Ian Rapoport covers the New England Patriots for the Boston Herald.

The Boston-born but New York raised Rapoport joined the Herald in July of 2009. He had previously worked for The Birmingham News, where he covered the Alabama football program led by Nick Saban.

The Columbia University graduate employs an energetic style to his coverage of the Patriots, having fun, yet still breaking his share of scoops along the way. He is prolific on Twitter and is very engaged with his audience. He’s been a regular guest on sports radio, and on TV with Comcast SportsNet.


15 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Ian Rapoport

    1. i'm not a fan either. i'm sure he's a good person but he comes off too goofy and too excited about hobnobbing w/ the players and other reporters (and retweeting info) for me to take him seriously. chris forsberg's has been bringing a sense of fun to his pats coverage and i actually think chris rides that line of fun and news nicely

  1. I like Rap. I understand that some find his style a little ADHD like but I think when you are trying to write blog postings which are different than newspaper columns you need to not be as "structured". I think referring to your wife as the 'Temptress" and then linking that to a superwoman picture is funny. As for his football coverage I think he does a fine job. I put him right up there with Curran and Reiss. His x's and o's are pretty solid and it helps to work with a consummate pro like Karen G to keep you focused on the job at hand.

    Having said that I was not thrilled with his tweeting from inside the temple at Myra Kraft's funeral but I doubt he will make a mistake that dumb again. There are far worse guys covering the Patriots than Rap. To me he is one of the good ones.

    1. IMHO, I don't think Rapaport can hold a candle to Reiss or Curran as far as X&O's and overall football acumen but then again I don't read the Herald much anymore (except Karen Guregian now and then) but I do see Rap a lot on TV. Sometimes I think his mission is to try and tweet more than anyone else as if it gives him a feeling of self-importance. I had to stop following him because he just overloads you with tweets and retweets that are of no value – he needs a twitter intervention. He seems like a nice guy ( I didn't like the whole Myra Kraft thingy) but he's not my first choice for local Patriot news like Curran and Reiss but I don't disapprove either.

  2. With the Bruins starting soon, Sox falling apart, and the Patriots playing, I'd rather see some links (with your good commentary) than rate another schmoe.

    1. Bruce is busy, as he's currently being worked out with an eye towards potentially starting Wednesday vs. the Orioles.

  3. One of the best Pats writers right now. Those who disapprove probably are older. Rappaport brings some much needed youth and relevancy to the Herald football writers.

  4. Seems to have the best grasp on social media and reader interaction. It's a matter of personal preference, but I have no problem with people I follow tweeting about non-sports stuff once in a while. He's easygoing and has adapted to the modern sportswriting/reporting world. Seems to have fun, as Bruce said. Siskel and Ebert give him two thumbs up.

  5. Definitely a little goofy, but solid nonetheless.
    If you follow him on twitter, you know that he can be a little bit of information overload and needs to filter a bit (we don't need to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of everything, ok?).
    Thank God he stopped with the Justin Bieber/Brady's hair tweets last season, or I might have never read him again.
    Anyway… pretty good, pretty balanced and on occassion, funny. Not Tom E. Curran funny… but funny. Not that I look to beat writers for humor… well, except for Shaughnessy & Borges, of course.
    He is pretty close to what Pats fans want: A balanced look at the team. Doesn't see them as anything close to perfect, and he doesn't take the Felger & Mazz angle, which is when the Pats play well- it doesn't matter because it's not the playoffs. And when they don't play well- they suck and have MAJOR problems (you know, problems, 90% of league wished they only had).

  6. Approve but with less enthusiasm than a year ago. Last year he gave us great profiles of the draftees and allowed us see into their lives. This year he concentrated solely on Mallett after the draft which bothered me as I wanted to know more about Solder, Ras-I, Cannon, etc. and he got away from what made his post-draft blog "must-read."

    Still he covers the Pats with enthusiasm and a sense of humor.

  7. Consider him a #2 to MikeReiss #1 because of the news. I read a few of his columns for tidbits that ESPN doesn't get (it happens, sometimes), and other media like here that I consume. If you're looking for a "combined" patriots source that combines everything from the area likeProJo, BH, Globe, ESPN, Patriots.com, and a few other papers, follow: @patriots_live . It's an automated aggregator site but it beats following 500 beat writers and having your feed polluted by their non-media tweets.

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