In a post by Chad Finn on the Extra Points blog, the following “Editor’s note” appears:

Through a content-sharing partnership with Sports Illustrated and, occasional articles and information from the magazine and its website will be used on The partnership begins today with some Patriots-related insight from Peter King’s popular “Monday Morning Quarterback” column.

The sharing apparently goes both ways. Check out’s new NFL Insider:




13 thoughts on ““Content Sharing” Agreement Between and

  1. It’s great to see Dan Shaughnessy being recognized for his versatility. He was phenomenal when he covered the Celtics beat, and his baseball columns are second-to-none.

    He’ll be one of SI’s best in no time. I’m really looking forward to reading his work.

    Congrats to Dan.


      1. He wouldn’t be getting work like this if he didn’t have great talent and broad appeal. Sports Illustrated, as has been the case throughout its history, can have their pick of just about anyone.


          1. Mitch,
            You are clearly either stoned out of your mind or on crystal meth, either way, your sense of reality is well…..unreal.

            And since when did Danny Boy have such deep contacts w/in the NFL? I don’t get it.


  2. Well, CNN sure got screwed in this deal. Dan’s gonna take his schtick to a new location where most of the readers are outside of 128 and 495.

    In a few years the rest of the country will know what Boston has endured for way too long. Celtics beat writer and columnist are two distinctly different job functions.

    Dan’s smugness should play soooooooo well past the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. The midwest just loves east coast snobbery combined with boorishness.


  3. Shaughnessy has been feverishly trying to force himself into any sort of ‘new media’ outlet that will take his snide contributions. These sports media hacks just orbit around, looking for new ‘takers’ for their drivel. Shaughnessy will now roll out his ‘When-I-was-a-boy’ anecdotes to a less-than-accepting audience. His boorishness wears very thin, very fast.


  4. I love when Shaughnessy has his family members post lauding comments on message boards. The comments for his Newtown baseball book were off the charts laughable…

    He used to be one of the best, but his act has worn very thin over the years. Like from this latest article, he refers to “Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium” His references are so incredibly stale and outdated, its a wonder why no one reads the Globe anymore…


    1. I don’t understand why he seems to feel the constant need to make snide comments about the Pats and their fanbase.

      It can’t still be due to the fact that Kraft disinvited him to his media-filled Super Bowl party in San Diego way back in 1998, can it? (Kraft probably shouldn’t have done that, and he’d probably tell you that today. But the incident was in the wake of an entire year of Shank bashing Kraft for letting Parcells walk after Super Bowl XXXI–as if Parcells was completely blameless in the matter (hotel phone records from New Orleans be damned).


  5. This is a simply another part of I won’t be clicking. Maybe Shank and Peter King and share a latte and guffaw about Spygate theories.


  6. I wouldn’t read Shank if he was the last sportswriter on the face of the earth…..and writing an “Inside The Nfl” column…….are they freeking serious?…….he doesn’t know if a football is blown or stuffed


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