In a blog post this afternoon on, Tom Curran said good-bye to that site, and announced officially that he is heading over to Comcast SportsNet New England where he will be covering the NFL and the Patriots for the new, which I’m hearing is set for an official launch on Monday, November 2nd.

I had gotten a few emails this week asking why Michael Felger’s columns and Patriots Report Card were not on the CSNNE site this week, and I’m told that they were just sort of re-organizing and getting caught up before the official launch.

So it looks like the lineup for the site will be Felger and Curran with Sean McAdam and Kevin Paul Dupont said to be soon coming aboard, and Art Martone editing. They will also be hiring a Celtics writer.

That’s a pretty good lineup.

Update: I’m hearing now that Dupont is staying at the Globe. As I mentioned in an earlier post, leaving the Globe, where he had been since the 1970’s would’ve been a huge leap for Dupont. I’m not surprised he’s remaining put.

7 thoughts on “Tom Curran Says Farewell to PFT, Hello to (Updated)

  1. i am guessing haggs is there hockey guy…he is on their air a ton, so they obviously like him over there.


  2. Art Martone found a way to reunite a great sports section from the ProJo:

    Sean: Sox
    Tom: Pats

    Art just has to find Celtics and Bruins folk with good sources.

    Sean gets the ear of the hierarchy at Fenway, and Tom’s sources are at least entertaining with respect to the Pats. (Brady’s knee not withstanding.)

    I figure on bookmarking the site.


  3. I hope that Tom Curran takes a long shower after working at That website is the scummiest, basest piece of crap imaginable parading as some sort of legitimate news source. NBC should be ashamed for being associated with it.


    1. Curran is a good reporter and a funny dude, but his reputation took a serious hit in the time he was working there. I don’t know if it’s something in the Kool-Aid, or if editors there tell their employees to write/state controversial things for the sole sake of controversy, but Curran’s work and reporting became very inconsistent while there.


  4. In regards to Dupont, the Globe lifetime job guarantees were eliminated in the last round of negotiations that lowered their paycuts from 23% to 8%. He has seniority now and that’s about it.


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