As I mentioned the other day, Monday night’s Patriots/Jets game did a 42.2 rating (62 HH share) in the Boston area. That number is combined between ESPN and WCVB-TV.

The Patriots-Jets game was the highest-rated game of the season in the local market and the third-highest all time, topping the Patriots Nov. 22 victory over the Colts, which had previously set the mark for the third-highest regular season local ratings.

The Patriots continued their record-setting pace for HH ratings through 13 weeks in their designated market area with an average 33.4 HH rating. In addition, New England owns the 10 most-watched television programs in the Boston area since football season began, with the Patriots-Jets game topping the list.

Here is the updated list of Patriots ratings locally thus far this season:

4 thoughts on “Patriots TV Ratings Update

  1. Here's a couple of quickies:

    1) I had my radio on WEEI when I got in my car on Tuesday. I was listening to Patriots Sunday last time I had the radio on.(Just in case Classless wants to know why.) As I let my car warm up Callahan is upset. Guess why? Yup, he was upset because the Patriots were running up the score. Good Grief!

    2) Dan Shaughnessy was on Sports Final on WHDH on Sunday night. Joe Amorsino asked him if the Red Sox had any chance of signing Carl Crawford. Dan, with his usual insight, said, "no chance, don't even think about it." At 12:30am it was confirmed the Red Sox had signed Crawford for 7 years and $142 million. Way to put that 17% to good use Dan.


      1. Thanks, Bruce I was looking around Google trying to see if they had sold all of their shares. I did not see anything on it. Now I know why.


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