I have to admit to a lack of passion in some areas of sports. I regard “MVP!” as the chant of loser towns whose teams have failed them. I get bored with Hall of Fame speculation. And I hate All-Star Games, especially ones that “mean something.” Nonetheless, I’m always curious to see how the hometown All-Stars fare, so let’s start with a look at Boston’s best on Tuesday night.

Other than the crack of Jonathan Papelbon’s fastballs exploding off N.L. bats, Small White Ball says it was a quiet All-Star Game for the Sox contingent. Big League Stew blames manager Joe Maddon for not getting Tim Wakefield into the game, but Toeing The Rubber says Wake has Commissioner Selig to thank for his lost opportunity. Surviving Grady has a strong visual message for Maddon. Full Count has a handshake with President Obama making new citizen Jason Bay’s All-Star experience complete. Dustin Pedroia is an All-Star off the field by Hit And Run‘s reckoning.

No one was happier to see Carl Crawford bail out Pap than our friends at Subway Squawkers, where Lisa enjoyed her one night a year as a Sox fan. Sox and Pinstripes found a rare evening of camaraderie between enemies before he obligatorily wished ill-will upon Boston for the second half.

BoSox Injection did not waste his time watching the game on Tuesday night; he did, however, waste Wednesday morning on the matter. Sportress of Blogitude has St. Louis’ favorite son returning to Busch Stadium. Awful Announcing says Obama was a hit in the booth and threw a strike from the mound – provided a Nationals hitter was at the plate. The Corner thinks network propagandists covered up the jeers and Obama’s horrible toss, which, they allege, one-hopped Albert Pujols. Confessions of a She-Fan comes right out and tells you, the President throws like a girl . . . with buck teeth. Deadspin breaks down film on Obama’s pitching motion. If you want a Presidential strike, Boston Dirt Dogs says to call for a Republican. Finally, you better start turning off those lights people, or Lights Out, Green In says these All-Star Games will be getting hotter.

Boston Sports Blog is amused at the no-life fans wandering the streets of Boston with nothing better to do during the eternal All-Star break. Get Out Of My Ballpark made it through the break and is psyched that the Bruins will help him through the coming winter break.

Turning to the second half, Clay Buchholz will get things started on Friday as SportsCenter 5 Overtime gets the 6-man rotation speculation restarted. Extra Bases has Tito Francona admitting that Buchholz was thrown a bone, even as he says he’s not saying that. Huh? Mazz takes a step back to examine the bullpen and notes one glaring deficiency heading into the second half. State of the Sox hopes Mike Lowell will get the rest he needs and should have gotten in the first half.

Peter Gammons has Jon Lester as one of three pitchers to watch in the second half, and he keeps an eye on the Sox shortstop prospects. Cameron Martin has shortstop/pitcher Casey Kelly intrigued with the prospect of being a modern-day Babe Ruth. One If By Land knows of a Blue Jay that Theo should be watching whose name is not Roy Halladay. Kelly is also atop The House That Dewey Built‘s list of best farm prospects, which doubles as J.P. Ricciardi’s wish list for Halladay. NESN and MLB Trade Rumors conclude a four-part look at trade deadline options the Sox have.


Today’s the big NFL supplemental draft, and Reiss’s Pieces sheds light on why it’s not circled on calendars at Foxborough Place. As for the inventory from April, the signing procession continues. It Is What It Is reports that seventh-rounder Darryl Richard will become the fifth of twelve draft picks to be signed heading into training camp. By the way, looks like BC’s Ron Brace will soon be No. 6.

Pats Pulpit is worried that Tom Brady’s knee hasn’t fully healed . . . in Tom Brady’s head. NESN’s New England Patriots has the first of a two-part visit with Steve Grogan, the founding father of grit at the QB position.

ESPN’s SportsNation shows us some hate, citing a poll that puts our Patriots right behind the Cowboys as the most reviled team in the NFL.


Green Street has NBA owners taking creative steps to preserve bottom lines amid the strangling effects of the economic recession.

Red’s Army isn’t sure when next year’s ride will end, but he says the journey will be a hoot with Rasheed and KG teaming up. NESN’s Boston Celtics has Big Baby Davis in the poorhouse, as the C’s chances of retaining him increase each day and with every new signing. Celtics Hub says the C’s will have very little competition with Rajon Rondo’s impending free agency next summer.

Inspired by Baron Davis’ contract, WGS’s Rich Levine takes a humorous look at some ridiculous incentives he’d like to see various C’s inked to.

That’s a wrap for now. Enjoy your last free evening until the second half kicks off tomorrow night. Let’s hope we won’t get another rest like this until Halloween. See you next week.

5 thoughts on “All-Star Dog Days

  1. Hey Bob – how about some Bruins links every once in a while, eh? I’ve got a candy bar here with your name on it.


  2. If it’s a choice between a dazzling first pitch at the ballpark and a 8 miserable years in the Oval Office or a bounced first pitch and 8 merely competent years, I’ll go with the lefty.


  3. could not agree more about, “Hall of Fame speculation”…it’s the Sports Talk Radio version of, “gee, some weather we’ve been having”……when things are slow and the talking head blowhards can’t think of anything else, out comes the hall of fame blabber……ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


  4. For the record, the MVP chant started in the ’84 during the NBA playoffs as Larry Bird was putting up a triple double in a game 7 against the Knicks.


  5. Thanks Dan, but its origins don’t really matter. Skynet started out as a defender of mankind but, within a few years, left us at the point of extinction, crawling around our smouldering ruins and planning insurrections against shapeshifting robots.

    What we have is a good idea gone bad once it got into the hands of our enemies. Now, every time Kobe touches the ball or Jeter comes to the plate, here we go with the “MVP” garbage. Yes, I know my neighbors do the same with Paul Pierce and Dustin Pedroia, but we’re just trying to drown out the other guys, right? It’s a diversion from the whole objective of team sports that bores me. There are more important issues like, will Tim Wakefield get into the Hall on the first ballot or have to wait for the Veteran’s Committee?


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