In a trade that certainly shocked everyone in the NFL, the Patriots announced they traded defensive lineman Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders for a 1st round draft pick in 2011.

Mike Reiss in one of his last duties for the Boston Globe writes that Seymour’s salary now comes off the Pats’ cap.

Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald also has a report.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has Bill Belichick’s comments on the trade.

BSMW Fearless Leader Bruce Allen has his thoughts over at Patriots Daily.

Christopher Price posts the entire Patriots press release on the trade at

Chris also has a report on the trade.

Shalise Manza Young
of the Providence Journal says the trade was a Sunday stunner.

If any other news breaks, it’ll be posted here.

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8 thoughts on “Seymour Traded to Oakland

  1. WBZ-FM spanked WEEI pretty badly on this, getting it on the air at least a half hour ahead. Time for more “jingles are lame” bits.


  2. Not sure it was a half-hour earlier, OB. I was listening around 10:35 this morning when 98.5 first reported the trade, giving credit to Reiss’ blog. I then switched to EEI and they mentioned it about five minutes later. Truth is, I think both EEI and SportsHub are breaking some stories, but are being beaten by the other on others, so neither one of them should be making the ‘We’re the best’ claim.

    BTW on Sports Final tonight Steve Burton *broke* news that Tedy Bruschi is heading to ESPN. I only hope they don’t decide to pair him up with Schlereth or else I’ll never watch him.


  3. Typical Shaughnessey this morning, ripping Belichick as being a “bloodless tactician” after his sentimenal “Oprah moment” earlier in the week with Bruschi, and then ripping Pats fans for supporting the move. He must have been drooling when the news broke yesterday.


    1. Saw the link to Shank’s story….didn’t even bother because I knew what he would write. samething with Borges’s article, didn’t bother with that either. So old, so tiring. “the Patriots/Belichick are a bunch of heartless…..blah-blah-blah”……heard it all before with Lawyer Milloy-Deon Branch-Wilie McGinest…….bottomline, I think the odds of them re-signing Seymour was slim and none. He’s entering his 30’s when players start to slow down and he does have a history of “nagging injuries”…..They got what most likely will be a top ten or top 5 pick for him……I think it’s a good deal……yes, I know. I’m such a Belichick fanboy/Rumpswab/Pom-pom waver…..must be all those games they’ve won since he’s been here, I don’t know


  4. Wading through the comments attached to Reiss’ blog is like reading one of the political articles on

    So many arm chair, no nothing know it alls SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS IN ORDER TO BE HEARD ABOVE THE DIN.

    Belichick is still the smartest guy in the room (the NFL).

    BB drafted the guy with the 6th overall pick, was ripped by the media and local no nothing fans for the pick, gets nearly seasons of very productive play out of the guy and flips him for an even higher pick! How could this chapter end any better in a realistic world? Seymour’s best days are behind him – he turns 30 years old in a month. In a salary cap league – you cannot afford to overpay for past performance.


    1. You summed it up perfectly. If Borges and Shank had their way, Lawyer Milloy and Tebucky Jones would be the starting safeties, followed by Bryan Cox, Bruschi, McGinest, and Vrabel/Seau at Linebacker, followed by Anthony Pleasant, Bobby Hamilton, Richard Seymour, and Ted Washington on the D-Line.

      Offense would be, of course, Drew Bledsoe starting QB, followed by Curtis Martin/Sam Gash RB combo. At WR, Terry Glenn and David Terrell, with Deion Branch in the slot. Wow, this teams going places…in 2001.


  5. I agree with Boston Dan. In pro football, defense is such a young man’s game. And yeah, we all are BB fanboys. Four AFC titles, three Super Bowls this decade. What’s not to like?


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