• BSMW Network Post: BREAKING NEWS: First Shot of the Boston Sports Radio War – Merloni Stays at.. http://tr.im/u2E5 #
  • RT @CMSB: @985TheSportsHub A locally hosted overnight show hosted by two guys who actually want to be there. http://bit.ly/DLLND #
  • RT @985TheSportsHub: Responses so far… less right wing politics/more sports, a sports fantasy show, some great feedback! Keep it coming! #
  • RT @985TheSportsHub: What do you want to hear on Boston's first FM sports station? @985TheSportsHub hits the air August 13, 2009! #
  • BSMW Network Post: Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-07-24 http://tr.im/tX0y #

One thought on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-07-25

  1. WEEI can keep Futility Lou. I don’t understand the fuss over him. He just spouts off the tired cliches you would expect of a player.

    Is the Big Jab team going to do overnights? Is that what the tweet means?


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