Mike GiardiMike Giardi is the weekend sports anchor at NECN, and also hosts the weekend edition of Sports LateNight at the station. He is also a contributor to the Boston Score blog.

He is a native of Norwood, and received a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Boston University.

He began his broadcast career at WIVT-TV in Binghamton, New York. There he served as Sports Director and Lead Sports Anchor. He joined NECN in 2000 as a Sports Reporter.



34 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Mike Giardi

  1. Kind of the new breed of hairspray, metrosexual type sportscasters. In the Amorosino, Dave Briggs type of mode. Seems to work hard, is taller than Chris Collins*2. Doesn’t have multiple chins or gunt.

    Tepid approve.

  2. He certainly beats Collins. I am neutral towards Giardi, don’t really like him or dislike him he’s just there when I flip around.

  3. I was going to vote disapprove, but then I realized I don’t know who he is. I have been told that he’s a nice guy and that he goes out of his way to not notice Chris Collins’ disability. He even gives him a boost so Chris can reach the sink in the NECN men’s room.

  4. Approve.

    This guy should be the sports director on NECN, not the idiot he works with. This guy deserves more air time then he’s getting at NECN.

    You ever see these two guys together? Then you can sense that Giardi doesn’t like or think much of Collins.

  5. Approve.

    1. He keeps the show moving.

    2. He seems to have a genuine love of sports.

    3. He dosen’t seem to be full of anger and frustration.

    By the way, didn’t he play QB at Harvard?

    Is there a reason why we haven’t been given an opportunity to address Craig Mustard?

  6. He looks like he was picked on while on in school and never got over it. A sympathetic ‘APPROVE’

  7. Giardi I consider to be THE best sportscaster on the tube in this town. His star is on the rise….knows his stuff! Nothing to criticize. Very good in every way!

  8. Sigh. I believe CC was discussed on a previous poll, but I guess folks need something to grouse about.

    I interned with MG many moons ago and what you see on the tube is exactly who he is–an enthusiastic, hard-working, down-to-earth good guy with a genuine passion for sports that I don’t think will fade over time.

    Not overexposed in the Boston market like other folks, either. Certainly deserves better than a weekend shift but at least he gets to work Sunday nights with all the other lead sportscasters in town. Has also shown to be quite adept in the blogging medium and enjoys sharing his thoughts on an almost daily basis.

    Unanimously approve.

  9. I approve but he needs to get a better publicity photo – the high school yearbook photo just isn’t cutting it. Steve Burton and Butch Stearns could teach him a lot about how to do a photo shoot.

  10. If NECN shut its doors tomorrow and all its personnel were off the air, would anybody notice. Oh sure, area nursing homes would feel the impact of the sudden influx of washed up old anchormen but I mean other than that?

  11. Completely goes along and sells the sham that Tom Ellis is a real human being and not a robotic android sent from outer space to lull us all into a perpetual sleep in an effort to destroy humanity by boredom.


  12. Don’t care for the guy, but his headshot did inspire me to sign up for classmates.com and track down some old friends.

  13. …..sorry, but I’ve got to give the old, “WHO?!” vote….never heard of the guy, have never seen the guy work…I’m completely clueless…….I’d like a shot at Craig Mustard and I mean that literally

    1. Bravo at wanting to get at Craig Mustard!! I don’t understand why we haven’t been given the opportunity up to now. Guaranteed, it will be the liveliest poll to date. If it doesn’t happen soon, we may need to highjack another poll. Why Gil Santos and not Craig Mustard?

      1. You do realize the more you demand the head of Mr. Mustard, the longer it will be until you get it?

        And AOB, very odd you are so familiar with Mustard’s work and not Giardi’s and yet they both work on the weekends.

        1. …what’s so “odd” about it?…I live in Rhode Island so I get WEEI….we don’t get NECN down here….

        2. So much for NECN living up to the New England part of its name, I assumed the channel was available in the contiguous six.

  14. Solid approval. I like this guy.

    He’s professional, articulate, has a pretty smooth delivery, doesn’t appear on EVERY media outlet in the region every week, seems to be very knowledgeable about the Boston sports teams and the four major sports, and generally comes across on tv as personable and likeable- without coming across as having an agenda and being too career driven.
    Unfortunately I hardly ever watch NECN and miss out on most of his work…

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