. UGH!!!


  5. Another personality who seems to be aggravating as of late is Greg Dickerson. Dickerson said tonight that he believes that David Ortiz could be in for bad year because he has had a slow start the last two years. Ortiz had a slow start last year? I don't remember that. I remember him batting over .300 the whole season. Did Ortiz have a slow start three years ago? Yes, he also did not have any off-season workouts because of a wrist injury at the end of 2008. Two years ago he struggled the first month of the year probably because he was pressing. But, he was pretty good from May on. Greg Dickerson would actually have to research this, but of course, just like many of the BSM, he doesn't want to bother.


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