Despite keeping things to the closest of margins against the explosive Canucks, the Bruins still find themselves training the Stanley Cup Finals, two games to none. The series shifts back to Boston for tonight’s game three – a must win affair for the Bruins. Get all the coverage of the Bruins over at

Team finds itself in perfectly awful mess – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins in trouble.

Bruins need breaks, breakthrough -Mick Colageo says that system-dependant hockey is holding the Bruins back. Stephen Harris says that tonight is the time for the Bruins to show their best.

Bruins need to ratchet up their attack – Michael Felger says that the Bruins problems are all on offense.

Bruins must stick to what got them here – Ron Borges argues that the Bruins can’t be changing things up at this point.

Bruins fans won’t let team down – Joe McDonald says that the fans will go their part at the Garden tonight.

Bobby Orr sees something special in this Bruins team – Steve Buckley has the Bruins legend impressed with the current squad.

Self-inflicted wounds – Dan Duggan’s Herald notebook has the Bruins needing to be more careful. The Globe notebook from John Powers has the odds very much against the Bruins in this series. The Patriot Ledger notebook from Mike Loftus has the Bruins looking for contributions from their secondary scorers. The ProJo Bruins Journal says that this Bruins team knows their way back from the brink.

The Red Sox wrapped up a three-game sweep of the Oakland A’s at Fenway Park yesterday afternoon. Check all the links at

Loving Adrian Gonzalez’ swing of beauty – John Tomase has David Ortiz more impressed with Adrian Gonzalez than he was with Manny Ramirez.

Crawford comes out swinging – Michael Vega has the outfielder getting his first home run at Fenway as a member of the Red Sox.

Happy to get extra crucial at-bats – After trading prospects this winter for Adrian Gonzalez, Peter Abraham notes that the Red Sox are happy to have gotten extra picks in this draft by letting Victor Martinez sign elsewhere.

Forecast for Dice-K looks cloudy – Scott Lauber’s notebook look at the uncertain future for the Japanese righty. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Clay Buchholz getting pushed back a couple of days because of a sore back.

Five Things We Learned This Week: Tom Brady looks like he’s ready to roll – Chris Price with a look at last week’s Patriots workouts.

For Doc and Shaq, no regrets – Jackie MacMullan, who is writing a book with Shaq, looks at the relationship between the big man and his final NBA coach.

Tom Brady Continues To Prove Critics Wrong – If you missed my SB Nation Media column last week, it was a look at a completely ridiculous exchange between Gary Tanguay and Michael Felger last week, who again spoke of a disconnect between Tom Brady and the Patriots.

12 thoughts on “Bruins Sit In 0-2 Hole As Series Shifts To Boston

  1. The league championship series is on VERSUS………VERSUS, not a major network, not even ESPN or TNT, but VERSUS. I wish you moronic hockey fans would stop trying to convince yourselves and others that this is a major sport. This is a pathetic foreign game, where they have intermissions, dressing rooms, and wear sweaters. PATHETIC.


  2. Bruce,
    Great SB nation column…what amazes me about the Patriots coverage in this town is these guys are employed by the Patriots radio network and they still have no clue. Does the fact that Wes Welker chose to work out in California this and last offseason register with these guys. Clearly he was doing that for the warm california sun and the California gurls (or at least visits to the Playboy mansion) and not because Brady is from there, lives there in the offseason so he can be closer to his other son, and therefore allowing the two of them to workout together. It was crystal clear from the unofficial workout that Brady had done no offseason work, was out of shape and had forgotten how to throw a football. To hear Tanguay and Felger tell it Brady was getting his Homer Simpson on while the rest of the guys rotted on the vine.

    Just once I would like the quality of the Patriots coverage to approach that of what the Red Sox get. David Ortiz admits to using PED's and he still swooned over in this town. Brady does the right thing by his sons and he is vilified. Last I looked the Sox have not won anything since 2007 and yet Tito and Theo are covered with kid gloves compared to Belichick or Brady or Kraft.

    In reality I think the real problem is guys like Tanguay and Felger hate others success. I close with a very simple question for them or anyone who defends them. If not Brady then who would you rather? If you think he is unprepared show us? The only knock on him now is he is getting older. It happens.


    1. I disagree, bradys problem is he is 0-3 in his last 3 playoff games and has scored 14,14, & 21. With the best regular season offense, that is not enough points! Not good enough for brady, I heard some of what felger says and he says I quote "he can do whatever he wants just win playoff games" so whats the problem with that analysis?


      1. He didn't win those three Super Bowls by himself and he didn't lose those three playoff games by himself either. In the three post-season games you mentioned, his offensive line sprung more leaks than the Titanic. He was under constant pressure and smacked around significantly in all three games. Still, in the Super Bowl loss, he managed to rally the Pats to an 80+ yard TD drive that put them ahead with 160 seconds to play–his defense then gagged away the lead. In the Jets game this year, he threw a bad pick early, yes (but he also did that in SB 38 and the 2003 AFC title game against the Colts, but no one remembers those picks because the Pats won both games). But Alge Crumpler also dropped a TD pass on him, the defense let the mediocre Mark Sanchez post a 124 QB rating, and the offensive line and the WRs failed to do their jobs all game long. For Felger and others to try to tie "Brady's" post-season failures to his personal life and offseason activities is beyond ridiculous.


        1. I do agree with a lot of your points, but If i were to rate bradys performances in those playoff games I would say not good enough. Against baltimore he was awful!!! his worst playoff performance, against the giants he failed to make the proper adjustments until the 4th quarter. Now it is definitely not all his fault, but he has not been at his best in these games. The best player needs to be better in these games.

          And I almost missed Bradys not good enough because he's getting older!!! Uuummm ya not so much, he was the MVP this past season. So he's getting older only in the playoffs, not in the regular seasn???


  3. "David Ortiz admits to using PED's and he still swooned over in this town."

    Actually, he didn't. He doesn't know what he popped for (on an anonymous test, the results of which were illegally leaked to the media) and hasn't failed an actual drug test since they started testing for real in 2004 (unlike, say, Manny).

    "Last I looked the Sox have not won anything since 2007 and yet Tito and Theo are covered with kid gloves compared to Belichick or Brady or Kraft."

    Well, nobody likes BB because he has an icy public persona. Brady has been in this town long enough for the bloom to come off the rose (mostly because the sports media schlubs are jealous of his jet-setting lifestyle). Kraft? Well, who knows….


    1. So you buy into the non denial denial/ "I do not know what they were giving when coming up in the Dominican" story? Regardless of that…he plays on the edge and is adored by the media…even when he defended Manny. Look at the coverage of JD Drew then and compare it to Bledsoe who played with bent pins in his finger and comes back from a collapsed lung inside of 4 months.

      I know the media does not like BB because of his prickly personality…perhaps he is that way with the media because he recognized early on that he will never be on the positive side of agenda driven reporting. You are right on about Brady and the media being jealous. I have long stated that the majority of the Media's dislike of Kraft is antisemitic (at least that coming from the Globe). As best I can tell his only mistake is buying the teaming and saying it from leaving for St. Louis, personally financing a beautiful new stadium, putting together a great organization (once he realize Pete Carroll was a complete and utter MORON), and then making money off his investment.

      Basically you are agreeing with me.


      1. "So you buy into the non denial denial/ 'I do not know what they were giving when coming up in the Dominican' story?"

        It's not a matter of buying it or not. Had those anonymous test result not been illegally released to the media, you would have never known. MLB never told the players who popped what they popped for and that information wasn't leaked with the list.

        "Look at the coverage of JD Drew then and compare it to Bledsoe who played with bent pins in his finger and comes back from a collapsed lung inside of 4 months."

        What about it? Nobody will ever mistaken JD Drew for Bledsoe (or any other football player for that matter).


        1. Whereas I totally agree with you that had the list not been leaked we never would have found out. But it was leaked, we did find out and I found Ortiz's explanation poor at best. Although as I think about it, I think the Boston media was equally weak on Rodney Harrison when he was caught red handed with HGH. No outrage there. Look ma I found a case of equally poor journalism in the coverage of both teams!

          As for JD Drew, I do not expect him to play like a football player. I just expect the coverage to be similar. Bledsoe was attacked mercilessly for not being as good as Brady. Towards the end they questioned his desire to play or whether he even liked the game (I believe a fair question by the way). Drew is called soft but that is it. His desire never questioned…the phrase they use on him is "even keeled".


  4. Great column Bruce.

    I tell my relatives from out of state whenever they come to town that if Tom Brady never set foot in Boston again after he retires, I wouldn't blame him one bit. The coverage of him since he started dating, and then married Gisele has bordered on the absurd. And apparently he's to blame for their poor post-season performances of late. Yup, it has nothing to do with a defense that got old and needed to be rebuilt, or an offensive line that seems to be able to dominate the regular season but gets pushed around in the post-season. It's all Brady's fault (these are the same guys who'll tell you that Manning's got only one Super Bowl ring because it's everyone else's fault, not his).


      1. I agree. For some reason, Boston sports "fans" seem eager to run him out of town, even though he's the greatest athlete since Bird to show up in New England. Like I've said before, are you really that eager to start the Brian Hoyer era?


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