With right tackle Nick Kaczur getting a contract extension from the Patriots that will take him through the 2014 season, some, like Ron Borges, feel that the Patriots are being hypocritical in their dealings with players, having said previously that next year’s labor uncertainty is preventing them from getting a deal done with defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. What Borges, and some others miss is that the Kaczur deal is for peanuts compared to what Wilfork would be receiving.

If Kaczur collects his entire deal…by no means a sure thing…he could make a total of $16 million over four years. Wilfork, if he views Albert Haynesworth as a model, could ask to collect that much in a single season. These deals are apples and truffles.

Mike Reiss writes today that perhaps the Patriots should agree not to franchise Wilfork next season, just to avoid any hard feelings. I’m not sure I agree with that take. The NFL is a business on both sides, and if the Patriots agreed not to franchise Wilfork next season, there’s no guarantee that that will get them any favor with Wilfork next offseason. The only way I can see the team agreeing to give up the tag is if Wilfork leaves camp and holds out. Jim Donaldson notes that the Patriots are usually correct when they decide to let a player walk.

Ian R. Rapoport has a look at Jerod Mayo’s role growing by leaps and bounds in his 2nd year. Carolyn Thornton has long snapper Nathan Hodel striving for consistency in camp. Rich Garven has Hodel and rookie Jake Ingram battling for the same job.

Christopher Price and Glen Farley try to figure out the final 53-man roster. Rapoport has Alex Smith struggling a bit to pick up the Patriots offense. Jeff Howe looks ahead to Friday night.

Rapoport’s notebook has Benjamin Watson returning to practice. Reiss’ notebook has Tom Brady placing the blame on himself for the hit he took from Robert Geathers. Thornton’s Patriots journal has Watson in a battle for his job. Garven’s notebook says that the starters will likely see more action in Friday’s night’s preseason game against the Redskins. Farley’s notebook has more on Brady taking the blame for the hit.

Boston College/Misc

Mark Blaudschun talks to wide receiver Rich Gunnell about catching passes from three quarterbacks in three season. Steve Conroy has the projected starting QB, Dave Shinskie out with a broken rib. Eric Avidon has BC hoping to lean on the running game this season. Blaudschun’s notebook has more on the injury to Shinskie.

Jessica Camerato has a recap of the community work done by the Celtics this summer.

John Powers has an extensive Olympic notebook.


8 thoughts on “Contract Talk Still Popular Topic Around Patriots

  1. I like Farley’s addition of Myron Guyton to the linebackers. I know he has to be 50 years old by now buy Guyton was a crafty vet, and as a 50 year old corner he may still have the speed to play linebacker.


  2. Dan Shaughnessy Watch is for all intents and purposes shutting it’s doors.

    If you’re interested in continuing the blog, head on over there and contact Dave M.


  3. Predictions on the tBig Show announcement?

    They’re going to London for the Patriots game. Probably a long shot but that’s my guess.


  4. Hey Bruce – any chance you can get a hold of Tanguay and tell him he’s singlehandedly turning people away from an otherwise appealing station so far?

    He’s twenty different kinds of terrible.


  5. Wait, you mean Borges wrote an article critical of the Patriots’ front office dealings with players (i.e.–Bill Belichick’s dealings with players)?

    Knock me over with a feather!! I can’t believe such a fairminded knight of the keyboard such as Borges would criticize the Pats, especially when he knows that Kaczur’s contract would be worth about 1/5 that of any new pact for Wilfork.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same with The Notorious Ronnie B.


  6. Is there a more tiresome, more predictable or more boring person on the planet than Ronnie the plagiarist? Jesus, pal, get a new gig, will ya?


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