Through five innings last night, John Smoltz had given up one run, and things were looking promising for the Red Sox, who held a 2-1 lead. Then came the sixth inning. Smoltz gave up five runs in the frame, and the Sox couldn’t recover, falling to the Rangers 6-3 in Texas.

I’m not quite at the Gary Tanguay stage, who posted the following on Twitter last night:

Gary_Tanguay Smoltz is killing the Sox! It’s over. Get Bucholz up here. NOW!

But I’m getting close. Gary – I especially like the NOW! at the end. Nice touch. You’re well on your way to becoming a commenter.

Sean McAdam has the Sox still waiting for Smoltz to round into form. Amalie Benjamin has things getting away from Smoltz quickly in the sixth. Joe McDonald has three homers in the sixth sinking Smoltz.

Ron Borges has the Sox looking for hot bats. McDonald has the offense continuing its Post-All-Star slumber last night. Adam Kilgore has a “golfed” home run by former Red Sox prospect David Murphy the backbreaker for Smoltz. Borges has Smoltz getting closer, but still so far away from where he wants to be.

Kilgore has the Sox prepping to face another rookie starter, a situation in which they’ve historically struggled. Alex Speier looks at the bond between Josh Beckett and Josh Hamilton.

Kirk Minihane insists that Dwight Evans, not Jim Rice should be going into the Hall of Fame this summer.

Benjamin’s notebook has Jacoby Ellsbury back in the leadoff spot for the Red Sox last night. McAdam’s notebook has more on the lineup shift by Francona. McDonald’s Red Sox journal notes J.D. Drew’s struggling in the leadoff role.


Ron Chimelis has a look at South Hadley native Lesley Visser, who was voted the No. 1 female sportscaster last week by the American Sportscasters Association.

Gerry Callahan says Michael Vick should be allowed to do his job and get back into the NFL. Shalise Manza Young says that the Patriots will not be one of the teams interested in Vick’s services.

Glen Farley previews the Patriots defensive line. Christopher Price has the Patriots closing in on deals with draftees Patrick Chung and Jake Ingram.

Fluto Shinzawa and Karl Zerfoss report on Matt Hunwick getting a new two-year deal from the Bruins.

Robert Lee says that Danny Ainge has built his best Celtics roster yet, but don’t print the championship tickets just yet. Lenny Megliola says that Antoine Walker is yet another cautionary tale for young athletes.

Patriots Daily has a quick look at the Patriots 2009 Annual from Maple Street Press, which has a Patriots Daily-heavy cast of writers on board.


14 thoughts on “Sox Continue Post All-Star Funk In Texas

    1. Well, Wakefield is now on the DL according to McAdam so Buchholz will stay and take that spot for the time being.


  1. Lelsie Visser voted #1 feamle sportscaster? First I wasn’t aware she was even still in the biz and second, and most obvious, she was grating and terribly annoying even when she did have a high profile and her looks had not yet faded. And let’s not pretend she could have advanced nearly as as far as she did had she not been attractive when she was younger.


  2. Back on the new 98.5 sports radio station, I again listened to the T & R show for the fifth time. I’m sorry folks, if CBS thinks this “wacky FM DJ” shtick is going to work then they are sadly mistaken. It’s right up there with David Lee Roth replacing Stern. This has no chance. I am also a big believer that first impressions are the biggest impressions. This decision to keep T & R could kill this new station. I hate to say it but I would rather listen to D & C, even Dan Patrick is better. When I am in range I will listen to Shoe and Joe on WLOB in Portland, ME


    1. Speaking of killing 98.5, it’s definitely dead if Gary the Jackass Tanguay is going with his tired, old schtick. Give it up please, nobody gives a rat’s ass what you think just like no one cares what Larry Johnson has to say. Why would you think someone with a 5-9 record and less than a full year in the majors last year is going to save the club?

      You need to moderate discussions between insightful people not over-hype your own (dumb) point of view. We’re not looking to clone the apes at ‘EEI. Get it????


      1. Snuff, I agree with you although I may not be as vehement as you. Tanguay will get buried by Dale and Holley, who I like, unless he has a strong cohost. The idea of rotating cohost does not sound like it could work as I do not see any chemistry.


        1. Yeah, I went over the top a bit, but the knucklehead needs a dope slap to wake him up to what the sport fans want. And, it’s not the garbage he throws out. Hopefully, someone at 98.5 can set all their hosts straight on the issue. If we want garbage, we can find it on ‘EEI.


    2. I had a long response that I lost, but to sum it up: T&R are not a wacky FM duo. They are a Stern descendant and to compare them, who have decades of radio experience, to DLR is silly. They have done well since they arrived in Boston, in both afternoon and morning drive. It may not have been in the plans for them to host sports radio, but they are a much more talented and dedicated group than any of their competition.


      1. Sorry Rick, if T & R were that good their rating would show it. They are going to have to brush up on their sports quickly. They are Stern wannabes. By the way how did D & C come about? WEEI saw that the ratings for Imus were not good for Imus in the Morning (non sports) and they dumped him. I know D & C do not talk about sports all the time but it is enough to get good ratings. No sports at all will be a disaster for 98.5


    3. have to agree…isn’t one of the big complaints about D&C is they talk too much politics and water cooler talk? (to tell ya the truth, I hate it even more when these 2 clowns try to talk sports)…I don’t see T&R being a big hit though….I’m starting to feel real pessimistic about this “new” station…..I think it’s just going to be a slightly different version of THE SAME OLD CRAP


  3. Robert Lee is an idiot.

    The championship team was better, with a much deeper bench.

    Yes, I would rather have PJ Brown, Posey, House, Powe and Davis than Rasheed Wallace, Daniels, House and maybe Davis.

    Davis is very overrated around here, but we still need him. Our bench is still too thin at this point.


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