Jeff HorriganJeff Horrigan is one of the baseball writers for the Boston Herald.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Horrigan’s MLB beat career started in Cincinnati, where he covered the Reds for seven seasons with the Cincinnati Post.

In 2000, he joined the Boston Herald, where he is in his ninth season sharing the beat writer duties covering the Red Sox.

Horrigan is the  Co-Founder and Director of the Hot Stove Cool Music concert series, which has raised over $2 million for The Foundation To Be Named Later – benefiting inner city and at risk children and the Jimmy Fund. He was named  the Jimmy Fund Council’s Co-Man of the Year with Peter Gammons in 2005.

His work on the beat in the paper is solid, but Horrigan doesn’t do a whole lot of  appearances on TV and Radio, and it was hard just to find a photo of the guy. The picture from the right is from an interview with Stacy and Lauren of


22 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Jeff Horrigan

  1. Solid “Approve!” here. Competent and not agenda-driven.

    Real good guy. I even like his crazy brother, Jack.


  2. “but Horrigan doesn’t do a whole lot of appearances on TV and Radio, and it was hard just to find a photo of the guy.”

    I like his writing anyway, but that sentence from Bruce definitely puts him high up in the approvals for me.


  3. I liked reading him. Too bad I will never again as long as Tony Massarotti is his co-worker. I don’t support businesses that choose to insult me.


  4. Solid, not overexposed (as the struggles to find a photo emphasizes) and no hidden agendas that we’re aware of. Another approve.

    No question for Red Sox coverage you go Herald to Horrigan & Silverman, for the Patriots it’s Globe guys Reiss & Gaspar.


  5. Being involved in the Hot Stove Cool Music craptacular really works against him. He should have the common sense to keep wunder-nerd Epstein of a stage, and stop Gammons from doing his Chuck Berry duckwalk and yodeling into a mic.

    On the plus side, the fetish of his co-worker for young local ballplayers in old fashion woolen baseball uniforms, has apparently not rubbed off on Horrigan. I don’t believe he’s ever been on WEEI which is a definite notch in his belt. Stays off TV, even if he looks 10 times better than that “house-haunter” Rob Bradford.

    No visible gunt.



  6. 1000% approve. He is personable, intelligent, and knows where (and where not to) tread. The consummate professional that ought to end up in the Top 10 for everyone ranked and rated.


  7. a good writer, even though he uncovered the song tessie, reworked the lyrics and gave them to the dropkick murphys.

    a tepid approval


  8. how do you bet a house? i could see it if you could drag race your house against another house. loser signs over the deed, but houses don’t drag race,right?


  9. Carries on public feuds with players? NO
    Realizes that his feelings are the representative of all fans’ NO
    Willing to share his critically important inside information across a variety of media outlets? NO
    Knows that ‘Animal House’ is the Greatest Movie Ever Made? NO

    Way too many shortcomings on this Boston Sportswriter Quality Index.



  10. Approval. I like Horrigan.
    Does his job…good writer..doesn’t make himself part of the story…no agenda…doesn’t appear on every media outlet in new england…flies under the radar…helps run the charity organization with theo…etc. seems like a good guy who enjoys his job, works hard, is reasonably knowledgeable…is prepared…etc.


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