The Red Sox took the first game in their series with the Yankees last night, 7-3 down in Yankee Stadium. With the win, they were able to move up a game on the division leading Tampa Rays, who lost to the Blue Jays last night.

Amalie Benjamin has Justin Masterson coming up with the biggest pitch of the game – a double play inducing sinker to Alex Rodriguez with the bases loaded in the seventh inning. John Tomase has the Red Sox putting together some of their best baseball of the year at the most crucial juncture of the season. Joe McDonald has Masterson putting a quick end to a potential Yankees rally. Dom Amore says that the Yankees look and sound just about done. Bill Ballou has the bottom of the order helping out the Red Sox last night. Jason Dachman has Tim Wakefield all business right from the start.

Sean McAdam notes that the Red Sox rewrote history during the final years of Yankee Stadium. Dan Shaughnessy relates his own version of memories and highlights from Yankee Stadium. Alex Speier examines the impact that the new Yankee Stadium will have on the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. Steve Buckley has Tim Wakefield coming full circle at Yankee Stadium.

Tony Massarotti has Justin Masterson earning the trust of his manager and being put into the game at its most important point. Nick Cafardo looks at the new instant replay policy that goes into effect tomorrow. Ballou has more on the new Instant replay, which will initially only be used for disputed home runs.

Michael Vega looks at Paul Byrd getting the start tonight, which isn’t his first big game against the Yankees. Massarotti has Josh Beckett set to return Friday after throwing a side session yesterday. Buckley reports that Mike Lowell is making progress in his recovery from his oblique strain.

Vega has Alex Rodriguez feeling the wrath of 55,058 jurors in Yankee Stadium last night. Tomase reports on the Red Sox interest in Atlanta outfielder Mark Kotsay. With J.D. Drew on the disabled list, McAdam explains the Sox interest in Kotsay.

Tomase also reports on Carl Yastrzemski being released from the hospital. McAdam reports that the Red Sox will help open the Mets’ new Citi Field next spring. Dan Lamothe says that there is some poetic justice with how the Yankees and Red Sox are playing right now.

Benjamin’s notebook has more on the Red Sox pursuit of Kotsay. Tomase’s notebook has Mariano Rivera missing the challenge of facing Manny Ramirez in the Red Sox lineup. Jeff Goldberg’s notebook has more on Kotsay. Ballou’s notebook has multiple injury updates. Dachman’s notebook has more on Kotsay.


The Patriots made their first round of roster cuts and moves yesterday. Greg Doyle has the first edition of College Scout this season over at Patriots Daily.

Christopher L. Gasper examines yesterday’s moves, but looks closer at the moves facing the Patriots this weekend when they must trim to their final roster size. Ian Clark says that there were no real shockers among the moves yesterday. Karen Guregian also look at the choices that the Patriots still have to make in coming days. Shalise Manza Young says that roster cuts have never been easy for Bill Belichick.

Mark Farinella has LaMont Jordan back at practice for the Patriots. Hector Longo looks at the injury bug which has battered the offensive line for the Patriots. Glen Farley examines the impact of losing Stephen Neal for the first six weeks of the season. David Brown has the offensive line taking a couple of hits yesterday.

Christopher Price says that the Patriots still haven’t decided whether to use the new defensive communication system or not. Jennifer Toland says that if the Patriots keep five running backs, it could change their offense. Douglas Flynn also looks at the battle in the backfield for the Patriots.

Lenny Megliola says that Tom Brady has it all, but still wants more. If you missed it, Boston Magazine’s Luke O’Brien has a feature on Brady’s right hand man, Will McDonough. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the Patriots Hall of Fame ready for its opening on September 18th. Guregian has Larry Izzo receiving the Ron Burton Community Service Award last night.

Gasper’s notebook speculates that there is some horseplay at work with the carefully planted items in Tom Brady’s locker. Farinella’s notebook has more on the roster moves of yesterday. Guregian’s notebook has Brady a no-show for the Pats Kickoff Gala last night. Young’s notebook has more on the scheduled opening ceremonies for the Patriots Hall of Fame. Toland’s notebook has more on the moves from yesterday. Flynn’s notebook says that the mood in Foxboro was somber with the cuts being made.

If you can only read one thing today, I recommend Dirty Jobs: WEEI Listener over on Pink Hat Hell.



3 thoughts on “A Step Forward For Sox

  1. The Dirty Jobs article should be required reading for anyone even remotely affiliated with WEEI. “Let’s take some calls…”


  2. I’ll echo that. The ‘Dirty Jobs’ piece was mint. Being haughty sports media elites, WEEI hosts must surely be aware of the meat-grinder they’re routinely sent through on blogs like these. No wonder most of them have an utter disdain for the Internet. It was much better before, when they could pretend that everyone loved them. Now, you’ve got ‘Op-Ed’ pieces like this one all over the place just ripping these hosts to shreds. It was a great read.


    1. Dirty Jobs…If you don’t like it…turn it off. Try 1510 the Zone…excellent stuff. Or try ESPN Radio. Maybe the Fan, it is at 660AM in New York…they are really good. Or ESPN New York at 1050AM But perhaps you and dirty jobs would like Air America. Pick your poison. For me, I like the opinionated offerings of EEI. I like the idea of holding callers to a minimum (FYI It works for Rush Limbaugh). I want to hear what hosts have to say and I do not care to hear what Bob from Billerica has to say about anything. So, Chris and the Dirty Jobbers, give us your preference. 1510 the Zone, ESPN, the Fan or ESPN New York. And if you think your preference will sell and make money (Oh God no, not capitalism) then do contact Rosie O’Donnell and George Soros for a bit of seed money and put on your excellent alternative so we can all hear what perfection sounds like. ESPN Boston just might be up for sale so the time for your excellence is now. Put up or shut up.


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