This week, Sports Business Journal has a look at the local TV ratings for the NHL and NBA teams  at the midpoint of their respective seasons.

SBJ is normally a subscription site, but today only the site is free for all.

Locally, the numbers are interesting, and impressive. Both the Celtics (CSSNE) and Bruins (NESN) are in the top five of their leagues for ratings numbers – actually, both teams are fifth in their leagues.

In his article on the NBA ratings (Rise and fall of LeBron’s teams) John Ourand has the Celtics picking up a 4.81 average rating on CSNNE, reaching and average of 118,00 households (which is actually third in the NBA).

The teams ahead of the Celtics in terms of ratings are the Spurs (10.1), Jazz (6), Heat (5.4) and Lakers (4.9).

Looking at the NHL ratings (NHL viewership trends tied to hockey tradition, Northern exposure),  Ourand reports that the Bruins have a 2.77 average rating on NESN, trailing the Penguins (9.05), Sabres (6.51), Red Wings (4.03) and Blue (3.29). Boston averages 68,000 households, which is fourth in the NHL. The Bruins ratings on NESN are up 36% over last year, which is the second largest increase in the NHL, behind the Blues, which are up 41% over last year.

Another article of local interest from SBJ: Massachusetts sets pace in team lottery games

4 thoughts on “Celtics Topping Bruins In Winter Ratings Battles

  1. So the question most of us really care about…what has higher ratings…the Bruins or the old Candlepin Bowling show on Channel 7. Both are also generating the same interest and the Bowling show has been off the air for 15 years…


    1. I used to love the Candlepin Bowling show. But I think it was on channel 5 on Saturdays at noon. The host was Don Gillis and I think he was eventually replaced by Ed Harding. I wish they'd bring that show back.


  2. Interesting to note about the NHL ratings:

    1) Of the Top 5, only Detroit and Boston have NBA teams, and only the Celtics have a decent chance to make the finals.

    2) The sun belt states have low ratings. Duh, people don't travel, move, or live there to sit inside when it is 65F outside and watch tv.


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