The Red Sox were able to get back to their winning ways at home last night, despite once again the absence of David Ortiz. The Sox defeated the first place Tampa Bay Rays 7-4 at Fenway Park.

Gordon Edes has J.D. Drew stepping up last night to fill the void left by Ortiz in the lineup. Michael Silverman has the Sox pulling to within a half game of the Rays with the win. Steven Krasner has the upstart Rays getting buried by a Sox rally last night. Dom Amore has the Sox handing the Rays a dose of reality last night. Ron Chimelis has Drew putting on a show with his bat and glove last night. Phil O’Neill looks at the Sox drawing first blood in the showdown with first place Tampa.

Amalie Benjamin has more on the injury to Ortiz and the prognosis for his return. Karen Guregian has more on Ortiz, who is putting on a brave face despite his worries about the situation. Sean McAdam takes an overall view of the injury and how it will impact the Red Sox. Tony Massarotti goes to an old source, former Red Sox team physician Dr Bill Morgan for the scoop on what Ortiz’s injury could be. Alex Speier has the Sox holding their breath on Ortiz.

Jon Couture says that the Red Sox are better equipped now to handle a Big Papi absence. Guregian looks at how Ortiz’s absence might affect Manny Ramirez and others in the lineup. Silverman says that the Red Sox will likely use in-house substitutes for Ortiz for the time being. Amore says that that Ortiz and the Sox can only wait and hope that he is back in a month. Glen Farley says that the odds are in Ortiz’s favor in this one.

Lenny Megliola has a look at the turnaround of the Rays this season. Jim Donaldson talks to Warwick’s Dan Wheeler about life in his brave new era of Rays baseball. Hector Longo has Carlos Pena and the Rays sitting on top of the baseball world. Benjamin also looks at the performance of Justin Masterson, who picked up his second win in his third start of the season last night. McAdam examines the Red Sox success in the draft the last few years.

The Globe notebook has the Red Sox brainstrust coming up with ideas for the batting order with Ortiz out. Silverman’s notebook has the Sox getting ready for the MLB draft, which starts tomorrow. The Projo notebook has Chris Carter as a surprise call-up for the Sox yesterday. Amore’s notebook has former Red Sox pick (14th round) Pedro Alvarez expected to go early in the draft this year. Chimelis’ notebook has more on the Ortiz situation. O’Neill’s notebook says that surgery is unlikely for Ortiz. Couture’s notebook has rest as the treatment of choice for the slugger’s wrist.


Shira Springer (hey, remember her?) has a feature on Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who is treading carefully around the name of Red Auerbach even as he attempts to pass him in the record books. Mark Murphy has Paul Pierce putting his childhood love of the Lakers aside and instead putting his focus into beating them. Mike Szostak has the Celtics getting better with each series in the postseason. Christopher L. Gasper has a look at Celtics defensive guru Tom Thibodeau, who has been pivotal in the team’s turnaround this season. Matt Zimmerman has the Lakers talking defense as well.

Scott Souza has Kendrick Perkins coming a long way since being drafted by the Celtics in 2003. Steve Conroy says that Perkins may ending up playing a key role in this series. Jennifer Toland has James Posey making the right choice in coming to Boston. Steve Bulpett has the questions continuing to be aimed at Rajon Rondo, who seemed to enjoy proving the doubtors wrong. Steve Conroy has Sam Cassell trying to put his championship experience to good use.

Michael Vega has a look at the key matchup of the series – the Celtics defense against the Lakers offense. Mark Farinella says that Celtics/Lakers has lost its luster for him. Bill Reynolds has Lamar Odom finally fulfilling his destiny in a big way in Los Angeles. Jessica Camerato has Kevin Garnett sporting some special shoes for the finals.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell talks to CSN’s Mike Gorman about the series and the one-sided picks and adoration in the media for the Lakers.

Baxter Holmes has Larry Bird and Magic Johnson getting together on a conference call yesterday for the series and remembering their long history and friendship together. Rob Duca says that the two will always be linked, even if they didn’t create the Celtics/Lakers rivalry. They just raised the bar on it. Paul Doyle also reports on the call set up by the league to add to the nostalgia factor. Massarotti has more on Bird and Magic reflecting on the renewed rivalry between their two former clubs. Massarotti has Bird talking about the Kevin Garnett trade and dismissing any notion of a conspiracy to make the Celtics better. Bill Doyle also has a look at the Magic-Bird dynamic.

Vega’s notebook has Tony Allen able to participate in practice yesterday, something Doc Rivers calls “a miracle.” Murphy’s notebook has more on Allen’s return to practice. Mike Fine’s notebook says that Kendrick Perkins could end up being a key in this series. Toland’s notebook has more on Allen preparing for some minutes against Kobe.

Springer’s notebook has the Lakers making preparation for tomorrow night’s game one. Zimmerman’s notebook has Kobe Bryant brushing aside talk of a feud with Ray Allen.


Scott Benson weighs in on the news that Patriots offensive lineman Nick Kaczur was arrested for drug possession and then assisted authorities in setting up a sting.


4 thoughts on “Sox Enjoy More Home Cookin’

  1. As always great set of links. Just a quick fix on a typo: End of 4th paragraph, you wrote “Ortix” rather than Ortiz. Or maybe, as John Kerry would say, Ortez.


  2. Question for Bruce and all the readers here: does anyone remember when the Celtics were in the ’02 ECF vs. the Nets that then-new C’s radio play-by-play man Sean Grande promised that if the Green made the Finals that year he was going to let Mike Gorman call some of the action because Gorman obviously never gets that opportunity (akin to Orsillo and Remy with the Red Sox in the World Series)?

    I haven’t read or heard anything from Grande this year in regards to that and I would be very curious if he would extend that same opportunity to Gorman again, it would certainly be more than deserving.


    1. She still writes for the Globe, DaveR. They just took her off the full-time Celtics beat (replacing her with Spears) and now use her in more of a secondary/features role.


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