If you’ve watched the NFL Network this week, you’ve no doubt seen the ads for tomorrow night’s Patriots/Jets game, which are a play on NBC’s hit show “Heroes.”


Get ready for some serious Brett Favre love tomorrow night. But you probably already expected that.

Over on Patriots Daily this afternoon, Tyler Carter has his turning point column, looking back at how pressures and coverages were key to New England’s victory over the Bills on Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Favre, Jets “Heroes” to NFLN

      1. at least Brady’s won 3 super bowls; favre has 1 and the record for the most ints, and the record for the most retirings/un-retirings. Most over-rated guy in sports.


      2. The worst part of all of this? My wife is from Green Bay. I might be camping out on the futon tonight after the Favre love fest(combined with the inevitable drubbing the B’s will probably get) drives me over the edge.


  1. I saw that add during the Pats game on Sunday, It was ridiculous. They talk about the NY Jest as ‘heroes’ and then put the sinister music on for the Pats…..


  2. well, let’s face it. The Patriots ARE quite sinister. I think its the constant twisting of their handlebar mustaches. And if I’m not mistaken, Belichick did once tie Globe photographer Jim Davis to some railroad tracks.


  3. I bought the NFL network to watch the Cowboys and Packers last year. I was a subscriber for 5 hours. Why 8? Because I couldn’t stand Bryant Gumble and Chris Collinsworth man-love for Brett Farve. Whenever there was a break in action, the cameras went straight to Farve. When Farve got hurt, they panned to him on the sidelines every opportunity. Face it NFL Network, you have a chubby when Farve plays and you are the only one sporting a renob.


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