The following was reported last night, around the same time it was reported that Brady was in fact, already in camp, having reported with the rookies.

Tom Brady and Patriots making progress on a contract extension that could get done this summer. Jul 26 02:45:04 via web

What? All I’ve read in the Globe and heard on 98.5 FM is that Brady and the Patriots hate each other, and that if Brady were smart he’d skip the entire season.

Schefter’s article linked above has a few other nuggets that fly in the face of what we’ve been reading and hearing here from people who get paid to cover the Patriots. (Emphasis mine)

The Colts would like to re-sign quarterback Peyton Manning, the Saints Drew Brees and the Redskins Donovan McNabb. At this time, the Patriots and Brady appear to be the furthest along in their conversations, according to league sources.

Furthest along? So will the media descend on Colts camp now or Saints camp to talk about the “disconnect” between QB and club?

Now, as for that disconnect, and reports of unhappines from Brady:

There also was speculation that the relationship between Brady and the Patriots is strained. Yet, Brady was spotted this offseason having dinner with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others have been adamant that the relationship between the two sides is as positive as ever.

Adam Schefter is as close to a sure thing in the football media as there is. Apparently Patriots fans have to turn to him to get information on their team, as certain members of the media actually assigned to cover the team have been too busy speculating, “advancing the story” of the non-holdout and disconnect, and appearing on every media outlet they can to scream about the unhappiness of Brady.

I tuned into the beginning of CSNNE’s “Sports Sunday” and heard Michael Felger saying about the Brady situation. “Some think it is being overblown, but it’s NOT.” He went on to say how Brady has had a month to dispute the disconnect quote, and he hasn’t, so clearly it is true.

The Globe and certain radio personalities have positively embarassed themselves in this entire affair.

But don’t despair guys, you still have Logan Mankins and his actual acrimony with the Patriots.

Now, lets look at a few links from this morning:

The Red Sox continue their fall out of the playoff race, losing 4-2to the Mariners in Seattle. Hideki Okajima was saddled with the loss after not being to get outs on two bunts in the inning. In case you hadn’t heard, Okajima refused to talk to reporters after the game.

Why Hideki Okajima not talking means something – Rather than just whine about it, Rob Bradford explains why Okajima not talking following last night’s loss is important.

Sox must find relief for weak spot in ’pen – Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox need help in their weakest link.

Red Sox heading for trade deadline nightmare – Bradford looks at why the Red Sox aren’t likely to find much help this week.

Not bad outing for Dice-K, but pen gives it up again – Daniel Barbarisi’s Red Sox Journal sews up a few loose ends.

Questions need answering – Mark Farinella looks at the top issues heading into camp.

Patriots looking for answers – Ian Rapoport also has a list of questions.

Plenty of competition among linebackers – Glen Farley looks at the linebackers.

Sweating it out – From yesterday, Albert Breer looked at why a new deal for Brady will be so much harder than one for Peyton Manning.

Well-Krafted plan – Also from yesterday, Rapoport’s conversation with the Patriots owner.

Rajon Rondo now has national appeal – Mark Murphy’s NBA notes focus on Rondo’s spot on the national team.

22 thoughts on “Brady In Camp, Making Progress on New Contract

  1. “The Globe and certain radio personalities have positively embarassed themselves in this entire affair.”

    Difficult to be embarrassed when you have no shame. The good news is that judging by his resume Albert Breer is overdue for a job change. With the market’s luck his position will be backfilled by someone else more concerned with moving the needle than doing his job.


  2. A large percentage of the Boston sports media has devolved into screeching, look at me buffoons. They feel they have to say something outlandish, and quite possibly 100% false, so hopefully ESPN interviews them and they get exposure, and future employment possibilities. It all started with the PTI and Around the Horn BS. Why anyone thinks that 98.5 is a better alternative to EEI is beyond me. I am not a great fan of either, but a station that employs the Felchers of the world cannot be held up as a beacon of hope.


  3. Why on earth would anyone think that Felger would be embarrassed? He makes one preposterous statement after another with no care as to whether they're true or not. This is his entire act. Don't look for any hidden meanings. He'll have something equally outrageous to say today, that may even contradict what he said yesterday.


  4. Any doubt Felger (the Einstein of media "personalities") along with sheeple Gaspar and Breer are going to rub it that Brady is showing the Krafts up by going overboard with doing everything he can for the team, unlike them. Brady's revenge is showing up with the rookies. People are going to hate HATE Kraft and Belichick.

    But Felger saying he's been wrong is about as likely as Peter King turning against Favre.


  5. Have to agree with everything Bruce said and the other comments here. I knew what kind of a show "Sports Sunday" would be last night when Felger showed up, stacking the deck with Breer and Borges to lay on Pats-hate. I also totally agree that it all seems to be about whoever speaks loudest, not accurately, and how much attention people will pay to you.

    As tired as I was of EEI, Felger's act is beyond stale when it comes to the Pats. They need someone to counteract his POV and Mazz is merely a yes-man to Felger's shtick.


    1. I always avoid that show when Felger is hosting now. If he's off for the night, then I'll watch it, because that reduces the chance that guys like Borges will be guests on the show. I'm glad I missed last night's show, my blood pressure couldn't have taken it based on what you said here.


  6. Of course Borges was the one who openly asked Vince to hold out last season and then chided him all year right thru the franchise tag. Funny how that didnt make the script last nite since it actually worked out.

    So no – Im not surpised Mazz decided to be Brady's hack advisor and ask Tommy to hold out.

    It will ge great to hear how felger backs off today or if he'll pull a Costanza and keep driving right out to the end of Long Island rather than admit he whiffed.


  7. Disagree, Bruce — Bradford IS whining about it. "If Okajima doesn't talk, it means his teammates have to talk for him." NO THEY DON'T!!!! Nobody HAS to speak to the media, unless they're using the media to self-promote (Schilling) or using the media to apply pressure to management (Wakefield, Lowell, etc.) Game quotes add nothing to the story — all they do is help the writer fill up column inches with something they don't have to generate — all they need to do is tape and type. For writers on a deadline, it's a great help to have something you can directly transcribe into the story, which is a much quicker process than composing a narrative.

    Getting quotes is an essential part of the journalistic process as it exists today — but don't give me this effing "accountability" bullshit when really it's all about filling your inches with text. Any of you. ESPECIALLY anyone from the Herald — I'm still waiting for the apology over the outright lies they printed over "Spygate".


  8. Anyone here want to bet that if Brady does in fact sign by the end of August, the reaction of guys like Felger will be: "So we were right all along and the Pats' argument about waiting for the new CBA details was always b.s.!!! They were lying this whole time, etc."

    As The Rock used to say back when he was still a wrester: I guaran-damn-tee that will be the spin from guys like Felger if and when Brady signs before the opener in September.

    These guys are NEVER wrong as far as they're concerned.


    1. Wow I was just scanning your useless post and then you quoted The Rock.

      My eyes are watering.


  9. Schefter is the gold standard of NFL reporting. He further highlights the hackery that is the Boston Sports media.

    I never understood why the Boston media has such a 'thing" for attacking the Patriots. Once Brady and Belichick leave NE, there will be very long Football seasons in store for them. Nobody will read their season previews when, say, Brian Hoyer, is the incumbent QB. Or Bill O'Brien is the coach.


  10. what blows my mind is these guys never learn…..anybody with half a brain knew that Brady wasn't going to hold out and eventually the Patriots would/will sign him. Yet they continue with their "stir the pot" journalism. It just makes them look foolish…..but they do it time and time again……on a smaller scale go back and look at what they wrote when Wes Welker first got hurt. ….."NO WAY WELKER IS READY FOR THE START OF NEXT SEASON!….HE WILL DEFINITELY START THE SEASON ON THE PUP LIST!"….".IT COULD BE CAREER THREATENING"!!!…..granted, Welker's quick recovery has been a surprise but still, once again they went off half-cocked.


  11. I did listen for a few minutes to Felger and Maz. They are still taking the tact that Brady is mad at the Kraft’s and the Kraft’s are leading the way to labor strife. My guess is that if Brady signs before Bradford, Manning or Brees, Felger and his sock puppet co-host will say, “What took them so long? Why couldn’t this have been done last year?” The next time Felger and Maz admit they are wrong will be the first time.


    1. Felger’s angle was “we know Brady was never holding out, and that he’s going to get a new deal from the Patriots, but why did the Krafts make him get on his KNEES to get it? They made him BEG for it!!”


      1. How in the world do they come up with their conclusions? Felger has become the king of just making things up.


        1. …and people wonder why a large percentage of the sports media audience do not consider TSH an alternative to EEI. They both cater to "lowest common denominators" – EEI to "fanboys" and TSH to "gloom and doom". By taking one of these extreme viewpoints, they are guaranteed to have plenty of listeners/calls/ratings.


        2. No, he's always been the king of that or at least the Crown Prince when people paid attention to Borges (is he even alive?). And just because Breer/Gaspar are giving him competition for that title it doesn't mean he won't go to any lengths just to keep it.


      2. Felger and Mazz's 20 minute segment on how you're an idiot if you aren't on the same level of paranoid bluster that they are on was 20 minutes of life I'm not getting back. Sigh.


  12. While all the points here are valid, it should be noted that Felger's Sunday show runs live from 10-11pm and is then rerun over the next two hours (unless there's a Sunday night game involving a Boston team, then it doesn't necessarily repeat three times). The Schefter report about Brady didn't post on until after 11:00, when Felger and his Brady-busting cronies were already in their cars heading home.


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