We’re sticking to “only the best” today, so no muckraking, no cheap shots, no agendas, just pure unadulterated sports coverage:

1) Albert R. Breer enlists the help of three NFL scouts to define five factors that could determine how this Sunday night’s Patriots/Colts matchup will play out. (Weird formatting though, there is a bunch of AP stuff added on the end, and the byline lists Breer as “Associated Press.”

2) Mick Colageo and Bill Burt have a look at Chris Bourque, son of Bruins legend Ray Bourque, coming into the Garden last night with the Penguins, and trying to forge his own identity in the NHL.

3) Michael Silverman has Theo Epstein talking about how the Red Sox will likely need to get creative this offseason in order to improve the team.

4) Peter Abraham says that there are moves out there for Epstein and the Red Sox to make.

5) Kerry Byrne tells us why the Tom Brady/Peyton Manning matchup is the greatest QB rivalry in the history of the NFL.

6) Mike Reiss gives us 10 quick-hit thoughts on the Colts.

7) Jessica Camerato looks at Eddie House’s friendly relationship with the Suns and why they gave him the nickname “Cheat Code.”

8 ) Daniel Barbarisi tells us why why having Jason Varitek as a $3 Million backup next season would be a high risk/high reward move for the Red Sox.

9) Mike Loftus says that the Bruins won’t boast that their problems are finally over after their back-to-back wins, but at least they’re moving in the right direction.

10) Jim Fenton and A. Sherrod Blakely have the Celtics ready to get back to work tonight after a few days of much-needed rest.

Bonus: Remember the 1996 AFC Champion Patriots with Brendon Rosenau on the Patriots Daily 50th Anniversary Minute.


6 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Top Ten Links

  1. Over the past day I have been flipping channels on both the TV and radio and I heard a couple of items that just seemed egregiously wrong. The first person did not surprise me at all. It is one of the reasons why he is being let go. The second did surprise me because I thought he checked some of his sources.

    Butch Stearns quoted Scott Boras as saying that during the Mark Teixeira negotiations Boras went to the Red Sox and told them what the Yankee’s were offering and asked if they wanted to counter and the Red Sox declined. Butch threw in his two cents and said “Do you know how you can tell Boras is lying? His lips are moving.” HA HA Butch, now how do you know Boras is lying? Did you get any inside info? Did someone from the Sox say anything? Or, are you just blurting something out with no facts. My guess is that it is the latter. My question is why would Boras not go to the Sox? His job is to get every last penny for his client that he can. Now I do not know for sure, but doesn’t common sense say that Boras would have gone to the Red Sox and asked if they were willing to go above 8 years $180,000,000

    Shawn McAdam, today on the Big Show said that the Mets are out of the Jason Bay sweepstakes because of the massive loses Fred Wilpon took because of Bernie Madoff. Umm Shawn, Fred Wilpon was one of only a few people who made money from Madoff. This was news about a couple of weeks ago. The WSJ said that Wilpon made $48 million dollars from his investments. So I don’t think this would exclude the Mets from Bay.

    It just seems that some of the media are either too lazy to check their sources or too stubborn to change their beliefs even though the facts are right under their noses.


    1. Um I think you missed the joke Stearns made about Boras’ lips moving. That all he has to do is open his mouth and lies come out…?


      1. Um Clueless, I got the joke but I believe he believes Boras was lying. Which again shows what little credibility Stearns has. Maybe you are one of the 10% on this site who thinks Butch is really good at his soon to be former job but I’m one of the 90% who thinks he is an inept stooge.


        1. Watch it mandb97, you’re insulting Stooges there. No one picks on Moe, Larry, Curly and even Shemp, that way and gets away with it.


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