Tony Massarotti has landed in his new space over at It appears a large part of Massarotti’s section will be Tony’s Top Five – his look at the top five sports stories in Boston at the moment.

Massarotti states what his role is going to be as follows:

In recent years, as the Internet has continued to grow and informational distribution has changed, a predictable and indisputable chasm formed between old media and new media. Our hope is to bring you the best of both worlds — the accountability and access of the old school with the speed, ingenuity, and interplay of the new. Certainly, we are going to make our mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, failure is almost always a side effect of development and growth.

Nice sentiments, but I hope that Massarotti isn’t inferring that those “best” qualities of each are mutually exclusive. “Accountability” in my mind hasn’t been synonymous with “old school media” in some time.

Also on, Chad Finn continues his more frequent updates on his Touching All The Bases Blog. In the Reiss’ Pieces blog this morning, Finn was mentioned as part of the team that will be updated that blog, noting that he will be updating the blog from time to time with news.

2 thoughts on “Massarotti Debuts at

  1. Sounds like “Maz” is feeling his oats by the tone of that statement. It also sounds like they need an Editor to look at his stuff. “Informational Distribution” sounds like he’s doing marketing – or maybe the deployment stratgy for Globe home delivery.

    In the end, “Maz” is an example of a relatively young guy with a stodgy old school mentality. Innovation? Faggetaboutit! A better bully pulpit for his agenda-driven “journalism” maybe.

    He won’t fail though, he’ll just blend into the sea of mediocrity which is the norm for the Globe these days.


  2. “Accountability” in my mind hasn’t been synonymous with “old school media” in some time.

    Excellent, excellent point…and so true. I don’t know whether Massarotti means that ‘getting a paycheck’ equates to ‘accountability’ or whether he is just suggesting that he is, somehow, among a collection of ‘professionals.’ In the end, being ‘accountable’ means that you fall on your sword if you screw up. Borges ‘kinda-sorta-maybe’ did that, but Tomase sure didn’t. And others of Massarotti’s ilk (read: muckrakers and contrarians) still toil away, lobbing incendiary grenades while hiding behind protective walls and buildings. ‘Accountability’ isn’t what comes to mind when evaluating his profession.


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