Ever since Hazel Mae departed from NESN at the end of June there have been rumors about where she might end up next. Comcast SportsNet and WBZ-TV have both been floated out there as possibilities.

Today in Streets and Smith’s Sports Business Daily we read:

MLB execs still are not talking about talent acquisitions for the upcoming MLB Network, but industry sources have identified two on-air personalities whom they expect to be with the channel when it launches January 1. One is Harold Reynolds, who now has a role as an on-screen analyst with MLB Advanced Media. The other is Hazel Mae, the former NESN anchor who left the channel in June.


6 thoughts on “Maybe Mae for MLB TV?

  1. if she’s going to be doing all baseball she needs to lose some of the corny catch phrases. like “at the dish” and calling earned runs “earnies”


  2. Come on Bob, what’s wrong with tired hackneyed catchphrases? Apprarently they’re guaranteed of keeping you gainfully employed at large cable TV sports stations.

    The way I see it, if Hazel wants to keep talking about “earnies” the only places that will employ her are either the MLB network or your local crematorium.

    Meantime another fifty intelligently talented aspiring sportscasters just read this story and ran their heads into a brick wall.


  3. I am still hoping she stays in boston & think she would make a great add on to wbz channel 4. Also channel 5 could use a lady sports-ter as well. Plus if channel 7 cuts ties with Ms.Donaldson Hazel would be a great addition!


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