I’ve been mentioning it in the Twitter feed for the last few days, but I wanted to give Jon Couture’s Red Sox Reloaded blog feature a plug here, as well.

Around mid-day on the day following most Red Sox games, Couture, the baseball writer for the New Bedford Standard Times, has been posting on his blog Better Red Than Dead a feature “Reloading” the previous night’s game.

Here is today’s entry  – Game 27 (@NYY, 7-3 W) Reloaded.

Couture links to the game stories, home and away, and provides a number of quotes that describe various plays or events from the course of the game.

He then has a segment called “Stars Scoring” which he explains is loosely based on Hockey’s “Three stars of the game” system. Players get anywhere from a +3 to a -3 for their performance in the game, and the results are tracked over the course of the season.

Kevin Youkilis is thus far the runaway leader in the stars system with 24 stars on the season. Jason Bay is second with 16. At the bottom of the pile are Javier Lopez and Daisuke Matsuzaka, each sitting at -5 on the season.

With the traditional game story/feature/notebook style of coverage perhaps on the way out with the decline of newspaper coverage, Couture’s mix of linking, quotes and analysis make an appealing way to recap last night’s game.

It’s worth putting into your RSS Reader or making a daily visit to.


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