Former WEEI nighttime host Ted Sarandis has a new sports talk show, as 98.5 The Sports Hub announced today that he will be joining the station effective immediately.

Sarandis’ show, like his old WEEI program will be called the “Ted Nation Show” and debuts this Sunday, March 14th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm This first show will focus on the NCAA tournament selections which will be announced that day.

The show will begin its regular Sunday afternoon time slot in April.

Sarandis has been the play-by-play voice of Boston College Basketball (ironically heard on WEEI’s airwaves) for the last fifteen seasons.

A  quote from Sarandis passed on by 98.5: ““I am thrilled to be joining what I consider to be the best sports radio station in the country, exclaimed Sarandis. It’s my hope that my TED NATION audience will turn out big time to 98.5 The Sports Hub. I can assure one and all we will cover the Boston sports scene in a comprehensive manner and do it with dignity and class.”

In other words, he’s not going to ALLOW you to drag his show into a MORASS OF NEGATIVITY.

And Pete Sheppard is still unemployed….


34 thoughts on “Ted Sarandis Gets Weekend Show on 98.5 FM

    1. Maybe Teddy Tens, given the economy. And what will he do without Lenny Megs to help bear the burden of 1000 lbs. of adversity? Perhaps Ray from Lynn & John from Meffid can be brought on board as in-studio experts.

  1. What’s the plural of shut-in? Is it shut-ins or shuts-in (like brothers-in-law)? Anyway, that is a demographic that is scratchin’ at the walls to be served, and come Sunday night, their time has come, friends. Lo, the many lonely weekends that have left me without either the warm embrace of a woman OR an update on how the Red Sox’ 27th best prospect was doing in the Annual Flagstaff Mid-winter Baseball Skills Competition and Armadillo Jamboree. Well one of those wrongs is soon to be righted, dear reader. Much like the eradication of my virginity, this is long overdue- I will apologize for NOTHING, 1000 times- this drooling, lascivious man-child is Jacked and Pumped! Mostly jacked, though!

  2. WOW! What will Ted’s normal Sunday time slot be? Hopefully not 7-10 because that when the Phlegm and Sausagefest in on 96.9

    1. Blowhard Saloon Owner and Andelman lapdog Billy Fairweather will send some of his bouncer goons from the Greatest Bar over to Teddy’s bachelor pad to have a discussion about switching the time slot.

  3. There is a GOD!!!
    The Humorless Ghoul is back!!! Can’t wait for the first call from Ray from Lynn, waxing poetic about some 13 year old Dominican kid he’s been watching at the Lowell Boys and Girls Club.

    Go get em’ Teddy!!! Big Tip of the Cap and a Ted Nation round of applause to the Greek God of Combovers.

  4. I wonder how long it’ll take him to sound completely disgusted that no one wants to talk about college sports.

  5. some of these commenters need to pull over and get a large dunkin donuts coffee. right guntfather?

  6. Count me as one of the people who was a big fan of Sarandis and is very happy to find out that he’s coming back to the air. WOW! 🙂 That EEI replaced his show with Mike Adams’ is one of the great tragedies in Boston sports radio histoy.

  7. “I can assure one and all we will cover the Boston sports scene in a comprehensive manner and do it with dignity and class”***

    ***Exceptions: If I decide talk about politics or if a caller wants to talk about pro sports when there is an important college basketball game to talk about(starting with BC’s preseason tilt against Regis College until the Final Four)

  8. I think its fantastic that Ted got the gig. Sheppard played a character on the Big Show. He spent most shows yelling at and degrading callers. If thats what you want, great. There are those of us that want to hear actual talk about sports, not more yelling. Ted Nation brought that, and I’m glad he’s back.

  9. Great to have Ted back…Sports talk radio needs people like him. It will be great to have the opportunity to talk about college basketball and football instead if hearing the same crap 8 to 10 hrs a day about the Red Sox and Pats.

  10. The universe is back in Balance…a truly great sports talk host is back on the free air, Chuck Wilson returning to ESPN…so to balance that the radio gods need to bring back arguably the only sports talk host worst than Mike Adams. At least there will be other options.

  11. What are the odds he’ll drag that Leo guy with the ponytail onto his show Sunday night?

  12. nice to see that 98.5 is trying to be “different”…..good lord, hiring old WEEI castoffs…..ya gotta love….how long before Andelman gets his own show over there?…..they might as well call themselves, “98.5 THE SPORTS HUB/WEEI DIVISION”

  13. Perfect Timing!! Ted can launch the ship by refusing to discuss anything to do with brackets becuase they “cheapen the experience” for the purist.

  14. Boston likes to call itself the greatest sports city in America but they can’t hold a candle to the Baltimore/Washington fans who have come out here to support their college basketball team.

    And this Magical Mystery Tour rolls on!

  15. Retractable roof on Fenway Park now!
    What are doing in life if you aren’t at Conte Forum.
    A thousand pounds of adversity!

    maybe he can have Timmy Welsh on to discuss the mess Keano Davis and Tim Army are in down at PC and have a good laugh.

  16. Who’s next? Andy Moes is gone and Jimmy Myers in on TKK. Where’s Craig Mustard? I know… the Fabulous Sports Babe! This is why WEEI has nothing to worry about from 98.5.

  17. Good comments regarding the return of Ted to the airwaves, pulling out many of his classic lines. I have mixed feelings about this move from 98.5.

    AOB, when you joke that 98.5 is trying to be different, the Sarandis hire actually proves that they are. EEI wanted to ultimately let him go because he wasn’t a good fit with their other shows and Adams was. EEI wanted more entertainment, (or ‘info-tainment’ as Kent Brockman likes to say) and less old-school sports talk.

    Somewhere between Ted’s intense all-business style and Adams’ junior high locker room humor there is a happy medium, but few of those radio personalities exist. Chuck Wilson probably comes closest to a sports person who is consistently informative, entertaining and non-condoscending on the radio.

    98.5 is also going against the grain if their true MO is to simply clone EEI and try to snag some of their audience share. Ted certainly isn’t going to attract the younger demographic that communicates thru texts and tweets, probably the reason he’s only going to be on once a week. Wonder if they’ll ever let him fill in for D.A. during the summer months? I’m guessing no. Does this also spell the end of Hardy & Trupiano on the weekends?

    According to what Bruce is saying, it also sounds like Ted is only doing 7-10 this month, then moving to Sunday afternoons, which I’m guessing means he’ll be going up against Red Sox games on EEI. If that’s the case, 98.5 is essentially burying him in a time slot when they don’t expect much in the way of listnership.

  18. There is a thread on titled “BZ-FM FALLING SHORT” that suggests that ‘EEI has pulled away from them after their fast start. This sounds like a desperate move.

    The only one happy about this move is Ray from Lynn. He will once again be given 10 minutes at a clip to talk about minor leaguers that no one has ever heard of.

  19. This may fall under the “get a life category” but oh well. I remember back in 1999 when the Red Sox were playing the Indians in the playoffs. Fans were pretty incredulous at the way the Sox were playing and they were correct. I know Pedro was hurt but the play was lackluster. Ted though did not understand why fans felt the Sox could win a game. They were completely overmatched and we should feel good that they were in the playoffs. Fans kept calling if the Sox win game three then the Indians were going to short rest Bartolo Colon on short rest. Ted said the series is over and that Red Sox Nation was delirious. Well we know what happened the Red Sox won the next three and moved on to the ALCS. Ted, the next night said if Sox pitching could hold up they had a chance. What?, Huh?

    Jason, concerning Chuck Wilson, he was the perfect ringmaster for ESPN game night in the 90’s with Tony Bruno and Peter Brown. It might still be my favorite sports radio show of all time. Unfortunately, Chuck Wilson by himself is brutally dull. I hope Bristol U. has a co-host that would work well with him.

  20. Teddy won’t be happy with BC’s elimination yesterday. How many months do we have to wait for more rockin’ and realin’ at Conte Forum? Eight months? Eight.

  21. Ted lets wax poetically and harkin back to the good old Yellow Pages job you didn’t last very long at because of your penchant to hang at the adult entertainment venues on route 1 not far from the office.

    I love that story can that be a topic of discussion on your “Eight Action Packed” hour show…….. Please your only audience will be loser shut-ins that never leave there basement and want to talk about why there is no interest in college sports in Boston……Why Ted because the teams SUCK and we have championship pro teams to fill our needs.

    Go back to the Yellow Pages they are hiring good men like you everyday!!!

  22. Adams had more talent but serandis has more class but can deride callers with his refusal to let callers use hypotheitcals when he does it all the time…and his berating of belicek as bad coach shows us that he let’s personal feelings get in way of his. Opinions. Shepard on the other hand has exhibited little class and has even less talent. Hecshould learn how to treat people better. Ordway used shepard to make ordway look good

  23. Of course the Kraft family will keep Tom Brady very happy. Why would there be a doubt in anyones mind. He is not replaceable like Lawyer Malloy. The organization has always been quirky and hush hush and it trickles down from the ownership to the coach to the team. It is the way they are. Tom Brady is the face of the franchise and the back bone of this Patriots organization. Fans are at ease for a reason. This is just how the Patriots operate. As far as the NFL hall of fame. It is how you perform on the field not now you conduct your self in society. Look at Mickey Mantle and Tris Speaker….not exactly role models but over acheived at a very high levels. When it comes to performance drugs I think things are up in the air. I think the NFL has the correct way to approach this from a voters perspective as opposed to the tainted world of Major League baseball and HGH tests play a big role in there coaching of the voters.

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