Just a couple of links this afternoon as the year winds down:

Media Roundup: Boston Sports Media Figure Of The Year – My SB Nation Boston media column tells you why Michael Felger is the figure of the year in the Boston sports media.

For outdoor game, NHL outdoing itself – Chad Finn’s media column in the Globe has the NHL getting thing right in learning to promote its product.

Bill Belichick deserves Coach of the Year honor – Gotta love Ron Borges, even while praising Bill Belichick and promoting him as Coach of the Year, he can’t help himself by putting in this line: No system and no coach can overcome an absence of talent, as Belichick’s 52-62 record and one playoff appearance in seven years with anyone but Brady at quarterback proves.

Take away the 5-13 record compiled by Borges favorite Drew Bledsoe, and Belichick’s record is closer to even.

Patriots Already Beating Jets in Future, Through Draft – Decent post on the NY Times Fifth Down blog about the Patriots approach to team building contrasted with the Jets.

8 thoughts on “A Couple Of New Years Eve Links

  1. quote>>>Take away the 5-13 record compiled by Borges favorite Drew Bledsoe, and Belichick’s record is closer to even.

    Brilliant slap-down of Borges, and you just know he'll come here and read it. Media hacks can't stay away from mirrors and they sure can't stay away from columns like these.


  2. Sorry Bruce but it's rare when I disagree with you completely.  Felger?  Really?  Outside of The Big Show that numbskulled idiot is the main reason I began listening to NPR and rarely turn into sports talk radio. And I have listened to him at various points during the year but the longest I've lasted in 10 minutes. His efforts to be original have come at the cost of losing touch with reality.  
    His callers are probably the dumbest group of people I've ever heard and I work with some people who think Obama is Nigerian. Twice I've seen him on tv and he tries too hard to be outrageous and even his tv guests drop their jaws at some of his lunatic rants.  The times I've listened to him he regularly slips in his "expert" opinion that Belichick is an idiot. Not always but it happens too often. 
    Someone recently commented here about some of his very petty rants about Reiss and his obvious jealousy of Reiss's work  and reputation.  And this guy is your Media Figure of the Year?  Score one for the local knuckle-draggers. 
    Can't stop listening when you tune in?  You couldn't be more wrong. He's a punch line to the joke of smart sports fans in the area.


    1. I agree with just about everything you said. The article wasn't for the "best" sports media personality in Boston, he wouldn't be anywhere close to that. I was hoping that was clear.

      It was just a recognition that he has essentially become the biggest figure in the sports media here in Boston. As I said, you can't get away from him.

      Small point, but I didn't say "you can't stop listening when you tune in." I've stopped mid-show many times. I said "he keeps you listening" and I meant that for many people – perhaps that's the knucke-dragging crew – he gets them coming back even after he's pissed them off.

      The fact that I referenced Woody Paige and Skip Bayless as figures he might aspire to should tip you off that I'm not being complimentary of his style.


    2. I think what Bruce was doing was the equivalent of Time Magazine naming Josef Stalin, Man of the Year. Stalin certainly was not the best human in the world but he had the most influence in world affairs at the time. Felger is certainly not the most informed or for that matter, intelligent personality but he has become the most recognizable with all the platforms he is on. Felger, of course, only kills eardrums while we all know what a monster Stalin was.

      Unfortunately, Felger has had the most influential impact on the sports media. I would call it a virus, especially at his radio home of 98.5 where people spew the Felger line that everyone has a great chance of beating the Patriots in the playoffs. I have heard this from the usual suspects like Adam Jones and Marc Bertrand. Felger's partner Maz not only would let you believe that the Pats can easily be beat but they are not a good football team to begin with. By the way, I am not saying that there is no way for the Patriots to get beat, but many in the BSM would make you think it is a fate a compli that it will occur. Felger maybe the sports personality of the year, but he is also the most embarrassing personality as well.


  3. Bruce, I'm not sure if you're listening to the same show. Felger's come pretty close to joining the footsie pajama club ever since the Pats jettisoned Moss. He was probably the first media member to predict the AFC title game for NE. Even BEFORE that he thought the floor for this team was 10-6 and the wildcard and he stated a number of times this D would get better as the year went on. I think you're confusing him with MAZ, who has morphed the role of Evil Tony in to something more like Walther Matheau in Grumpy Old Men-tired and out of touch with reality. This is the same guy that started the first post Agon broadcast by whining the Sox should have signed Texeria. Maz is terrific when he hosts the Baseball Reporters show, but his 2-6 schtick is really tired.

    I'd love to see Holley jump ship for a Felger/Holley pairing.


  4. I love the haters who chide Belichek's record without Brady. Are they saying that if Seattle, Jacksonville, Dallas or Oakland had drafted Brady… that those teams could have 4 superbowl appearances? Really? Remember, the Pats were 8-8, then started the Belichek era 5-10 before Brady came on board, as bad as most of those aforementioned teams.

    Developing Matt Cassell to go 11-5 in his first season starting since HS? Are we crediting Brady for that as well? Credit Belicheck for having Weiss and McDaniels on staff, and holding on to Bledsoe while helping to develop Brady and the team around him including Cassell.

    For media figure of the year, if not for the annoying props and puppets, I would have to go with Tom Curran. Good research, smart conslusions and predictions, and intelligent and respectful commentary.

    And for the record, McDaniels was right about Matt Cassell.


  5. From the NYT's Jets vs. Patriots Drafting philosophies article:

    "Quality depth management is a Patriot technical term for throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks."

    How did Borges miss that one?


  6. He may be the biggest, but he's still an insipid ass. I have to hand it to him though, his contrarian shtick has taken him a long way. His lack of knowledge of baseball and basketball would get him ridiculed in a discussion at the local coffee shop, yet somehow he has a drive time radio show in a major market. We have a community activist who became president, I guess anything can happen.


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