It’s been three years since the original round of BSMW Approval ratings were run. Things are much different now, people have come and gone, moved to new positions, and there are even new outlets that weren’t here previously.

The concept is very simple. Each day (or thereabouts) a short profile of a Boston sports media member is posted, and you simply choose “Approve” or “Disapprove.” There is no middle ground. Then tell us why in the comment section.

With the Bruins in the spotlight right now, it feels right to start things off with a member of the Bruins beat. Fluto Shinzawa is a 1999 graduate of Boston University, and started at the Boston Globe in 2002. He covered college hockey (with a focus on Hockey East) and NASCAR for the Globe before moving to the Bruins beat around mid-decade.

Prior to coming to the Globe, Shinzawa had worked for the Concord (NH) Monitor, where he also had a hockey focus, covering the UNH hockey team, as well as NASCAR and high school sports. At the time he joined the Globe, Shinzawa was employed as a senior editor for the RobbReport,  a luxury lifestyle publication.


13 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Fluto Shinzawa

    1. Nicky, you kind of ruined my day. Felger is an alum along with Bill Reilly and (of course) Charley Manson?

      I like Fluto – he’s a trustworthy source for the casual fan.

  1. Major approve from me. He’s an excellent beat man who doesn’t have an agenda like a lot of other people covering the local teams in this town. Is pretty witty and funny in the chats that he does on Definitely not one of those “LOOK AT ME!” writers who needs to be on TV/Radio all the time. A breath of fresh air, if you ask me.

  2. Great idea Bruce with bringing back the media ratings. A good thing to do is compare-contrast how certain personalities have varied from 3 years ago until now. I believe Breer had a pretty good approval rating. This time around, not so much.

  3. When compared to the irascible KPD Fluto is a god send. Currently at 94% approval–can't wait to see of the others coming up. I think Bruce should add Albert "Brohio State" Breer just for S's & G's.

  4. I like Fluto a ton. Now then, when do get to Craig Mustard? Does he still qualify for Approval/Disapproval?

  5. I think the best thing about writers like Fluto, are that other than knowing he covers the Bruins, I know absolutely nothing about him. Boston media types have literally perched on our bird-feeders in our backyard squaking "look at me, look at me." Not the case here, solid writer. Probably about the best compliment u can get in this market nowaday.

  6. the robbreport has never replaced him. fluto has no equal describing a low mileage, yellow lamborghini.

  7. I like Fluto. He is a reporter who reports. You get the straight scoop from him, the opinions stay out of it. He reports on the game and when you are finished reading his column, you know what happened and why, not what "should have" happened. Dupont tends to mix his opinions in when he should be reporting. I truely wish Dupont knew as much about hockey as he thinks, but thats for another rating at another time. Fluto is straight and honest. Which means he is not long for this market. If you are not ripping someone in your articles, you are not considered "edgy".

  8. I heartily agree with the philosophical stance that "Winning" has (above). It brings to mind the question of its opposite: if someone os primarily a "personality" and only an "expert" in the promotional pixie dust strewn by the outlet that employs him or her, is that person eligible to be included in this exercise? For example, Tanguay is now just a paid pre-show host, not a "reporter" in the traditional sense. Will he be included? Callahan writes the occasional odd column for the Herald, but Dennis is strictly a morning radio personality. Both in? Both out? Split the difference? And what about web-only stars in the firmament? Will we be asked to vote approve/disapprove on the inscrutable Joe Gill?
    Just trying to determine the rules of the road.

  9. I think Fluto is the best hockey writer in town. Hands down.
    And I too like the idea of resurrecting the Approval Ratings.

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