Steve BulpettWith the NBA Finals tapping off tonight, it’s appropriate that we look at the man that his Boston Herald profile calls “the dean of NBA beat writers in continuous service with a team.”

Steve Bulpett has been on the Celtics beat since the Bird days, and has seen plenty of ups, but probably more downs during his time covering the team. The profile says that he has been on the beat for 23 years, but I’m not sure when that figure was last updated.

Bulpett is a native of Lynn and Swampscott is a graduate of the University of Dayton, where he played intramural hoops, winning a championship with teammate Dan Patrick.

Bulpett is not someone you see and hear all over your airwaves, he seems to pick and choose his spots, and just focuses on doing his job and covering the team. He’s made appearances on Comcast SportsNet, Celtics Stuff Live, and a few other outlets recently.  



29 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Steve Bulpett

  1. I’ve also heard Bulpett on Mike Adams’ EEI show Bruce, but you’re right in that he generally tends to stick to his primary newspaper job.

    He is a font of basketball knowledge when it comes to the Celtics and the NBA in general…approve.


      1. Sorry Chuck, but I think both spellings are acceptable according to

        font (noun) – a productive source: The book is a font of useful tips for travelers.


  2. let’s hope, if the Celtics can finish the job, that he writes the book…he’s seen it all and would no doubt provide keen insight


  3. I dug up an old chemistry book here, and in the reference section I found these in the commonly used formulas

    Takes job seriously + likes sports + not a media whore = approve

    Hates job + hates sports + hates local fans + loves attention = disapprove

    These are just base formulas, mind you. Other factors can be added in and still get the same end results.


  4. A thorough professional who knows his stuff and never makes himself part of the story. The anti-hack of Boston Sports Media.



  5. Solid. Knows sports, likes them, and write/talk about them in an informed, reasoned manner. Not offensive and self-absorbed in any way.

    I agree with the comment that he’s the complete opposite of that hack Buckley.

    Only negative with Bulpett is that he may be the owner of the worst rug in the Boston sports media scene since Upton Bell.


  6. Heard him on the late 790 the Score when the Garnett trade was coming down, and he acted like a self important dick to Scott Cordischi and Bryan Morey, as if they were wasting his time. Disapprove.


  7. He won an intramural basketball championship once? I caught a chipmunk in a Hav-a-heart trap once, too. I think my accomplishment trumps his.


  8. Abandoned the Davey Crockett Coonskin Cap combover for the more refined look of a rug/weave, so he’s got that going for him. Damn good hoops writer too …


  9. Knowledgeable, understated, and pretty funny in the rare times when he makes a radio or TV appeareance.

    I always think it’s funny though when a guy who, otherwise seeming to have a lot on the ball, thinks he looks good with, and/or no one will notice, the live animal on his head.


  10. I agree 100%. Bulpett know his stuff. It doesn’t surprise me, he’s got over 90% approval. Four things stand out for me.

    1. He’s a very good writer.

    2. Very often provides good insights and inside info. There’s usually more substance in one Bulpett paragraph than an entire Shaunessey article – maybe a whole week of Shaunessey articles.

    3. He’s always interesting during those rare radio or TV appearances – on basketball he beats anyone but Bob Ryan.

    4. Last but not least – and a major reason for the #’s 1, 2 and 3, you can always believe him because he’s not working on an agenda and playing favorites for the sake of those who put cash in his pocket and/or spoonfeed him stories.

    It all adds up to a true professional. A rare breed in this town.


  11. The first wig looked like a bicycle helmet. If he fell on his head he never would have felt it. This rug is better.


  12. Agree with bulk of comments above. Professional, knowledgeable, talented writer, sticks to his knitting, knows his business.

    Plus, as my erstwhile SHS ’75 classmate he gets my props regardless.

    (go big blue)


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