Last night there was quite a ruckus on Twitter as two very respected football reporters Michael Lombardi and Adam Schefter both reported that Leigh Bodden would be re-signing with the Patriots. Both guys are right far more than they’re wrong, especially Schefter, whose word I pretty much take as gospel these days. Meanwhile, Bodden’s agent, Alvin Keels was posting that nothing was done, or even agreed to.

We’ll see what happens today. If I had to bet, I’m siding with Schefter/Lombardi.

Speaking of the NFL free agency period, while Mike Reiss, Tom Curran, Christopher Price, Shalise Manza Young and Albert Breer have all done their usual solid jobs, I think the star of the first few days has been the Herald’s Ian Rapoport. He’s consistently brought good information, and angles and insight that some of the others have missed at times. The Rap Sheet has become a must-follow destination for Patriots fans, and he has been tearing it up on Twitter as well.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly slow day today with both the Celtics and Bruins off last night.

Selection of Tom Brady Makes 2000 Draft One to Remember – Jeff Howe concludes his series of reviewing the Patriots drafts under Bill Belichick with the coach’s first draft, one that is memorable for a certain sixth-round selection.

Patriots air of infallibility is waning – A good article from Tom E Curran, but headlines like that one really turn me off, and many times make me not want to even look at the article underneath the headline. Who ever said the Patriots were infallible? Who? C’mon. The article itself is candid, frank, without pushing silly agendas, but the headline is just dumb. (I know, Curran probably didn’t create it.)

Fielding more than his share of bad hops – Gordon Edes looks at how Dustin Pedroia used baseball as his focus when off-field things weren’t going so well for him last season. I also enjoyed this blog entry from Edes on Jose Iglesias in which Edes is giddy as a schoolboy over the potential of the phenom shortstop, and wonders if the Red Sox should put him right in the majors to start the season.

Why some Red Sox pitchers like throwing to some Red Sox catchers – The title of Rob Bradfords article this morning explains it all.

Big performances: Young trio impresses – Michael Silverman has a trio of young, gifted and intriguing outfielders making an impression on the Red Sox yesterday.

Beckett, Martinez on learning curve – Sean McAdam with another strong notebook from the action of yesterday.

La Russa still mover, shaker – Bob Ryan talks to Tony La Russa about his 33 years as a big league manager.

Hits like this don’t belong in hockey – Mike Loftus weighs in on the hit that Penguins forward Matt Cooke laid on Marc Savard Sunday.

Marc Savard fuzzy on details – Stephen Harris gets props for catching up with Savard at the Pittsburgh airport yesterday to talk to him about the hit and how he’s feeling.

Lockdown defense steadies KG – Chris Forsberg says that Kevin Garnett’s defensive performance down the stretch on Sunday night should be encouraging to Celtics fans.

Relentless defense critical to Celtics – Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics performance on defense in the last six minutes Sunday night showed that they are still capable of locking down an opponent, and that gives them no excuses going forward.

Also check out Greg Doyle’s Q&A With UNH TE Scott Sicko, who has gathered some interest from pro scouts.

Elsewhere, I was also disappointed with the news that Alice Cook was tossed at Ch. 4 after 25 years of service to the station. With the decreased amount of time that newscasts are giving to the sports segments, it makes sense to keep the rosters small, but I always enjoyed the job that Cook did, both with the sports reports, and on the Patriots pre and post game shows.

11 thoughts on “Bodden Is Back With The Patriots – Or Is He?

  1. That headline over the Curran piece is just so typical. Nobody ever said they were infallible, even when they were winning Super Bowls. The media created that whole “Patriot Way” thing–even while many of them (Borges, Carfado, others) disagreed with it. Now that they’ve gone (GASP!) five whole seasons without winning a Super Bowl (after going 41 seasons without winning one before 2001), suddenly the “Patriot Way” no longer works and their “infallibility” is being called into question.

    What kills me about some media hacks in this town is that they think if some of us out there don’t like their constant drumbeat of contrarian negativity, that, by default, means that we only want to read about sunshine and lollipops. In reality, we want to read FAIR criticisms, when they’re warranted; we’re not interested in anti-Belichick or anti-Kraft (or anti-Danny Ainge, anti-Peter Chiarelli and anti-Theo Epstein) agendas. For some reason, a lot of these media hacks cannot differentiate between being turned off by their agendas, and wishing to read nothing but “positive” stories.

    But you’re right Bruce: I doubt Curran wrote the headline. He’s one of the best Patriots’ writers around–usually facts and nothing but facts to support his normally cogent analyses.


    1. Hmmm…in the article, Curran actually does use the words “the aura of infallibility is gone.”


      But he does, at least, take a thinly-veiled shot at the Borges’ of the world when he says that their recent struggles doesn’t make the naysayers who’ve been predicting doom since 2002 correct, because “a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

      Nice one.

      He’s also saying, flat-out, that Bodden is gone. Does he know something that hasn’t yet been announced?


    2. You summed it up well, Tony. They reran a piece on “Chronicle” last night about the debut of the SportsHub and there was Felger talking about how Pats fans can’t stand hearing criticism about their team (compared to Sox fans).

      I guess if you’re going to fill four hours of airtime a day you have to be on one extreme or the other, meaning you’re either Mike Felger or Dan Roche (btw they need to pair up those two again sometime).

      I don’t consider myself a Belichick totie (although hearing the ‘Oh yeah!’ kool-aid guy on F&M is kind of funny), but I don’t feel it’s all gloom and doom either. If Larry Johnson is right about one thing (and that’s usually all he’s right about) is sports being the ‘toy department of life’. There’s a perfect blend of the two that so few media folks in this area appear to possess.

      On another note, sorry to hear about Alice Cook’s departure from Ch. 4. She’s always been good on features and interviews and will be missed (it also means more airtime for Burton, ugh).


      1. I would say that Patriots fan can’t stand hearing pointless negativity and whiny team bashing masquerading as “constructive” criticism.
        Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go iron my Tedy Bruschi jersey and thank God I’m not Tony Mazz.


        1. Guys like Mazz and Shank should not be allowed to write or talk about football, period.

          They are, first and foremost, baseball guys, with Shank’s second-favorite sport being basketball.

          Let the football guys write about football, please.


          1. I don’t think Shank is a fan of anything. I think he hates all major pro sports (perhaps all sports) and he hates his job (but can’t quit because he needs the $$ and isn’t qualified for anything else).

            Everything he writes makes perfect sense in light of that.


  2. The following passage from Curran’s story tells you that he generally ‘gets it’ where most of his fellow compatriots do not, one of the reasons I usually like to read his work.

    “over the past 10 years I’ve had writers from other markets extend their sympathy that I had to deal with Belichick. They’d ask me why he was such an *&$##%^. I’d say that he wasn’t that bad. That I liked him. Professionally, it might be easier to cover a 6-10 team with a shoot-from-the-lip coach and a leaky locker room but it seemed more rewarding to cover a 14-2 team that won Super Bowls and was a little more cryptic”


  3. Rapaport does get out some good stuff, but the writing “style” on his blog is pathetic. All by himself he’s worse than the idiot happy talk between the anchors on a local news broadcast.


    1. I agree, to some extent. His blog brings some good info sometimes, but the format sucks. Plus, nobody reads it or comments on it so if a tree falls in the woods…


  4. Interesting that EEI’s Big Show was down at Gillette interviewing Robert Kraft yesterday while the flagship station of the Patriots continued bickering into their mics.


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