Josh Beckett will be in Boston through 2014 after signing a new deal with the team yesterday. The Bruins, still in a playoff fight, lost an opportunity to pick up two points in the standings, but did come away with one.

How Beckett Convinced The Red Sox He Was Worth it – Rob Bradford examines the timeline that led to Josh Beckett getting a four-year $68 million extension from team, five years after he couldn’t even get an insurance policy on his right shoulder.

Sox take a Brave step with Beckett – Sean McAdam says that the Red Sox now have a rotation similar to the Atlanta Braves of the 1990s.

Pedro Martinez throws praise Red Sox’ way – Michael Silverman has the former ace dishing out some kind words for the Red Sox and city of Boston.

Westmoreland keeping positive outlook – Joe McDonald has the Red Sox prospect progressing well in his recovery from brain surgery.

Jon Lester seeks consistent dominance – John Tomase says that tonight the real Red Sox ace will take the mound.

Bruins blow a big chance to capitalize – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins missing out on a big chance to secure two points, but still managed to come away with one.

Bruins power outage continues – Matt Kalman has the Bruins wasting three more power play opportunities last night.

DJ was one of a kind – Bob Ryan remembers Dennis Johnson, and says that it is about time that voters at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame listened to Larry Bird.

Doc Rivers, Rasheed Wallace clear air – Steve Bulpett has the coach and player having a far more measured discussion than was on display Sunday afternoon.

Woods has answers but golf philosophy still unquestioned – Michael Whitmer analyzes the Tiger press conference yesterday, and looks ahead to the Masters.

A few short links:

Donahue next BC coach – Jeff Goodman of  reported on WEEI that the Boston College basketball coaching vacancy will be filled by Cornell’s Steve Donahue.

Gary Tanguay strikes out – I’m usually loathe to include the Inside Track in links here, but they’ve got quotes from 98.5 program director Mike Thomas on why Tanguay was let go.

Lewis, the newest Patriot. brings on- and off-field clout – Tom E. Curran says that Damione Lewis could be a huge locker room guy for the Patriots.

Also see Chris Warner’s Q&A With Wayne State RB Joique Bell on Patriots Daily.

Example 2,846,104 of why Gerry Callahan is insufferable at times.

This morning, he and Bob Lobel (filling in for John Dennis) and talking to Shonda Schilling today about her book The Best Kind of Different: Our Family’s Journey with Asperger’s Syndrome. They take calls, a gentleman calls in, says he’s 28, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome a few years back, talks about dealing with it as a kid, it’s clearly a struggle for him to be on the phone with them, at the end he says he’d like to read the book, and asks where can he buy it…

Try the bookstore” Callahan sneers, “That’s a good place to find books.”

They move on, come back from the break, and mention that they’ve gotten a flood of calls, emails and text messages complaining about how Gerry treated the guy.

I’m sorry,” Callahan says in his patented whine/sneer. “I was being serious. The guy asked where to buy the book so I told him to go to the bookstore.”


43 thoughts on “Beckett Signs On, Bruins Lose In OT

  1. Bruce,
    Thanks for putting something up about Callahan’s remarks. I heard this bit myself and was truly, truly appalled. Gerry Callahan is a repulsive human being. Apparently his own personal struggles haven’t made him a better person but in fact have acquainted him more closely with his own mental and emotional decrepitude. I’m sure his family is very proud of him.

    Any chance you could find audio of this?


  2. I’m not a violent or mean person by nature, but Gerry Callahan is one person who I truly hope says the wrong thing to the wrong guy at the wrong time, and winds up getting beaten senseless because of it. Couldn’t happen to a more insufferable, arrogant f-cker. (Except maybe Roger Clemens…)


    1. I’d contribute money for the defense of the person who did it. Callahan reminds me of those idiot kids/families in South Hadley.


    2. DaveR: Agreed 1000%
      I am honestly shocked it hasn’t happened yet.

      Then again, “man of the people” Gerry probably pees his pants in fear at the thought of shopping at a Market Basket, much less getting within sniffing distance of the kind of a place where effete, cosseted pr*cks like him would be held accountable for their words by actual tough guys.


  3. If not for the fact he didn’t already have anyone currently on staff nor can afford hiring any suitable replacements, surely Wolfe would have already moved D&C to RKO to replace the ratings-challenged Finneran morning drive show. It would be an ideal fit for all.

    In a world where Entercom wasn’t losing money, they would make that switch and then hire Bob Neumeier and Tom Curran to host EEI’s new morning sports show.


  4. I wonder if Gerry is as much of a tough guy in person as he plays on the radio. He is a reprehensible human being.


    1. there is absolutely no doubt in my mind Gerry drinks Zima, wears Sansabelt, and has a voice that would raise approximately eighty-five octaves the second he ran into any real-world tough guy.


  5. Just as I start to give a little praise to D&C, Callahan reverts to being what he is worst at, being Callahan. Simply put, he is a miserable rotten human being. No wonder why when he came back the gifts he received from listeners consisted of cigarettes and booze. Do you know what price he will pay for this, nothing. Why, because WBZ has settled on, for the most part, for mediocrity. I have said enough times that the show opposite of D&C is poor. Some of you may say, “well it’s new, give it some time.” Sorry, that wont work anymore. In my opinion, if the show opposite D&C were any good they would have already passed D&C by now, because I firmly believe the listening public begs for a GOOD alternative and BZ is not delivering. 98.5 is just looking for their spot on the dial, and they are more than secure with copying EEI.

    Off topic, I watched the NCAA final last night and feel that Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg are just not made to be big game announcers. They are alright but I never get the vibe that it is a special game. Some folks like Gus Johnson. I like him with a bottle full of Tylenol. He is, how can I put this nicely, horrible. Why CBS does not have Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery calling the finals is beyond me. Lundquist knows better than anyone else when a big moment has occurred and Raftery breaks down a game as well as anyone out there and is a tremendous character. I love it when a big shot is made and he yells out, “ONIONS”.

    Finally, Bruce I hope this does not effect our friendly blogging relationship but I am related to Laura Raposa of the Inside Track. Sorry.


    1. Finally, Bruce I hope this does not effect our friendly blogging relationship but I am related to Laura Raposa of the Inside Track. Sorry.

      How’s her suit vs. the widow of the Boston frontman going?


  6. Callahan seems to stay under control for long periods of time and then all of a sudden he turns into Super Jerk. I think John Dennis reins him in when he senses that he’s about to put his foot in it. He seems to “show off” in front of company as he did today. For instance, he started to go after Tiger’s porn star last week, but cut it off quickly. I suspect Dennis shot him a look or gesture.

    I must admit that I agree with most of his politics, but he does have some obsessions that are weird; players’ uniform numbers, Jimmy Buffett, hatred of Duke, the Catholic Church, and other seemingly disjointed, unrelated things. He seems to make up his mind about things without a lot of research and sticks with that position forever.


    1. callahan’s hatred for the criminal ponzi scheme comprised of child rapists known as the catholic church might be his only redeeming quality.


  7. by the way WPKZ 1280 in Fitchburg is now also broadcasting on 105.3, an FM translator in that area


    The station carries Red Sox, Pats, and Fox sports (and daytime
    pol. talk shows). Ignore the bit about “Gloucester” on the above
    page; they used to be licensed to Gloucester but now are on air
    in the north central MA area. WCRN 830 apparently no longer has
    Sox but 105.3 (and 1280, strongest by day) does.


  8. The funny thing is that Gerry says what most of you would like to say, and truly believe, but don’t because it is more important for you to appear to be sensitive and caring than it is to be true to yourselves and honest with others. That is what is truly reprehensible. There is nothing worse than people whose sole purpose is to be able to point out how terrible other people are, thereby making themselves look, and feel, good. Deep down the only thing you care about is that as long as you’re pointing out someone else’s flaws, hopefully no one will notice yours.


    1. Thanks for letting me know what I’m all about, Jack. But I’m going to be reprehensible, and allow the others to be honest with you.


    2. “As long as you’re pointing out someone else’s flaws, hopefully no one will notice yours.”

      Guess you’re an expert on that Jack, having recently referred to Dany Heatley on-air as “one of the most bloodless killers in the NHL”. That probably wasn’t the best choice of words.


      1. I quite seriously doubt that is actually Jack Edwards above.

        At any rate, as the mother of an autistic child, I want to punch Gerry Callahan in the nose. If that makes me “flawed,” then so be it.


    3. Jack there is really nothing to say to you other than this. Jack what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


      1. I knew there was a reason I stopped arguing with you.

        I want to see Jack Edwards and Tommy Heihsohn on a panel show where Jerry Remy tries to sell me something. Because that would be awesome.


    4. Damn you got me. I’m going to drown my sorrows in some duck sauce and general gaus.


    5. Jack E.,
      If there is nothing worse than people whose sole purpose is to be able to point out how terrible other people are, then what does that make you? After all, isn’t your post’s only purpose to point out how terrible the other posters are?

      Whew! My irony meter just broke the peg and is just spinning around and around…


  9. Jack, in what world is pointing out that someone is a piece of crap for making fun of an Asperger’s sufferer a worse crime than, you know, making fun of an Asperger’s sufferer? Seems like a pretty messed up place to me, but I’m not sure, because unlike you I don’t live there.


    1. Where exactly did Callahan point out that the guy was piece of crap because he had Asperger’s? I guessed I missed it so please point it out. The world you appear to live in is the one where people hear what they want to hear instead of what was actually said. You don’t like Callahan so you misrepresent what he said to make yourself feel better.

      Maybe it’s just that you believe that people with disabilities really should be treated differently than everyone else. People like you typically like to say that we should treat everyone the same. It sounds nice but you don’t actually believe it. When someone with a disability is actually treated like everyone else you are appalled. The problem is you.


      1. Reading comprehension doesn’t appear to be a strong suit there Jack. You suck in every way imaginable. Hopefully you’ll die a slow and painful death very soon.


  10. According to Jack Edwards

    “There is nothing worse than people whose sole purpose is to be able to point out how terrible other people are, thereby making themselves look, and feel, good.”

    Jack must love the D&C Headlines segment.


  11. Actually here’s the deal Jack. Here’s what I think happened, and you can feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong. (I suspect you will because I’m guessing that you, like Gerry, think that being a tough guy means “telling it like it is” and “getting in the last word.”)

    The caller asked what is actually a pretty legitimate question of an author whose book is probably not in wide distribution, i.e. “where can I buy this?”
    Gerry, in keeping with his itsy bitsy brain and inflated self-image, didn’t understand the relevance of the question but nonetheless took it as an opportunity to trample the actual author of the book underfoot on his way to belittling the caller.

    The issue is intent. I don’t think the caller was wounded; in fact, if he thinks about it he’ll probably have the last laugh. The issue is that Callahan, as is his wont, took an opportunity to make fun of/take a cheap shot/be a jerk to someone he thought wouldn’t know and didn’t deserve better.

    If Callahan would give the same answer in person to a 6 foot 5 inch tattooed Hell’s Angel who asked the same question, I’ll stand corrected–Gerry really does treat everyone the same. Somehow I doubt that’s how it would all shake down, though.


  12. There’s a long chuck…that brick is gonna come down on Gerry’s street…Better call 1-800 Metco Glass


    1. Geez. He calls Callahan “a raving white-supremacist” and then adds “Unsurprisingly, he’s one of the most popular sports media personalities in Boston.”

      Guess he hasn’t been reading here today.

      By the way, Mandb97, no worries, you can’t control who you’re related to… 😉


    2. Say what you want about Callahan, but Ty Duffy (the author of this column) isn’t exactly coloring himself in glory either.

      The excerpt of GC’s column that was referenced by Duffy merely implies that Pedro is more selfish than Beckett (although I certainly don’t think he is). Where does Duffy get off using that to infer that Gerry is racist?

      I don’t condone the majority of GC’s on-air behavior, but let’s try to view this fairly.


    3. Say what you want about Callahan, but Ty Duffy (the author of this column) isn’t exactly covering himself in glory either.

      What Duffy references from GC’s column merely implies that Pedro may be more selfish than Beckett (although I certainly don’t think he is). Where does Duffy get off using that excerpt to infer that Gerry is r@cist?

      I don’t condone the majority of GC’s on-air behavior, but let’s try to view this fairly.

      (Sorry for the inadvertant typo, Bruce.)


  13. Boston deserves better than to have Gerry Callahan “represent” us.

    Most Boston fans I know can’t stand the guy. He is an angry, ignorant, hypocritical hate-monger that too often gets to pretend that what he says is shared by the majority of intelligent fans.

    Rather than bother getting worked up about Gerry, we should pity the hate-filled little world that he lives in, devoid of happiness and enjoyment.


    1. Here’s the thing: I haven’t listend to D and C for over a year, but this doesn’t surprise me at all. I was turned off by the show because when they weren’t kvetching about politics or babbling incessantly about their golf games, they were going on and on about what they hated about sports and trashing callers. I can’t subject myself to that for even the half hour it takes to get to work in the morning.


  14. What is truly sad is that a radio station and a newspaper continue to give a talentless, racially insensitive xenophobe a platform to spew his bile. All in the name of information and entertainment.
    There is nothing funny, or redeeming, about Gerry. But have some pity for the demons that must be rattling around inside his head.


  15. Media people love knowing what’s being said about them, so we can probably conclude that Callahan has perused this site and is cowering in his basement right now. Have any of the above posts above used the term ‘fecal matter’ to describe Dennis? No? Good. I got dibs.


  16. And now, sadly, half the people on this site will tune in and listen to what crazy Gerry will say next.


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