The Boston Globe, Jack Craig’s longtime employer, remembers the longtime TV Sports critic with a pair of columns today.

In the obituary written by Bryan Marquard, Craig’s career and influence on the sports world. Don Skwar, John Powers, Mike Lynch and Kevin Paul Dupont are among those with memories and thoughts on Craig.

I thought this quote from Craig, which he made in 1976 hold true to this very day:

“I’m dealing with people who have enlarged egos simply because they’re on television,’’ he told Boston Magazine in 1976, nearly a decade into his 29-year run as a Globe columnist.

“These people are less able to handle criticism than others. They’re fearful that the audience is looking at them in a different light because the audience reads my column.

Nothing has changed in 34 years.

Dan Shaughnessy also has an excellent column on Craig, and he taps Bob Lobel, Joe Amorosino, Bob Ryan, Dave Smith, Vince Doria, Leslie Visser, Bud Collins and David Stern to remember Craig.

He examines the respect that Craig had from those in the industry, including a priceless tale involving then-NBA executive vice president Stern.

Craig was a true pioneer. No one had covered the sports media prior to him. He started it all, which is why I’m very disappointed to look at a bunch of sports media blogs that I follow and not see them mentioning anything at all about his passing.

Do these guys have any idea who Jack Craig was, and that they have him to thank for what they’re doing now? I doubt it.

I can remember reading Craig’s columns in the late 80’s and early 90’s and always finding the business of sports TV and reporting to be fascinating. I hope he’s remembered as the trailblazer and pioneer that he was.


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5 thoughts on “Jack Craig Remembered in Globe

    1. It's a huge story no doubt, but it's not really in the niche of the Boston sports media, and others are doing plenty on it everywhere you turn today.

      I do think I linked to the most complete obituary/column on Steinbrenner with that Times piece.


  1. I haven't read CHB in years but the article linked above is great. Fascinating article and while I'd forgotten the name I realized when I was younger he was the guy I enjoyed reading the most. Thanks.


  2. BOSTON Sports Media Watch?

    If Craig said that in '76, I wonder what he thought of the screaming mess that is talk radio and the Sunday shows? At least back then they guys on tv had to present the news, now everything is half assed opinion.


  3. Unfortunately, I do not remember Mr. Craig. My first introduction to a sports media column was “gulp” Jim Baker.


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