ESPN and Peter Gammons are reporting that the Red Sox have signed MVP second baseman Dustin Pedroia to a six year, $40.5 million contract extension today.

Also, with more injuries on defense, the Patriots have officially brought back linebacker Rosevelt Colvin this morning. Mike Reiss and Karen Guregian report on the signing.


4 thoughts on “Six Years, 40.5 Million for Pedroia

    1. You can’t replace Captain Soundbite’s ability to call a game(at least when the pitcher has a good outing, then it’s the pitcher’s fault).


  1. Wow Sam and Rich way to be positive about locking up the reigning AL MVP through the next 7 years. Who can blame you what with all the losing the Sox have done the past 4 years. Clowns.


    1. Moron, locking-up Pedroia at these numbers is great! My statement was a dig at Captain Soundbite, aka the Philandering Backstop. This is on eof Theo’s smartest moves. Now do the same with Youk and Paps and offer Bucholz in a deal for a young catcher; now we’re talking.


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