Stepping in for the injured Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell hit a home run on the first pitch he saw last night, and it was enough for Josh Beckett who cruised through the Indians lineup in a 3-1 win at Fenway Park. The game feature a bench-clearing confrontation after batters from both sides were thrown at.

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On the flipside. Check out Albert Breer’s take on the Jets today:

This year, the cracks about the Jets being a sideshow — they did invite HBO to camp, after all — may not be gone. But it’s almost impossible to get around the fact that this team is absolutely, positively loaded.

Lets face it Bro, this team is stacked. They’re a wagon!

Revis’s game of stay-away, part of a contract dispute, doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. It is, though, an example of how the things a rising team has to go through change as it evolves.

So when the Patriots have a holdout, they’re cheap, but somehow when the Jets have a holdout, it can be spun in a positive somehow? This is what great teams have to go through…

Scott then pointed to 2009 again, saying the expectations internally were every bit as high then, and Ryan was yapping about it, and all the Jets did was make him look like Nostradamus until late January.

He sure didn’t look like Nostradamus (and Scott actually said Socrates – or did he compare his coach to both?)  when he was apologizing to the fans for (so he thought) missing the playoffs.

It’s interesting to me how its perfectly fine to lavish over-the-top praise on a team outside of the market, but if you do that to the local team, (even if they deserve it) somehow you’re a homer.

Gee, I can hardly wait until Breer hits Porpoise camp.


7 thoughts on “Sox Fight Through, O’Neal Shaq-ing Up In Boston

  1. I just don't see why Breer's perspective on Jets camp has to be turned into sensitivity about Pats coverage…all I take from his comments in the second excerpt above is that the Jets are now confronting the same challenges the Pats endured as a championship-caliber team, with players' interpretation of their own value increasing along with the success of the team. This has been one area where the Pats have done a tremendous job of balancing perception vs. reality relative to their own roster, and is something IMO they haven't received enough credit for. Has Breer explicitly stated the Pats were "cheap" in the context of all of their holdouts? If so, then perhaps you have a point, but even with the final excerpt, all I take from that is Rex Ryan has always been privately confident in his team, and erroneously apologizing to the fans for missing the playoffs doesn't really change that, does it? Seems to be a reach trying to bash Breer using his take on Jets camp…they are stacked…


    1. I think I was more pointing out that Breer, or most other writers here, would never write the same things about the Patriots, even if they were true, for fear of being labeled a homer.

      They don’t worry about it when talking about other teams, and that’s interesting to me.


    2. Loudmouth teams always lose in the end. The Jets are still in the "curiously cute and edgy" phase for the sheeple in the media. They are new and different. Everyone is sick of the business-like approach the Colts, Saints, Pats, and Steelers use. Notice the stories on ESPN about these teams. Only negative about the Steelers, Pats. Almost a non-factor when it comes to the Colts, Saints. ESPN loves the loudmouth Chargers, the dysfunctional Redskins, the jailhouse Bengals, and now, the non stop chattering of the Jets.


  2. The Jets are stacked?

    They have a second-year QB who's still learning how to play in the NFL. He played reasonably well last year, but he's still got a lot to learn and there's always the "sophomore slump" factor at hand (see: Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan last year).

    Also, their running game figures to be not as good as last year given that they got rid of all of their RBs except for Greene (who will be a good back) and added a two-years-past-his-prime Tomlinson.

    And lest anyone forget, they were 9-7 last year (courtesy of the Colts and Bengals mailing it in over the last two weeks) before they went on a strong playoff run.

    They may very well be the best team in the division, but "stacked?" The Saints won the Super Bowl and the Colts lost it, and neither of those teams would even quality as being "stacked" right now.


  3. Jerry Thornton's been writing a good series on the different positions on the Barstool website. I like his take on the Pats.

    I haven't liked Breer since he came here last year.


  4. one good thing about all the praise being heaped on the Jets (and to a lesser degree,the Dolphins) ??…….It's sort of fun being the "underdog" again……season can't get here soon enough for me


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