• Rasheed would be nice, but I'd rather have Ron Artest – hope the Cavs don't get him. He'd be a more talented version of James Posey. #
  • Fascinating. Lou Gehrig's correspondence in the final months of his life: (From ESPN's Outside the Lines) http://tr.im/qFD5 #
  • Bill Simmons giving up his ESPN the Mag column, will focus on ESPN digital entities. Via @thebiglead http://tr.im/qEUb #
  • Red Sox Game 78 (@BAL, 6-5 W/11) Reloaded by Jon Couture: http://tr.im/qEzl #
  • RT via @yyzsportsmedia RT @DarrenDreger: Recchi returns to Boston for 1 year, $1 mil. http://www.tsn.ca #
  • RT via @Gary_Tanguay Rasheed update. It looks like Celts are meeting Rasheed in Michigan. KG, Doc, Wyc and Danny making trip. #

2 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-07-02

  1. I swear I’m one of the only ones working, even Bruce has decided to take the day off and not post any links.

    It is only the 3rd, right? Last time I checked there was no such holiday as ‘Independence Eve’.

    This is depressing…anyone else stuck at work Friday?


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