Yesterday, Jessica Heslam reported that Gil Santos will be retiring from WBZ radio at the end of this month.

I figured Santos would remain as the radio play-by-play voice of the Patriots, and in today’s Herald, Renee Nadeau has Santos saying that he plans to remain in the Patriots radio broadcast booth for WBCN for next season and into “the forseeable future.”

It just won’t be the morning drive without hearing Santos at :15 and :45 past the hour…


16 thoughts on “Gil Santos Retiring from WBZ, Remaining on Pats Broadcasts

  1. I don’t see why the Patriots don’t retire him from the broadcast as well. He is flat out awful.

    Other than screwing up players’ names (including Patriots players) constantly, not having any idea of down and distance, and occasionally forgetting to tell you what just happened on the field, he is as sharp as ever.

    He and Gino Capeletti are the Statler and Waldorf of the NFL.

    Time to go!

    1. Jeez, Guys. Gil and Gino are the last of the old school broadcasters we used to have in this town. I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss hearing guys like Ned Martin, Johnny Most and Bob Wilson. As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to hear them forever. Who would you rather hear? Joe Buck? I think not! You should hear out-of town broadcaster to realize what gems we have.

      1. I wholeheartly agree,Brian….but how did you forget the greatest Hockey play by play man of all-time, Freddy “cue stick” Cusick??….Bruins games on TV still aren’t the same for me since Fred Cusick retired……(although Jack Edwards is better than the horrible Dale “my voice is so high and whiney” Arnold)

        1. AOB,

          I didn’t forget about Fred (read his auto-biography if you’re a fan of his, it’s great). I agree, he was terrific. I was just including radio guys in my commentary.(until Ned Martin went over to TV). I’m glad we still have Tommy Heinsohn, too. He’s been around since he stopped coaching in the 70’s.

          When I’m visiting family in DC or Florida, it painss me to hear how awful the sportscasteds are. And how would you like to listen to Michael Kay in New York “Duuuuhhhhh, Yankees Win”? Oh, please.

        2. I’d kill to have Fred and Derek back in the booth. Derek was always good for about 2-3 utterly inscrutable comments a game.

          1. LOL….yeah Sanderson could be unintentially hilarious.

            and let’s not forget Johnny Peirson…..”now you youngsters out there remember YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOOT THE PUCK HARD TO SCORE!”…….he would say that about 10 times a game…..ahhh….the good old days

  2. Another cost-cutting measure by WBZ. Shed some of the overpaid managers (GM, GSM, LSM, on and on) and keep the talent in what once talented radio station.

  3. I’m guessing WBZ might have Bruins play-by-play man Dave Gaucher take on a little more on-air sports reporting responsibilities during the summer months when there’s no hockey, but that only fills a small amount of the huge void that will be left after Santos’ retirement.

    Weekend sports guy Walt Perkins must get paid by the hour, otherwise I don’t understand why he hasn’t been cut as well.

  4. WBZ needs some local investors to save it from CBS. The ‘CBS-ification’ of WBZ is sickening and it is a sad evolution for a once-proud broadcasting icon. This holds for both the radio and TV sides of the business. Unlistenable. Unwatchable.

  5. The whole building reeks of the CBS culture. In a conference call on Friday, the TV bigwigs in NY intimated going with one anchor during TV newscasts if they have to. Sad, sad, sad.

  6. I APPROVE of Gil remaining on the Pats broadcasts…….I like tradition…..( of course, I never listen to the Pats games on radio )

    1. Yeah, I try not to be on the road when the games are on TV. Not because I don’t like Gil, but because I think football is better to watch (unlike baseball, which is great on the radio. WHEN Joe Castiglione deigns to give us the score!)…

  7. Pats fans would be better off if Andry GResh or Scott Zolak were doing the radio brodcast. GRESH IS GREAT!! ANDY knows the game inside and out much better than GINO.

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