The Red Sox got an ace performance from Jon Lester, who pitched seven shutout innings in picking up his 10th win of the season. Jason Varitek supported his pitcher with a pair of home runs, and Dustin Pedroia added a solo shot as the Red Sox earned a 5-2 win in Philadelphia to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Phillies.

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How Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jason Varitek gave Red Sox one less thing to worry about – Rob Bradford says that it is fair to say that Bengie Molina’s name has been mentioned for the last time when it comes to fixing the Sox.

Theo Epstein takes hit on Mike Cameron’s flop – John Tomase has Theo Epstein holding himself accountable for the Mike Cameron signing. Tomase notes that 2010 was not the greatest offseason for the Sox GM, though I think  his reluctance to re-sign Jason Bay has proven to be correct.

J.D. Drew’s leash just got shorter – Gordon Edes says that the release of Cameron should be a wake-up call to J.D. Drew.

In debate about moving Gonzalez to right, logic was the loser – Jim Donaldson decries the panic over the possibility of moving Gonzalez to the outfield in interleague play.

From Nick Cafardo’s column today:

They head to Houston to open a weekend series tonight against the worst team in baseball. If they can’t right the ship there, they may not right it at all.

What? So if the Red Sox can’t beat the Astros this weekend, the season is over?

Johnson is eager to conquer a new frontier – Boston Globe intern Nicole Auerbach is assigned the minor-league notebook this week, which has Lowell outfielder Matty Johnson hoping to be the next Daniel Nava.

What the lockout means for the NBA and the Celtics – Paul Flannery has a look at the NBA lockout, which officially began at midnight last night. Chris Forsberg also looks at how the lockout will impact the Celtics.

Is Wyc Grousbeck willing to lose entire NBA season? – Ben Rohrbach notes that based on previous comments, the Celtics owner could be one of the owners willing to lose the entire 2011-12 season.

Bruins look warily at market – Despite having a ton of cap space, Stephen Harris writes that the Bruins aren’t likely to make any major signings this offseason. DJ Bean and James Murphy have more on the Bruins likely passive approach.

Where To Look For Quality NFL Lockout Coverage – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I’m dishing out praise for Mike Freeman, Albert Breer and Mike Florio. Wait, what?


10 thoughts on “Sox Manage To Take One In Philly

  1. From Nick Cafardo’s column today:

    They head to Houston to open a weekend series tonight against the worst team in baseball. If they can’t right the ship there, they may not right it at all.

    Nickles careers from Chicken Little to GM-without-portfolio. Everything's a Big Deal. He doesn't know talent and he doesn't understand the modern-day business of the game. And he doesn't understand that his endless "_____ would be a good fit at ______" is a total waste of time.


    1. not to mention that wouldn't make any sense at all. Isn't this series with the Astros THE END of interleague play for this year? so who gives a rats ass about "righting the ship" for interleague play?…….anyway, I think Carfaro was part of the "panic mode" club when the Sox were 2-6…..this is nothing more than sportswriter speak, making noise for the sense of making noise.


  2. Personally I don't think Portney is funny at all unless you you get off on rating pictures of random girls asses. (Yo Dude! Look at that bitches nice ass! Yea man, I'd like to nail that bitch. Yea she's rude dude!)!! But he does have his loyal stoolie stooges and I'm sure Portney is laughing all the way to the bank (want to buy a pair of pajama's for a few hundred bucks just so you can say you're cool?) Good for him, it's a nice gig if you can get it. – he saw a niche and exploited it. It's ironic how D&C hooked up with Portney though – those two wingnuts are the furthest thing from who I'd picture reading the Barstool site. Whatever.


    1. What makes you think they read it, liked it and got Portnoy to come on their show? Wolfe probably got him to come on the show without D&C's say-so (he is the boss after all).


    2. No question, his blog is not for everybody. Some of the stuff is designed for young men who would read Maxim. But, some of the sports and pop culture entries can be very funny imo. As far as D&C go, they know they got waxed in the April and May ratings period by Toucher and Rich, so they are making a desperate attempt to get younger. They may get some listeners back but they could have lost a majority of the younger demographic.


    3. Stop the exploitation of woman. Can not believe NESN, WEEI and John Henry would let this Loser Portney even be associated with them. Especially when he blogs what he would do to the Handicapped woman in the wheel chair. His parent’s must be really proud of him. NESN, WEEI and John Henry what were you thinking.


  3. Barstool Sports was a nice idea, and a good website to kill time at work. But Jerry Thornton's football knowledge has been exposed many times. (he was amazed at going to a practice and every three minutes a whistle blowing and a new drill starting, swearing it as genius. When every colleg and most high schools have done this for 20 or 30 years. Not to mention his baseball knowledge is shit). Davey Pageviews as he become to be known as isn't much better. He is arrogant and smug as any asshole can get. Over the last year he has completely sold out, his posts are the same thing since 2007, and he just plain doesn't understand sports much at all. Its no wonder he stopped making baseball, and football posts as he was ripped to shreds for idiotic thoughts. The only thing saving that site is the NYC barstool writer KFC and Kmarko. Very funny new idea guys.


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