We’ve been hearing that Michael Holley has been working on a new book, and he’s dropped bits and pieces of hints here and there in his radio appearances. After noticing a placeholder on Amazon.com for “War Room” by Michael Holley, I decided to look around some more.

I found what I was looking for on the Harper Collins Catalogs web site, which has a listing for the book. Here’s the description:

Sports commentator and bestselling author Michael Holley will follow three NFL teams from training camp 2010, through the Super Bowl, and into the April draft, providing a new look at Belichick’s influence, which has now spread from the Patriots to other teams, particularly the KC Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons.

A little further down, it expands on the description:

This is a football book with three central characters: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, and Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

Michael Holley will follow Belichick, Pioli, and Dimitroff through the entire 2010 season—from training camp 2010, through the Super Bowl, and into the April draft—exploring the personal connections of the three men and the increasing influence of the Patriot way. Belichick and Pioli have been friends since the 1980s, when Belichick was a young coordinator for the New York Giants. They worked together in Cleveland, New York (Jets) and New England. In 2008, Pioli left for Kansas City to build a Midwestern Patriots model. A year before Pioli left, Dimitroff was the surprising top GM choice of the Falcons, who dreamed of building Patriots South in Atlanta.

The culmination of the narrative will be all three men preparing their teams for the lifeblood of the NFL, which is the draft, as all three franchises seek to improve themselves through similar philosophies but perhaps different strategies.

Here is some final information given on the page about the book:

  • Michael Holley will have unique access to all three NFL teams throughout the entire season. And, during the three days of the draft, he will be in all three draft rooms. (Because of the labor uncertainty in the NFL, the 2011 draft just might be the last draft in league history.)
  • The minor characters in the book make up some of the most iconic names in league history. Bill Parcells is Pioli’s father-in-law; Chiefs coach Todd Haley is the son of Dick Haley, who is the most visionary scout in football the last 40 years; Belichick is the son of the late Steve Belichick, whose “Football Scouting Methods” book was one of the early bibles for football evaluators.
  • Holley is following head coaches from three NFL teams: New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Atlanta Falcons, providing three distinct and devoted fan bases that will come to this book.

I’m pretty sure that 2011 is not going to be the last draft in league history. But it’s a nice tease!

And finally:

  • Michael Holley is the author of the bestseller PATRIOT REIGN, which has sold more than 100k copies. Holley is in the inner circle of Boston sports media and is very connected. He was a sportswriter for the Boston Globe for ten years and currently cohosts the Dale & Holley Show on Boston sports radio station WEEI.

OK, so they need to update that last bit.

Overall, this looks like a very intriguing project, and it will be interesting to see how far Holley has come since the writing of Patriot Reign and what access he was given for this book, especially from the Patriots.


27 thoughts on “Some Details On Michael Holley’s New Book “War Room”

  1. I did not know he was working on another book. I really enjoyed Patriot Regin, looking forward to reading this one as well.

  2. How is it possible that Holley "followed" three teams over the course of a single season while parking his ass at Guest Street every weekday from 10-2?

    1. And thats not including his work almost every night at Comcast including the Celtics All Access show – and Im fairly certain basketball season crosses into football season. Intrigued is a good word because its certainly a worthwhile subject to dive into but need a much more dedicated writer. I always thought that Patriot Reign could have been so much better if Holley had broken more of a sweat, felt that alot of information was left out if he was really there every day for over a year. And now trying to pull this off on what would be at best a part-time basis, inttrigued but not confident it will deliver.

      1. Good points. I'm not sure it was a 24/7 deal that Patriot Reign was, but maybe certain days he was with the teams involved.

  3. Interesting subject for a book. Holley is a good writer, not great but decent and it'll definitely be worth a read but maybe not at full price.

  4. Should be an interesting read. Of course, Holly's opened himself up to more bashing from Felger as a "Belichick toady," but at least he'll make some money for his trouble.

    1. "Bellicheck toady" of course is code for those who don't follow ESPN's logic that Bill is TEH MOST EVILL MAN EVER!!!11!!!!11!!!!!! and only won by cheating and only Patriots fanboys in Bruschi jerseys and Pat Patriot footie pajamas feel any differently. that's what Felgie is talking about.
      I'm wondering if his feud with Borges has more to do with Felgie ripping off his lame contrarian schtick than anything else.

      1. Good point; and the answer to your question is "no."

        But then again, he does aggravate–and he does it on purpose, so it makes sense to point it out on this site, in particular.

        1. Tony, I wouldn't so much say that Felger behaves like he does 'on purpose', as that would imply he intends to act that way. No, I think he's genuinely being himself, which makes him the sports radio host you'd least like to have a beer with (unless you could break the bottle over his head).

          1. My point is that Holley is significantly higher on the food chain than Felger. Holley has written a few best sellers and I believe he has a Pulitzer. Has Felger ever even read a book? He's just a smart mouthed punk. I bet he would be the most polite little wimp you ever saw if you ever had a beer with him. If there's a chance he might get smacked, he wouldn't peep.

  5. Could be an interesting read. Or it could be just another book about the Pats and Belichick. Are people still AS interested in this increasingly tired subject of Belichick and "the patriots way"? I feel like this book would have been interesting in 2005, 2006 or earlier. The Pats are just another contender now. There are many organizations in the NFL that are as good or better in terms of drafting, running the franchise, salary cap management, etc. Haven't there been enough books on this subject already? And I agree with Curtis and rfmjr74… how could holley REALLY effectively follow 3 teams simultaneously throughout the course of a season? I'd be impressed if this book told me things I don't already know… but I don't see that happening.

    1. That's a good point about the timing and other teams. How about some contrast in styles to really explore what makes teams good?

    2. "The Pats are just another contender now."

      Really? Then how do you explain them going 10-6 and 14-2 in rebuilding years?

      1. I've noticed that most of your posts are cheap shots at other posters. You're a Troll, aren't you?'

        1. Cheap shots? I'm calling out this guy for his insane opinion. How about you? Do you think the past are "just another contender" even though they've gone 10-6 and 14-2 in rebuilding years?

          1. Dude, you sound like an arrogant Pats fan who can't get over the fact that the dynasty is over. Were you one of the arrogant Pats fans saying the Pats were going to blow out the Jets this past January, just because "they're the Patriots"? 10-6 and 14-2. what did they do with those records in the playoffs? Sounds a lot like the charger's records a few years ago. The Pats dynasty is over. People need to move on from it. They're no different at this point than the Colts, Ravens, Eagles, Bears, GB, Pitt, etc.

          2. Vegas has the Pats as odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl next year. I would say that's beyond mere "contender",

          3. You sound like a deluded Jets fan. The Pats, had they played like they had going into the playoffs, should have been able to handle the Jets.

            "what did they do with those records in the playoffs?"

            Didn't execute and got away from the things they did to earn those records in the regular season. You weren't at all impressed they beat San Diego on the road. Pitt and Chicago (in a blizzard) on the road. Indy, GB (Super Bowl Champs) and the Ravens at home.

            The Pats are still the cream of the NFL crop. Don't let that New England negativity convince you otherwise.

      2. How do you explain them not winning a superbowl in 5 or 6 years? How do you explain two ugly home playoff losses in a row?
        In they aren't *just* a contender now, then how would you describe them? Being a contender isn't a bad thing. It's reality.

        1. Johnny, I would submit that even when they were winning Super Bowls (except for 2004 when I thought they were head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL) they were also "just another contender." The NFL is so hotly competitive now that surviving the playoffs and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February often boils down to having more luck than the other 11 playoff teams or getting "hot" at the right time (see the 2007 Giants and 2010 Packers). The Pats had a good deal of luck in 2001 and 2003, didn't really need it in 2004, and had nothing but bad luck in their post-season losses in 2006-2007. The last two years they've been rebuilding, so there have been some post-season growing pains, to be sure. So yes, they're just another contender right now, but their "way" has continued to produce contending teams, now in three cities and not just Foxboro, so I think it's still a subject worth delving into.

        2. Well, one year, they Tom Brady was out for the entire season and missed the playoffs on tiebreakers despite winning 11 games. The year before that they were 2 minutes from going undefeated. The year after that they didn't have enough good players to handle what the Ravens threw at them. This past year, they got away from what they were doing all season and let the Jets dictate the game.

          That's it. They're still winning double digit games during the regular season and making the playoffs. You can't win the SB every year. Now who's sounding like a spoiled Pats fan?

          1. That's the exact definition of a contender. Winning double digit games during the regular season and making the playoffs. A lot of teams win double digit games every year. Just like the Pats. You still haven't told me how the Pats are different than any other contender. Right now, 5 years after their last superbowl win, how are they different from Indianapolis, Green Bay, SD, Baltimore, Pitt, Philly, NYJ, Falcons, and Saints?

    1. So Sheppard wound up getting his own midday show after all. Too bad the only time he'll have listeners is if a big storm is moving up the east coast.

      Hope that Foxwoods *job* continues paying well for ya, Pete!

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