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Giving up a five spot in the first inning was a hole that the Red Sox were never fully able to crawl out of last night, falling again to the Oakland A’s, 8-6 at Fenway Park.

Amalie Benjamin notes that now with the Red Sox bats starting to show some life, the pitching has fallen off. John Tomase says that after losing 6 1/2 games in the standings in 12 days, it might be time to make a change. Robert Lee has Brad Penny off his game right from his very first pitch. Dom Amore says that the Sox might need to make a big trade to take away from what is going on out on the field. Eric Avidon has the Sox behind right from the start. Bill Ballou says that the Sox have some big decisions to make before tomorrow’s deadline. Jim Fenton has the Sox struggling for answers as August approaches.

Ron Borges says that Theo Epstein needs to pull the trigger on Roy Halladay, no matter what the price. (That’s rational. ) Joe McDonald agrees that the Sox need to make a major deal. Sean McAdam says that there have been no talks between the Red Sox and Blue Jays in the last three days. Daniel Barbarisi adds that a deal for Halladay is unlikely, but Victor Martinez could still be a possibility. Brian MacPherson wonders if the price will be right for a trade.

Bill Burt says that the Sox need to loosen up and have fun…like the Yankees. He only half-jokingly suggests bringing Kevin Millar back so that journalists will have something to write about in these tough times.  Borges has Mike Lowell showing that he can still hit.  Julian Benbow has Lowell starting to hit his stride. McDonald also has the third baseball back and hitting as of late. Chaz Scoggins says that the Sox are just playing messy ball right now.

Mike Fine has Dice-K and the Sox trying to make it work. Mike Petraglia has the Sox headed in the wrong direction. McDonald says that Jonathan Papelbon has gotten away from his fastball and it is catching up with him. DJ Bean has Jim Rice still not ready to unwind from his whirlwind week. McAdam reports that the Sox have promoted Exec. VP Sam Kennedy to President of Fenway Sports Group.

Check the out of town coverage at BayAreaSportsMedia.com

Benjamin’s notebook has Terry Francona and Daisuke Matsuzaka talking yesterday in an attempt to clear the air. Tomase’s notebook has more on the talk between manager and pitcher. McDonald’s Red Sox journal also reports on the conversation. Amore’s notebook has the pair now on good terms. Avidon’s notebook has the sides continuing their dialog yesterday. Ballou’s notebook reports on efforts to repair the relationship between the two sides.


NH Union Leader sportswriter Kevin Provencher, who covered the AHL Manchester Monarchs and the motor racing beat, was arrested yesterday on charges of running a prostition ring. Dale Vincent and Dan O’Brien report on their colleague in the Union Leader. Jessica Heslam and Jazmine Ulloa also report on the story, which hit major blogs like Deadspin and The Big Lead yesterday as well.

Ron Chimelis has Dee Brown saying that his time with the original Big Three will help him in his new coaching gig with the Springfield Armor.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell covers UFC? Really?

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  1. I maintain Bill Burt is a grade-A idiot, but …

    Can it be that I actually agree with him in his Kevin Millar assessment? Maybe not Millar specifically, but the idea that the Sox need to loosen the necktie a little might really be the shot in the arm this team needs.


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