Two of the Bruins’ younger players, both of whom had struggled at times this season, provided the team with the needed plays to defeat the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2 last night out in Ohio. Tuukka Rask had 34 saves and Tyler Seguin scored the game-winner in the shootout for the Bruins. Get all the stories at

Bruins are lucky, not goodKevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins fortunate to be even remotely close to a victory last night. Douglas Flynn has Claude Julien pulling all the right strings last night.

Numbers don’t lie: Why Tuukka Rask is a stopper in more ways than oneDJ Bean notes that Rask has put an end to a number of Bruins skids this season.  Stephen Harris has Rask stealing one for the Bruins.

Ryder told to take a seatDupont’s notebook has the slumping winger benched. James Murphy’s Rapid reaction has Rask bouncing back from his tough night in Montreal. Harris’ Bruins Notebook has the move to play Seguin paying dividends for Julien.

Out of spotlight, Yastrzemski stays in game his wayDan Shaughnessy with a feature on Carl Yastrzemski, who wants nothing more than to work with anonymous young hitters and then go fishing or golfing.

After early debut, Kalish looks to make lasting impressionTim Britton has the young outfielder looking to build on his experience of last season.

From closer-by-committee to committee of closers – Alex Speier has the Red Sox bullpen built with several potential and proven closers.

Tiger’s tale — he’s thankfulNick Cafardo’s notebook has Victor Martinez with no grudges towards the Red Sox. The Herald notebook by John Tomase has Daisuke Matsuzaka with his best outing of the spring yesterday. Britton’s Red Sox Journal has more from Martinez.

Rondo struggling without a true backup – A.Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics point guard wearing down. Gary Washburn says that Rondo’s play is a point of concern for the Celtics.

Delonte West vows he’s back for goodChris Forsberg has the Celtics guard looking to return for the duration of the season starting tonight.

Patriots Should Consider Logan Mankins as Good as Gone and 19 Other NFL Thoughts – Jeff Howe pitches 20 NFL-related thoughts.

Protests all talk, no action – Mark Farinella says that any NFL “fan revolt” will not succeed – or even get off the ground.


8 thoughts on “Seguin, Rask Get Bruins Back in “W” Column

  1. Didn't read it because I can't stand Farinella but just going off the "headline" written here I have to agree. Everytime there is a strike/lockout the talk starts about never going to games again, never going to watch games again…blah-blah-blah- It's all a bunch of BS. We like sports too much. The fans will come back again, we always do. Are the NHL or MLB really any weaker now than they were before their LONG strikes/lockouts…..NO ….and overall the NFL is way more popular than either of those leagues……when the dust clears we'll be back, any talk of a "fan revolt" is pure poppycock. ,,,,,,did I just use the word "poppycock"?


      1. RIGHT ON , BRO…….although I will say this. IN THEORY IT IS TRUE. The fans do have the POWER. We could shut everything down by not going to games and not watching games and not buying "officialy licenced products"……. Problem is, "the fans" encompass too many people from too many walks of life. You just can't ORGANIZE that many people, it's IMPOSSIBLE….. For every Pats fan who says he won't renew his season tickets there are 3 more who will snap them up in a heartbeat. Hence the "fan revolt" never has a chance. But yes, the fans do have THE POWER…….we just need a DYNAMIC LEADER……..I nominate, "Danny From Quincy" and "Frank from Gloucester"…..LMFAO!


        1. The NHL is worse off. They lost their contract with ESPN and, if you notice, Sportscenter doesn't run NHL tonight anymore nor do they show NHL highlights until the final 5 minutes of an hourlong show. PTI never discusses the NHL unless someone gets assaulted on the ice.

          Just shows you how it's a 4th class sport.


  2. True, but I don't know if the strike had alot to do with it. Even without a strike they would probably be in the same situation.


    1. It amuses me that NASCAR never replaced the NHL as the Fourth Big Four Sport. All we heard for about 10 years was how it was the sport of the future. Now it's basically the NFl, NBA, and MLB with the NHL, soccer, NASCAR, and MMA looking in….


  3. People can bash hockey all they want but it's pretty much entrenched as one of the "Big Four" ( I understand 4th in most people's minds) but NASCAR, soccer, MMA?? not in these parts.


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