Tim Wakefield managed to leave the game with a lead, but saw the Twins tie things up after he left, thus denying him a shot at career win number 200 for the knuckleballer. The Red Sox scored two runs in the top of the ninth however, to pull out a 8-6 road victory over the Minnesota Twins.

Red Sox win, but Wakefield forced to wait for No. 200 – Brian MacPherson has the Red Sox rally coming a little too late for Wakefield. More game stories from Scott Lauber | Peter Abraham | Sean McAdam | Tony Lee

Jacoby Ellsbury feeling no pain – Jackie MacMullan has the Red Sox centerfielder bouncing back from his injuries in 2010, talking about how badly he was injured, and gets Kevin Youkilis to explain his criticism of Ellsbury last season. Bob Ryan wonders if Ellsbury could join the short list of leadoff men who have been MVP candidates.

Where have all the homers gone for Adrian Gonzalez? – Alex Speier looks at the home run shortage from the Red Sox first baseman.

Red Sox ride road to recovery – Gordon Edes looks at the Red Sox torrid road record since an awful beginning to the season.

Tim Wakefield’s quest lingers longer – Michael Silverman has time running short for Wakefield.

It was a big night for Papi – Nick Cafardo looks at a big night for David Ortiz. Tony Lee has more on Ortiz.

Jed Lowrie hopes to show early form – Silverman has the infielder looking to get back to the form he showed at the start of the season. Brian MacPherson says that the competition between Lowrie and Marco Scutaro is heating up again.

Dustin Pedroia works hard – Lauber’s notebook has the Red Sox second baseman with a key at-bat in the ninth inning. The Globe Red Sox Notebook from Abraham has a look back at a long Sunday night. The Red Sox Journal has Terry Francona defending Jason Varitek’s swing on 3-0 Sunday night. THe CSNNE.com Red Sox notes from McAdam have Wakefield again missing out on win number 200.

2011 edition may be their best ever – Jonathan Comey thinks that this might be the best team the Patriots have ever put together.

Belichick acknowledges looming scheme changes – Tom E Curran shows that he “gets it” when it comes to labeling the Patriots defense – unlike some of his colleagues on the beat. I think Karen Guregian understands as well. Christopher Price knows that versatility is the key.

Ex-Jet Ellis a great find … if he can solve his hatred for Pats – Hector Longo seems to question whether Shaun Ellis can get over his deep-rooted hatred of the Patriots. He’s a Jets spy!!!

Shaun Ellis says Jets forced him out of town – Tim Britton has more on Ellis joining the Patriots, as does Ian R. Rapoport, A. Sherrod Blakely and Glen Farley.

Crazy camp up Bill Belichick’s alley – Steve Buckley has a premise, and he’s sticking to it, even if the quotes he uses from Bill Belichick to support it do not support it in the least.

Coach comes full circle with Andre Carter – Rapoport’s notebook has Belichick recalling a 2001 pre-draft meeting with his new defensive lineman. The Globe notebook from Monique Walker has more on Ellis. The Pats Notebook from Mark Farinella has the team stockpiling on the defensive line. The Patriots Journal also looks at the D-line focus.

Marquis Daniels fights to play again – Jessica Camerato has the former Celtic looking to get back on an NBA court.


6 thoughts on “Wake Doesn’t Get 200, But Sox Get Another Win

  1. This is just a random thought I had driving into work this morning: I realized why T&R will continue to be successful while D&C will disappear shortly. Please respond with any thoughts.
    For anyone listening around 8:45, you heard that T&R were giving "Rap battle" matchups between their hosts. You will have Gresh v Felger, Zo v Fred, Mazz v Adolfo,etc. Now, I know many posters may not find this interesting due to age, interests, or the fact that this has nothing to due with sports. But to me, this creativity inspired by a fun-loving attitude to have some good natured host on host crime. I mean, c'mon. While the Rap Battle will probably be entertaining, this is what puts TSH above WEEI, IMO. They are constantly creating new ways to have fun, bring listeners in, and not bore us with stat lines. While we all have our gripes with TSH hosts, opinions, etc, I think they should be praised for at least attempting change, constantly thinking, involving listeners, and showing that they care.


    1. Could anyone imagine WEEI doing this? John Dennis vs Michael Holley, with Holley mocking Dennis for his Rotillo comments, weight, and overall political views? No way, they are all too sensitive over there and have shown they are not open to change. Even when ratings books are bashing their heads. I'm not saying Rap battles are the reason for success, but the IDEA and ability to Think is. I, as a listener, value that TSH wants to creatively express opinion and provide entertainment. This goes to my rants before about sports vs entertainment. Your thoughts?


      1. I heard the schtick during a Bradford and Dale break. It became train wreck radio for me as I could not believe they gave 15 minutes of air time to this idea. I am clearly not in the demo that they were shooting for. THis clearly is about entertainment and not sports. Its fine if they are gathering listeners…but lets stop calling their show a sports talk show. Likewise if I were WEEI I would program an actual sports talker against it as counter programming. Dale and Bradford didn't suck today.

        As a marketing aside for 98.5. If you are going to allow your hosts to participate in this crazy idea…then 1) promote it better and 2) Have the other show hosts call in and trash talk a little.


        1. So you don't even like the fact the TSH is willing to expand thinking and come up with new ways to entertain? My point isnt the topic, it's the fact they are thinking. WEEI doesn't do this, or when they do, they make changes by not listening to fans. You missed my point!


          1. My point is it isn't sports talk. They can be very creative. I am not arguing that. I am simply saying that it was a waste of 15 minutes and as the bit went on and on it got dumber and dumber. To me this is Mikeyoke only with rap showdowns instead of horrible singing. It is silly schtick that does not interest me at all. Having said that, I listed ways they could have made it funnier by tying in the other station personalities. It may turn out to be a funny bit when they all start slamming each other or it may suck. But to be honest, having the professional talk show hosts lose credibility with the audience because they participate in something this inane isn't how I would run my station. I don't need Gresh or Mazz exposed as even more unprofessional than they already appear. Just my opinion and I did not miss your point. You are ecstatic that 98.5 attempts to think up new ways to entertain you. I would be ecstatic if they spent as much time and energy on trying to make the sports talk on the station better. It seems to me we just have different priorities.


  2. Article by Jackie MacMullan? That is what sports freaking writing is supposed to be! Entertaining, enlightening article that clears up a lot of misconceptions. Jackie Mac shows that putting effort and thought into writing makes the prose much better. "Cough CHB cough cough."


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