Some fast links this morning, before a guest column rebuttal of yesterday’s guest column…

The Red Sox continued their mini-slide yesterday afternoon, falling to the Tampa Rays 4-0 at Fenway Park as the offense was again shut down. You know it was bad, but did you know this series was a historically bad one for the Boston bats?

The Patriots play their second preseason game tonight, traveling down to Tampa to take on the Bucs.

Pats Pregame Points: Preseason Two At Bucs – Chris Warner gets us ready on Patriots Daily with a few pregame points of interest.

Patriots hope to continue progress – Mike Reiss has some areas of interest for tonight.

Patriots regulars set to play – Ian Rapoport says that we should see at least some of the Patriots projected starters tonight.

New England looks for a plan – Dan Cagen has Bill Belichick still trying to figure out who his starters will be.

Putting the ‘Patriot Way’ in perspective – Tom E Curran seems to be responding to a ludicrious 98.5 promo that has Tony Massarotti and Mike Felger angrily screaming that the ‘Patriot Way’ is “condescending”, “arrogant” and “insulting.”

Bill Belichick’s Football Profile – Jerry Thornton tries to figure out the characteristic of the kind of players Bill Belichick looks for.

You Only Practice Twice – What’s the deal with Albert Haynesworth?

Westmoreland faces live pitching for first time since surgery – Tim Britton reports on the Red Sox prospect facing live pitching, with Theo Epstein stating that they hope to get him an at-bat by the end of the season.

Vaunted Boston lineup suddenly punchless – Eric Avidon has the look at the slumping Red Sox offense.

4 thoughts on “Sox Offensive Slide Continues

  1. Curran had better be careful. The more reasoned, logical and factual columns he writes about the Patriots, the more he risks being labeled a "fanboy," a "Belichick lackey" and/or "Kraft's other son" by Felger and Mazz; the former already has labeled Mike Reiss all of those things, I believe, because Reiss actually does his job rather than lash out with hyperbolic, contrarian statements about the football operation in Foxobor.

    Watch your back Mr. Curran!!


    1. I kinda like "Foxobor" better. Has more of a Lord of the Rings feel to it. "One does not just walk into Foxobor!"


  2. I'm very glad to see that WEEI did not cut off its nose despite its face by removing Jerry Thornton from the .com staff. Thornton is a regular blogger on Barstool and is one of the best writers around. Another great column on the Patriots by Thornton. Also it is great to see the progress Ryan Westmoreland has had. If he does get an at-bat at Fenway someday, he will probably get a five minute standing O and it will be awesome.


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