The Celtics shot nearly 60% from the field last night, (59.5) but still managed to lose 109-104 to the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by Kevin Durant’s 37 points.

Over the Hill Gang – Jeff Hamrick notes that it was a study of contrasts on display last night.

Reaching out — for some answers – Gary Washburn notes that great shooting doesn’t mean anything if you don’t play defense.

Presti comes back a winner – Peter May has local guy Sam Presti coming back to town a winner as GM of the Thunder.

To Green, foul loss crosses line – Steve Bulpett notes that you know that the calls were really bad last night when ” the vein in Tommy Heinsohn’s forehead can be seen from space.”

Celtics struck down by Thunder – Jessica Camerato looks at good play from Rasheed Wallace, and the Rajon Rondo/Russell Westbrook matchup.

Crumpler on a mission – Mike Reiss has the new Patriots tight end taking part in a high-intensity offseason program designed to make the most of his remaining career.

 Pats can’t really want Tebow . . . can they? – Tom E. Curran attempts to make sense of the Patriots public courting of the Florida QB.

Pierre Woods keeps faith – Ian R. Rapoport looks at the battle the Patriots linebacker’s mother has had with cancer, with her son supporting her the whole way.

Cleaned-up hitter – Stan Grossfeld has a feature on 1975 World Series hero Bernie Carbo, who says he was high much of the time during his playing career.

2010 Red Sox Preview – The Boston Herald has their season preview this morning, with over 20 articles on the team and MLB this morning.

With Beckett, Sox ready to make long-term bet on depth – Alex Speier looking to continue to bank on the long-term health of their starting pitchers.

Four reasons for offensive optimism – Jeremy Lundblad explains why the Red Sox offense should be better than it was in 2009.

Signs point to bright future for Bruins – Stephen Harris says that despite a disappointing season, there is plenty of promise ahead for this franchise.

Bruins prospect Joe Colborne eager to get started on his pro career – Mike Loftus has the Bruins 2008 first round pick looking to make a great first impression.

New York Times Company Sells Small Part of Its Red Sox Holdings – Well, we can’t joke about the 17-percenters any more. Now the NY Times/Boston Globe is the 16.58-percenters. Don’t quite roll off the tongue the same way.

Red Sox radio broadcasts in Spanish move to WWZN – Boston Radio Watch reports on the Spanish-language broadcasts moving over to AM 1510 this season.


Toucher and Rich, hosts of the 98.5FM morning show, announced today that they have signed a multi-year contract to remain on at The Sports Hub.

“Since launching 98.5 The Sports Hub last August, Toucher & Rich have done a great job of bringing their listeners from WBCN over to The Sports Hub and at the same time they are attracting new sports radio fans. Stated Mike Thomas 98.5 The Sports Hub Program Director. They are creative and entertaining day in and day out and glad they are doing to be with us for years to come”

Also, it was announced that Crash Clark will be leaving the program. Clark had been the “sports” guy when T&R were together on the old WBCN morning show.

Finally, this graphic has been prominently displayed on for a few days now:

So when did Bud Selig open up expansion and let those two new teams into MLB?


4 thoughts on “Celtics Have No Answer For Kevin Durant

  1. The last ratings I saw had 98.5 dropping fast. I don’t think these guys ever had a chance against D&C. It’s just not a sports show. As far afield as D&C get at times they’re still sports guys. T&R are shock-jocks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept T&R and snd dropped the sports format. Zolak and Tanguay are horrible, Felger is an insipid a**. His act is old and tired. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.


    1. Eddie, if what you’re saying is true than why did CBS Radio retain T&R when they could have easily made an offer to Bob Neumeier (who was probably auditioning on the station last week) or simply moved the cheaper Andy Gresh into that slot?

      Even if 98.5 trails EEI in the ratings, the numbers they’re getting are still better than the last year of BCN.

      FM talk is one of the few growing trends in radio and there is no question that Boston’s sports appetite is ravenous enough to have two sports radio stations in town, especially when they both broadcast games along with the talk.


    2. I haven’t listened to D and C for years, but based on what I’m hearing on T and R every morning, they actually talk about – and enjoy sports.

      Should be interesting to hear what they do without Crash. Crash was SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTT! Except when he was crying.


  2. Toucher and Rich without Crash will be just like any other show on radio.Sorry these guys were funnier when they were on in the afternoon on wbcn and used Crash and Adolfo and the Chili Guy more.Adding Wallach to the show has killed it.Sadly Toucher and Rich are just like any other radio show.They do what management tells them to do.It is sad when they do that stupid crossover with Zolak and they suck up to this guy so much.I mean Zolak stated that he didn’t think the chili guy segments were funny.Zolak sucks.He has no strong opinions and he plain flat out sucks.Dale and Holley are killing them.Toucher and Rich’s fan base will take a serious hit without Crash around.Many listeners like myself will go back to satellite radio.R.I.P. Toucher and Rich show.You have sold your loyal listeners out.


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