An early start this morning leaves me with limited time to put together links. There’s a lot going in the sports section today, with news of last night’s Celtics victory, (led by Rajon Rondo’s triple-double) Dustin Pedroia’s contract extension, and Rosevelt Colvin’s return to the Patriots.

Frank Dell’Apa has Rondo’s impressive stat line (16 points, 13 rebounds, 17 assists) leading the Celtics to their tenth straight win. Mark Murphy has Rondo sticking it to Gary Payton with his play. Scott Souza notes that Rondo notched the triple-double just 88 seconds into the second half. Bill Doyle says that this probably won’t be Rondo’s last triple-double. Robert Lee has the Celts getting their revenge on the Pacers.

Dan Shaughnessy says that the rest of the NBA might’ve had their best chance to best the Celtics last spring. Steve Bulpett talks to the Pacers, who just finished back-to-back games with the Celtics and Lakers to get their impressions on the two teams. Bulpett has Danny Granger as one that got away from the Celtics. Lenny Megliola says that the Celtics are starting to win over the local fan base.

Marc J. Spears has the Globe notebook and has news of Ray Allen lending an assist to a friend who was stranded during the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. Murphy’s notebook has more on Rondo filling up the stat sheet. Doyle’s notebook has Tony Allen sitting out last night with an ankle injury.


Already out of time today – check all the news on the Dustin Pedroia signing over at

The Patriots welcomed back Rosevelt Colvin, and out in the Seattle Deion Branch got ready to welcome his old teammates. Check the coverage at

The Bruins finally get back to action tonight down in Tampa against the Lightning. Get ready at

Today is Thursday, so don’t forget the extra sports coverage from the Globe in The OT.

Update from Scott’s Shots

And now, a quick update from correspondent David Scott:

“David Scott of Scott’s Shots has learned that Boston Globe golf writer Jim McCabe is leaving the paper to take a job with an unspecified golf magazine. The move will leave sports editor Joe Sullivan without a dedicated golf writer and we’re not so sure that’s the worst thing. While McCabe has always been solid and in-tune with the game, it’s a legitimate question to wonder whether there is really a need a for a full-time golf writer on-staff at a major metropolitan daily during these times of downsizing. The Globe certainly wasn’t doing much to capitalize on McCabe’s content by selling ads directly into the weekly notes space (in print or on-line) and our guess is that most golf lovers have a few other sources they turn to first (and second) for major golf news. The Globe can certainly augment its coverage by picking up sister paper, the New York Times’s abundant golf coverage and for coverage of the majors, Basketball Bob Ryan has always columnized magnificently on the sport gifted to us by the Scots.

McCabe’s work has also appeared on and he was honored with his first Golf Writer’s Association of America award earlier this year for a story on Phil Mickelson and Dave Pelz.

We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Sullivan is allowed to fill the somewhat outdated full-time position.”


8 thoughts on “Early To Rise…

  1. The Celtics are starting to win over the fan base now?? Apparently the unprecedented regular season and championship wasn’t enough to win us over. Megliola’s iq has dropped immensely from appearing with Mike Adams too much.


  2. How can he have appeared “too much” with that bum? Between Wednesday Red Sox games, Red Sox postgame, the Celtics, Celtics postgame, and copious vacation time that would make George Bush blush, Adams hardly appears on WEEI.


    1. Magliola has always been on the weei late show, first with Sarandis, then with Adams. Even spending one show with Adams is detrimental to your mental health.


    2. If spending time with Mikey is bad for you, how does spending time with Retractable Roof What Are You Doing In Life If You Aren’t At Conte Forum Teddy do to your mental health? Wow!


  3. More creepiness than from Mike Adams? Mike disgustingly drools over his female assistant/producer and makes double entendres and other blue jokes that would make a high school sophomore cringe.

    Yet every hour, somebody calls in with my “Mikey, I love you. Your the funniest guy on the station.”

    Yes, I listen to the radio too much.


    1. True, Adams does have his creepy side; whereas Sarandis is a “confirmed bachelor”…Think Aqualung by Jethro Tull…


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