The Bruins dropped one on the road last night, losing 4-3 in OT to the Nashville Predators. Check all the coverage over at

Thursday’s loss exactly the kind of game Bruins should winDJ Bean says that there are still plenty of questions to be answered about this Bruins team.

Kampfer’s rookie mistakes cost the B’sJoe Haggerty has the young defenseman with a pair of costly mistakes which led to the Predators victory. Douglas Flynn has more on Kampfer’s mistakes, and some growth from Tyler Seguin.

Brad Marchand must sit 2Stephen Harris’ notebook in the Herald has the Bruins forward getting a two-game suspension for his hit on Columbus’ R.J. Umberger. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has more on the suspension. The CSNNE notes from Joe Haggerty has Seguin taking a hit last night, but shaking it off and playing well.

Back to the Marchand hit for a moment, looking back – and this is total hindsight here – the hit barely registered among the local writers following the game. The only reference I can find to it is a passing note in Kevin Paul Dupont’s notebook, where he says “Brad Marchand looked a bit more engaged in the offense, landing five shots, and delivering an after-the-whistle elbow that nearly ignited a fight.” It was only the next day when the hit became a big topic. The only account I can find where it was pointed out the night of the game was from Matt Kalman on Kalman wondered if the league would look into the hit, and dole out some discipline to Marchand, which it did.

On second thought, Francona taps LackeyPeter Abraham has John Lackey being named the #2 starter behind Jon Lester. Chuck Frye has the Sox staff falling into place.

Red Sox rock the voteJohn Tomase has the Red Sox taking part in an informal poll about their teammates. Here is the full ballot – Survey says.

Boston trims roster, Iglesias, Anderson heading to PawSox – Tim Britton’s Red Sox Journal has the Sox send five players to the minors. The Herald notebook by John Tomase has more on Lackey. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Jonathan Papelbon getting roughed up again.

Danny Ainge feels Celtics’ pain Steve Bulpett has the Celtics boss putting his team’s health first among its goals.

Impact players: What the return of West and the O’Neals means for Celtics – Paul Flannery looks at how important it is to the Celtics to get those three players back. A. Sherrod Blakely reports that Shaq will be joining the Celtics on their road trip which begins tonight. He is not expected to play tonight, however.

Delonte West, Jeff Green’s History Stretches From Coast to Coast Over Past Decade – Evans Clinchy provides some interesting background on the two players, as they’ve got connections all over the place.

Happy 30th for Celtics tandemChad Finn looks at the Celtics broadcasters being honored with a CSNNE special tonight – “30 Seasons Of Mike and Tommy”

CBS shares NCAA Tournament loadBill Doyle looks at the new broadcast arrangements between CBS and Turner Sports.

Media Roundup: During NFL Lockout, Fans’ Voice Heard Like Never Before – My SB Nation Boston sports media column looks at why this lockout is different from any other work stoppage in professional sports history.

Work stoppage may be good for PatriotsGlen Farley thinks that the Patriots might have an advantage coming out of the lockout.

The Ohio playersBob Ryan with a feature on the favorites to win the NCAA Championship, THE Ohio State Buckeyes and freshman sensation Jared Sullinger.



4 thoughts on “Bruins End Up Prey For Predators

  1. I think Jeff Green is going to turn out to be a great acquisition. I loverd Perk too, but he is just now getting back into playing shape. For all intents and purposes he hasn't really played for the Celts this year and they've done pretty well without him. It's early, but I think Danny made a great deal, especially considering that Perk wasn't staying anyway.


    1. jury is still out because 6'9" Green is still averaging under 3 rebounds and under 1 steal per game in about 25 MPG. Those totals (especially rebounds) are unacceptable for a guy his size on a team that gets continuously murdered on the boards.


  2. Bruce:

    Great article on SB Nation. However I disagree with one small point you made. We fans may have a voice but we are a fickle bunch with the attention span of a flea. As this drags on and there is no progress, no face to face negotiations, no counter offer by the players…most fans will throw their hands up in the air and say "call me when there is football" until then I am watching basketball, hockey and when they end baseball, golf, NASCAR, Tour bike racing, or maybe even MLS. At some point and for me it was Ron Borges column trying to explain the math in the proposal from the players perspective, I just stopped caring. Its clear to me the "impartial" media has taken the side of the players for no apparent reason other than they are not the owners. The information available is paltry. Very few people in the media really understand the issues so the stuff they are writing is a regurgitation of what we already know. At the same time the NFL hype machine is in overdrive telling me all about the owner's benevolence. Again I don't care. When they all figure it out and there is football then apathy will no longer rule the day. Until then fans are not going to be speaking loudly or often…they may whine because their is no more football…but if Charlie Sheen can sell out a show in 18 minutes where all he is going to do is insult a company who paid him over $300 mill these last 8 years, then trust me football fans will find something else to do.


    1. I wouldn't say that all the media are on the players' side. I heard some of the new Big Show today and Ordway and Holley were squarely in the owners' camp. Interestingly, they too made little sense. They started by talking about "all the dumb things the players said in the past 48 hours" (paraphrase). So i assumed they had a Ty Law "I need to feed my kids," Kenny Anderson not finding his car or other dumb quote by a spoiled athlete. But instead they played clips from a radio interview of Charger linebacker Kevin Burnett that didn't make him sound like Samuel Gompers, but didnt make him sound like an idiot either. He slammed Goddell hard (and perhaps unfairly) but actually made some other decent points. I'm not sure if that is just poor show prep or what, but it was not a great showing by this shaky pairing.


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