Ours is a battle-tested lot in Red Sox Nation. We’ve overcome two 0-2 deficits in best-of-five ALDS, another two 1-3 deficits in best-of-seven ALCS, and the granddaddy of all, the 0-3 comeback in 2004. So, we probably shouldn’t get too hyped about dropping the opener of the best-of-five Mayor’s Cup to the Ft. Myers-rival Twins, but ain’t it good to see baseball back again?

Surviving Grady has the fever, while SawxBlog has dark thoughts of the season ahead. Even though we just got started, there’s no honeymoon on Toeing The Rubber, where Cyn goes mid-season ballastic over a Brad Wilkerson play. Brownie Points says Josh Bard did just fine handling Wake’s knuckler. Unfortunately, so did the Twins. Fictional Mike tries to keep Wakefield’s performance in perspective on The Soxaholix.

The Joy of Sox has Josh Beckett with a few changes in store for 2009. Where’s Trags? has Brad Penny at 100% after Monday’s session. Not as good for Matsuzaka, as Fenway West brings the ugly on Daisuke’s first outing. Fire Brand of the American League looks at Boston’s team defense.

Remember that Kevin Youkilis sighting in a Man vs. Food shoot, the one when Youk was all spiffed up in a burger joint? OuttaThePahk got the full scoop, and it turns out there’s a heartbreaking story behind it.

Caught Off The Wall has the early Florida returns on missing Manny, while Subway Squawker Lisa tries to put Manny’s name on a Mets jersey. Hot Stove Talk can still see him in pinstripes. Thanks For Playing muses over some non-comp issues that Manny is holding out for in this bad economy. Buster Olney says the judicial system of the free market is sentencing Manny for his crimes against The Nation.

Media talent takes some spotlight this week, as Hacks With Haggs has all the facts on Eck’s TBS extension and some speculation about who will join him in the NESN booth. The question Year of the Sox poses is, will anyone be watching? Standing Room Only bets you’ve never seen Felger in the same room with Dwayne Schintzius. BTW, you’d lose that bet. Tanguay’s Take says Gary will never be mistaken for Ritchie Blackmore. And our own Jack Edwards, widely acknowledged as Puck Daddy‘s favorite homer, is going national with Jack Bingo.

Bruins & NHL

Kathryn Tappen is happy to be back home, while Pucks With Haggs all but clicks his ruby red slippers together. Yes, TD Banknorth is open for business again, as the B’s ended a 2-5-1 stint with a 6-1 win over the Florida Panthers on Tuesday.

Cornelius Hardenbergh and the Hockey Blogging Adventure runs through every Bitz of the win as only he can do. Old Bruins Fan hasn’t seen as dominant an effort in a long time. Fight Cub saw the Kobasew/Ballard undercard as more vanilla than thrilla, but Caveman Strong says it could have been the season’s turning point. Ghosts Of The Garden says it was awesome to see Kobasew fighting and, with Michael Ryder back, they wouldn’t want to be a Mighty Duck tonight. The Bear Cave previews tonight’s one-and-done contest with Anaheim.

Hey, if you think the B’s have hit a rough patch, Backcheck With The Bruins Buff wants you to remember 2006-07. Power Play also waxes historical, saying this losing spell may be the path to the Stanley Cup. We can only hope Tuesday’s win didn’t screw things up. Naoko Funayama says the B’s are working through this tough stretch together.

C’s & NBA

A bad closeout to a good road trip, as the C’s drop one to the hapless Clippers last night, 93-91, and go 0-for-LA on the season. Red’s Army lost another night’s slip, but says the C’s are tired. Loy’s Place serves up some humorous Comments From The Other Side after last night’s loss.

Celtics Stuff Live says the Stephon Marbury meeting of the minds seals the deal for an NBA championship – for either Kobe or Lebron. CelticsBlog is no fan of Starbury either, but they’ll root for him anyway. Touching All The Bases says Marbury doesn’t deserve the chance the C’s are giving him. Big Green Machine chalks up Gabe Pruitt’s arrest last night to Marbury. And it took a while to find, but Perk Is A Beast is a voice of support for Steph.

On The Hardwood remembers Mikki Moore, the snake enchanter. Courtside View has Moore bringing length to the C’s.

And, yeah, it’s not the NBA but it is my alma mater, so indulge me as I let The Crowe’s Nest whoop it up one more time for the PC Friars’ big win over #1 Pitt on Tuesday night.

Patriots & NFL

Reiss’s Pieces is liking new Pats’ Director of Pro Personnel Jason Licht’s institutional knowledge. It Is What It Is has a much thinner line connecting new WR coach Chad O’Shea to the Pats. The Patriot Act offers up some positional needs for the Patriot offseason. NESN’s New England Patriots blog has found some new homes for Matt Cassel.

Fanhouse has the story on Brian Mandeville, the Northeastern TE who was advised to give up his dream of playing in the NFL. Ray Lewis is this year’s new Pac-Man, as NFL Insider Report with Tom Curran reports on the latest big name salivating at the prospect of living his dream playing for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Some blogging notes

A couple of new adds ths week. Here, There and Everywhere started up this week; Rob Duca will be blogging on all matters with an emphasis on Boston pro teams. As you saw earlier, our friends at Power Play have lept back onto the B’s bandwagon. And don’t miss Terry Francona‘s inaugural Q&A blog, which will run on NESN throughout spring training.

Finally, Stanley Cup of Chowder‘s stock keeps rising. After moving from independent to SB Nation only last month, they’ll now be a feature on Yahoo! Sports as part of the new Yahoo!/SB Nation partnership. Over The Monster will be a Yahoo! Sports featured blog as well. Congrats, Stanley and Monster!

And thanks for stopping by. New blogs are being added every week so we’re guaranteed fresh, but if we can make it fresher let me know at bob02878@yahoo.com.

4 thoughts on “Week Log: Grapefruits Are Back In Season!

  1. Bob, dn’t know if you go there, but I highly recommend Patriots Daily. Plus, it’s part of the Bruce Allen Media Empire.


    1. Thanks, Howzie. In this case, Bruce ran a link to the Scott Benson story you’re referring to in his morning links. I try to stay out of his way, although Haggs got some double exposure today. Sometimes, particularly on media sites, the veil between column and blog is thin. Your kind of input here is what we need to keep things robust.


  2. I wonder if Jack Edwards is sensitive about people getting on him about his play-by-play cliches. He’s such a midget, he must. Which is why this Bingo thing is fabulous. Mr. ‘Half-Wall’ himself is ridiculed by two guys (Brick and Milbury) who trump Edwards every which way. Both actually played the game of hockey while Edwards was probably going to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.


    1. Jack Edward’s insane rants would be more fun if he was actually insane. Like Derek Sanderson. I still wonder if Fred Cusick was responsible for loosing the straps on his straightjacket.


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