After a rain delay and an early 2-0 deficit Josh Beckett and the Red Sox settled down, and a seven-run seventh inning lifted Boston to their second straight three game sweep in New York over the Yankees. The 8-3 win was Boston’s sixth in a row, and giving the Red Sox the best record in the American League.

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It is still true however that No team has ever won the World Series after starting the season 0-6!! (How silly does the wailing of that type look now? Even if the Red Sox don’t win the Series this year, it won’t be because they started 0-6.)

Red Sox wipe out Yankees – Peter Abraham, who was cracking me up on Twitter last night, reports on the Red Sox sweeping two three-game series from the Yankees in New York for the first time since 1913. Ian Browne and Scott Lauber have more on the sweep.

Weiland going steady at Pawtucket – Michael Vega’s minor league notebook has the AAA righty settling in after a rocky start.

David Ortiz blames media for getting plunked – Scott Lauber’s notebook has the Sox DH grousing about the media making a big deal about him never having been hit by a Yankees pitch. The Globe notebook by Peter Abraham has Pedroia getting good news on his knee, which is just bruised. The Red Sox Journal has more on Pedroia. The CSNNE notes from Sean McAdam have more on Ortiz blaming the media. Ron Chimelis thinks that Papi had a point.

Canucks insist they aren’t falling apart, but are they? – DJ Bean looks at the state that the Canucks find themselves in heading into tonight’s game five.

Proud to be an NHL front-runner – Bill Simmons on his new site Grantland writes about getting back into the Bruins.

Julien making all the right moves – Joe Haggerty has the Bruins coach pushing all the right buttons in this playoff run.

Bruins show Canucks cold realities – Stephen Harris examines things we thought we knew about the Canucks, and what the reality has been.

Relentless Brad Marchand a perfect fit for Hub -Ron Borges with a look at the “rat” rookie forward. Mike Loftus says that Marchand makes things difficult for opponents in many ways.

Hey Felger!: Can you feel it? – Mike Felger is a puddle over the idea that the Bruins could win the cup.

Label works for him – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook has more on Bruins coach Claude Julien.

Straight talk irks Canucks – Chad Finn’s media column has Mike Milbury ticking off all of Canada.

Michael Felger, Tony Amonte speak their minds about Stanley Cup Finals – Bill Doyle looks at CSNNE’s post game duo.

Boston Bruins Made This A Hockey Town – My SB Nation Boston media column has a Red Sox sweep of the Yankees practically going ignored this week.

The Greatest Paper That Ever Died – Again on Grantland, Alex French and Howie Kahn remember the ill-fated all-sports newspaper. Even Charles P. Pierce has a column on the site with his memories of his time at the paper.

SOURCE: NFL lockout almost over – Bill Burt reported yesterday that the lockout was just about over and that players have been contacted about getting ready to return to work as soon as this weekend. PFT and the NFL and former NFLPA reps have all shot down this report. PFT in fact, has a second post with a look at how Burt has changed the wording of his story after being confronted with the truth. (Of course, the funny thing is that PFT does this sort of thing ALL the time – taking the tiniest bit of information and trying to blow it up into a major story. Seeing them smack down Burt is rather ironic. Wait, did I use the word “ironic” correctly?)

19 thoughts on “Sox Finish Off Bronx Sweep, Part II

  1. NESN Trivia Question: Who is the only player with exactly 3,000 hits.

    Remy: Got to 3,000 and wrapped it up, huh?

    Orsillo: Sort of …


  2. Agree about PFT, but BILL BURT?…..sounds like he was working the "Any publicity is good puplicity" angle. Maybe he thought he could quadruple his "Twitter followers"


  3. The Grantland piece on the National is fantastic. If this is the sort of thing we can expect from them in the future, I'm 100% on board.

    Pete Abe has really grown on me since he started. I thought he came off as a bit brusque early on, but the more I read his off-the-cuff stuff, the more I realize he's got a pretty darned great sense of humor.


    1. I suspect things that good won't come around /too/ often. But then, things that good don't come around too often in general. Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is crap.

      I'll stop by regularly, on the chance of finding something I like.

      (I mean, aside from writing considerations, their layout is /way/ better than many places, so that's a plus already.)


    1. Bill Burt will never be able to top the time he "overheard things in the press tent" at the Super Bowl of Bob Ryan's son being killed in Afghanistan. In his post he didn't address Keith by his name just as Bob Ryan’s so and the location wrong (Pakistan).


  4. I saw the question but I missed Remy's comment. Hard for me to be too critical of either man here, however, because Remy clearly didn't know the answer and had he known it was Clemente I'm sure he wouldn't have said that. As for Orsillo, it was an awkward response but if he came out and said the guy passed away or never got a chance to play again, he probably would have given away the answer. I guess if Orsillo had it to do all over again he would have said something like "not exactly" and left it at that.


  5. [rant on]

    I'm just about exactly the same age as Simmons (same HS graduating class, etc.). I can tell you: in my experience, pretty much all the non-die-hard Bruins fans of my age or near it feel EXACTLY the same way about the Bruins as he does (per his column). All of us have our particular points at which we said "that's it, I don't care a rat's a$$ about this team anymore", but we all have them, and it all comes down to one word: Jacobs. For me personally, I never, never, never will forgive Jacobs et al. for driving Adam Oates out of town. Yes, he mouthed off in a way that pretty much guarantees you'll be shown the door, but he was telling the truth — the Jacobs family would not open their carpetbagging Buffalo glorified fry cook pockets to add the one or two B+ or better level players that could push the late 80s Bourque/Neely or the mid 90s Bourque/Oates teams over the top. (How many times did Brendan Shanahan in his prime practially beg the Bruins to acquire him?) How many big defensemen came on the market only to go to Detroit or the Rangers or somewhere else where the purse strings were a bit looser? I understand the desire to stay within a budget and not bankrupt the team. But that wasn't what they were doing — they were maximizing revenue at the expense of team building, and everyone knew it. That, more than the lockout or the dilution caused by expansion, is what drove my generation away from the Bruins. If the ownership doesn't given an eff about us, we won't give an eff about them.

    So even to this day, as I desperately hope for the B's to pull out two more against the Canucks, giving my current favorite player (TimTom) the engraved legacy he deserves…. I'll also be openly vomiting if I have to watch that [string of truly vile expletives] Jeremy Jacobs holding the Stanley Cup — a Cup we could have had twenty f—ing years ago but for him. And I hope upon touching it he melts like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

    [rant off]


    1. I can't actually remember how old Simmons is (I think a few years older than me– ah, yeah, four years older than me), but basically, yes I'm with you all the way. It was a fershluggin' CRIME that Ray goddamn Bourque didn't win a Cup here, and why? Jacobs.

      So the team? Cam Neely? Eff yeah, I'm with 'em? Jacobs? I'll turn my /back/ to him, if need be.


    2. Best rant ever. And 100% accurate. I'm in the same age group, more or less, and I, like Simmons and yourself, pretty much gave up on the B's in the mid-90s when I realized that the hot dog peddler from western New York didn't care about winning. By extension, that meant he didn't care about me, so why should I patronize his team in his building? I'm certainly glad that he's a "changed man" in the days since the salary cap came into being, but if the B's win this Cup I'll still never forgive that guy for 30 years of basically taking advantage of a loyal fan base.


  6. Bruce your SBN column was a very enjoyable read. There were two parts that got my attention.

    1) The heavy criticism by Ed Olczyk and Pierre McGuire on Brad Marchand for ducking and dumping Daniel Sedin did not seem to make any sense. Marchand had been called for the penalty on Erhoff, the whistle blew and Sedin continued after Marchand. As Bruce said, what was Marchand supposed to do, get blasted? As much as the Sedins have been teased, they are both 6'2" 195lbs. I certainly would not call them lightweights. Also, give Marchand credit, there are a lot of agitators like LaPierre or Burrows when challenged back away. Marchand was more than willing to drop the gloves with Keith Ballard when he came calling.

    2) Tony Amonte has continued to improve his analysis with Felger at CSNNE. When Amonte first started he had a terrible time. He would stumble over words and would interrupt himself when you had a feeling a director was talking in his earpiece. But he has improved quite a bit since then. His delivery is smoother and he is more at ease. He has been very good.

    Bruce have you heard anything as to who is going to host the Tradition? Since it started, Dale Arnold and Michael Holley have been the host. I am wondering if that will change now that Dale and Holley are no more.


  7. I've asked a few times but haven't see or heard anything yet, but does anyone know if Matt Perrault is done with WEEI. I've heard Ryder on the weekeends the last few saturdays


  8. I've heard Perrault filling in for a graveyard shift here and there since being removed from the Saturday morning show. Seems he's now the backup to the backup (Ryder). I like Ryder way better and would not be sad to see Perrault shown the door permanently.

    Also, I believe Ordway & Holley will be hosting the Tradition this year. Think I heard them mention it on the Big Show recently.


  9. Thanks, I'm not a fan of Perrault btw just found it curious that after the jack Edwards incident, he was ousted but Minihane stayed on the show. Plus I have googled Matt Perrault and clearly he was not well liked in Nebraska. Ryder is definetly better and I have not heard Perrault on the airwaves since. I did check his blog and he has not made many mentions of radio spots on WEEI that often.


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