With the 2009 season coming to a close on Sunday Bowl Sunday, and thus putting the wraps on another decade of football, there is still quite a lot of looking back over the last 10 years by the media.

Today, Ron Borges names his all-decade NFL team, with former Patriot players Ty Law, Adam Vinatieri and Larry Izzo on the team, which would be coached by Bill Belichick. You’ll notice Tom Brady wasn’t on that list, and Borges explains why Peyton Manning is his QB of the decade in a separate column. He admits it was a very close, difficult decision, and he would be happy with either quarterback on his team. Kerry Byrne takes a look at the top 10 moments of the Patriots dynasty.

Ian R. Rapoport looks at Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel reuniting with Scott Pioli out in Kansas City. Tom E. Curran takes a look at the defensive line, while Christopher Price looks at the defensive backs. Mike Reiss has his Patriots mailbag.

You’ll be hearing this a lot this offseason: Jeff Howe says the Jets are going to be very good for years to come. Michael Felger says that both the Jets and Colts are miles ahead of the Patriots. Monique Walker has the Colts saying they’re happy to take a Super Bowl berth over a 16-0 regular season.

Mike Reiss did it last week, and today Albert R. Breer also talks to UMass offensive lineman Vladimir Ducasse, a native of Haiti.

Karen Guregian and Adam Kilgore has Matt Light talking about his dislocated kneecap that he suffered in the Denver game this season. Rapoport’s notebook says that Wes Welker’s ACL surgery still has not been scheduled.


A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics headed into their biggest three-game stretch of the season, with the Magic, Hawks and Lakers on tap between now and Sunday. Julian Benbow has more on this stretch of potential statement games.

Scott Souza has Ray Allen hoping to remain with the Celtics after his contract expires this summer. Mark Murphy also has Allen looking to stay here, and remaining unfazed by trade rumors.

Robert Lee looks at the All Star hopes for Celtics other than Kevin Garnett, who was voted in as a starter. Evans Clinchy says that the Celtics have felt the loss of Marquis Daniels, and look forward to his return.

Red Sox

John Tomase has Tim Wakefield once again in the position of having to prove himself. Art Martone has Wakefield planning on being in the starting rotation.

Michael Silverman and Amalie Benjamin have the Red Sox and Jeremy Hermida agreeing on a one-year contract.

Mike Fine says that the Red Sox like their organizational depth at the catcher position. Joe McDonald says that the Red Sox are expecting big things from prospect Ryan Westmoreland this season, at whichever level he ends up at.


Steve Conroy has Milan Lucic still trying to return to top form. Joe Haggerty says that center Steve Begin hopes to return this weekend. Kathryn Tappen says that the Bruins players are the only ones capable of turning this team around. Fluto Shinzawa has Tuukka Rask struggling when called upon to relieve Tim Thomas in the middle of a game.

Bob Ryan offers a number of thoughts on the sports world.


5 thoughts on “Still Reviewing A Patriotic Decade

  1. If it was almost anyone but Borges I would say ok picking Manning is not crazy. I would take Brady but I am not objective and I can see why Manning could get the nod.


  2. Hey- can someone write an article about how far the Colts and the Jets are ahead of the Patriots? I get it. Felger is only about the 10th person to write on this topic the past few days.


    1. I know. It’s so easy to look at the AFC Title game participants and say they are “light years” ahead of ANY AFC team at this point. I’m sure some curmudgeon is writing the same thing in Baltimore and Pittsburg.


  3. I don’t really have a problem with Borges picking Manning over Brady for QB of the decade…but I wonder if he took “playing conditions” into consideration?

    I mean, what would Brady’s numbers look like if he played a guaranteed 9 games a year indoors (8 home games, plus at Houston), and two other road games in Nashville and Jacksonville rather than Buffalo and the windy Meadowlands?

    Just sayin’


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