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Bruschi Calling It Quits Today

After 13 seasons with the Patriots, Tedy Bruschi has decided to call it a career, with a press conference scheduled this morning at 10:45 to make it official.

Mike Reiss says that Bruschi’s decision might’ve been prompted by injuries in camp, as well as his performance Friday night against the Redskins. Karen Guregian says that Bruschi was not in any danger of being cut this week, but went out on his own terms. Shalise Manza Young says that this development was not entirely unexpected. Christopher Price says that Bruschi had struggled a bit in trying to form a new identity this camp. Glen Farley says that Bruschi spent much of his career defying the odds.

Bruschi’s retirement wasn’t the only surprising roster development yesterday. The team also informed second year quarterback Kevin O’Connell that they are waiving him. Reiss wonders if the move clears the way for another acquisition at QB. Guregian says that the Patriots had high hopes for O’Connell coming out of college, but apparently didn’t see enough development. Rich Garven says that the move was a bit of a shock. Mark Farinella agrees that the move probably indicates that the Patriots are in the market for another QB. Young terms the decision a bit of a bombshell.

Guregian takes a look at how the Patriots roster is shaping up. Garven’s notebook has Jonathan Wilhite continuing his rise in the CB corps. Young says that the fight for a roster spot can lead to bad mistakes for young players. Price has James Sanders the leader of a new generation of defensive backs for the Patriots.

Because of an early morning appointment, I’m going to have to refer you over to for the coverage of yesterday’s 7-0 win over the Blue Jays.

David Willis has Glen Davis, his contract issues resolved, looking forward to another title run with the Celtics.

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Initial Thoughts on

By now, thanks to Fang’s Bites, you know that ESPN will be launching a local version of, ESPNBoston.

The site is slated to launch on September 14th – or opening day for the Patriots, who play on Monday Night Football that night on ESPN. ( I wonder if it is telling that 98.5 The SportsHub launched on the day of the Patriots first preseason game, while ESPNBoston launches on the day of the Patriots first regular season game.)

Here are a few of my initial thoughts on the topic:

First of all, the ESPNChicago site should give you a pretty good feel of what you can expect from the Boston version.

While there will be a lot of “re-purposing” of Boston content from the main site, there will be plenty of original content as well. The splash hiring of Mike Reiss gives the site some instant credibility, and you can expect some other local defections to this site in the coming weeks.

For a guy like Reiss, leaving the uncertainty of what the future holds for The Boston Globe (not to mention that recent pay cut all Globe employees had to take) probably made this a pretty easy decision. If you’ve been following the news of some of the potential buyers of the Globe, you know that the idea of Platinum Equity purchasing the Globe should have employees terrified. ESPN offers stability and reach.

I’d say the days of Reiss’ Pieces (as a brand) are over, for now anyway. will obviously have to change the name of their Patriots blog, but I don’t expect it to follow Reiss over to ESPNBoston. ESPN is about their brand, not that of its talent. Reiss however, will continue to do exactly what he’s going now for, except without the added burden of having to produce something for the print edition.

You can probably expect some change in ESPN Radio locally. The 890 station is not owned by ESPN, they are an affiliate. I would expect that you’ll see some move by ESPN to get their brand better established on the local airwaves. I don’t think that would come in the form of a new locally staffed and hosted ESPN Radio Boston to compete with WEEI and WBZ-FM, but something more along the lines of a more solid platform for their national shows, such as Mike & Mike in the Morning. The current incarnation of 890 simply isn’t up to ESPN standards.

The local edition of SportsCenter is intriguing. Rather than sitting through the full version of SportsCenter on ESPN for the few Boston highlights (if you even do that anymore), you’ll be able to go online and get them all instantly, at any time.

The Chicago site still seems to lean on a lot of AP content, and straight links back to That’s not going to be appealing here, but I expect there to be more of a focus on local original content on the Boston site.

In a similar vein, I would hope the local focus would also result in a scaleback of the ESPN hysteria. I don’t think the Mark Schlereth type of hysterical, irresponsible speculation would go over well here. Based on the emails and comments I receive, people in this market smell out that type of stuff pretty quickly and reject it.

Also check out the Globe media column by Chad Finn on the topic.

It doesn’t touch on ESPNBoston, but the New Bedford Standard Times rates New England’s “Big 6” sports media outlets.

One other quick unrelated link, over on Patriots Daily, we’re Trading Places with a Redskins blogger.

ESPN Boston Site To Launch and Takes Mike Reiss From Boston Globe

A new site will be launching in a short few weeks and they’ve already announced that they will be hiring Mike Reiss from the Boston Globe to be the site’s Patriots beat writer.

Check it out at the Fang’s Bites page.

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