Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots need to show some progress in tonight’s third preseason game. Mark Farinella says that the Patriots have work to do in tonight’s third game of the summer. Douglas Flynn agrees that tonight’s tuneup is a bit more important when it comes to games that don’t really count. Rich Garven has the Patriots at least attempting to win the game within the game tonight. David Brown says that the Patriots need to find a rhythm tonight.

Eric McHugh has seven players and positions we should be checking out tonight. Mike Reiss gives us six areas to watch for in tonight’s game. Karen Guregian gives us five things to watch for. Shalise Manza Young chimes in with four things to look for tonight.

Old Bastard Jim Donaldson misses the good old days of Patriots training camp over at Bryant College. Ian M. Clark looks at the signing of veteran offensive lineman Mike Flynn in an effort to shore things up on the front line. Jeff Howe says that expectations are high for Randy Moss coming into his second season with the Patriots. Ron Borges says that Gene Upshaw made a huge impact on the NFL.

Gasper’s notebook has Welker insisting that he didn’t mean that Samuel chose money over championships when he made that very statement this summer. Guregian’s notebook looks at the importance of the third preseason game. Young’s notebook has the Patriots signing Flynn for depth on the offensive line.

Red Sox

Tony Massarotti realizes that hey…the more the Red Sox win now, the better shape they’ll be in later. There is actually more to it than that, as he looks at the importance of things such as being able to choose a game one starter in the postseason. Amalie Benjamin has the Red Sox becoming the first team to hand out $10 million in signing bonuses to a single year draft class. Jeff Horrigan has Jason Bay getting to play in his home country of Canada as the Red Sox take on the Blue Jays tonight. Bill Ballou says that a hockey mindset helps Bay.

Marty Dobrow has a minor league notebook which says that no matter where the Red Sox finish in 2008, this season is a major success from a player development standpoint. Lenny Megliola has Clay Buchholz beginning the long road back to the majors. Garry Brown has more on Buchholz.

Joe Haggerty has David Ortiz expressing his affection for “little Pedro” – Dustin Pedroia. Rob Bradford looks at Pedroia’s run-in with the umpires on Tuesday night. Terry Nau has Mike Schmidt talking baseball down in Pawtucket. Jeff Goldberg looks back at the career of Carl Yastrzemski on his 69th birthday.

Benjamin’s notebook has Jacoby Ellsbury getting back into a groove on the basepaths. Horrigan’s notebook has the Sox signing catcher David Ross to a minor league deal.


David Scott singles out Michael Felger for praise in’s first week.

Barbara Matson looks at the limitations of NBC’s internet Olympic coverage.

Marc J. Spears has the US mens basketball team looking to get over the wall of semi-final competition in international play, something they haven’t done in a few years now.



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  1. Felger Shines? Now I know not to trust anything David Scott says. Once he got his own radio show, Felger turned in to a negative contrairian knucklehead. Someone at ESPN told him he needed to be more “edgy” and “controversial.” He took that to mean “the Boston fans are SO stupid!” It took him about four weeks of Randy Moss playing at super-human leval last year to admit that maybe he wasn’t a dog.

    No thanks to Felger, no thanks to I have no need of being insulted.


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