Daisuke Matsuzaka left the game after four innings in Seattle last night, for what is being described as “fatigue.” At the time, the Red Sox were trailing 3-0, and they tied it up in the sixth inning on a three run home run from Manny Ramirez, number 499 in his career. With the score tied in the ninth inning, Mike Timlin gave up the winning run to the Mariners in a 4-3 Red Sox defeat.

Amalie Benjamin says that Matsuzaka will be examined further today. Jeff Horrigan has more on an eventful night in Seattle, which also included Terry Francona and Julio Lugo getting ejected. Jeff Goldberg has Ichiro proving to be a thorn in the Red Sox side all night. David Willis has former Sox outfielder Rick Miller taking over the Nashua Pride. Joe Haggerty says that the Red Sox have options available in the starting rotation.

Michael Silverman looks at the Red Sox dominating the All Star voting, and with the game to be held at Yankee Stadium, that fact is getting some notice. Sean McAdam looks at why the Red Sox haven’t followed the current trend in baseball and signed their young stars to long term deals. Nick Cafardo looks at how important Dick-K has been to the Sox this year, and why they need him healthy. Silverman also looks at the shoulder fatigue which got Dice-K pulled last night. McAdam looks at Boston’s issues with umpire Angel Hernandez.

Horrigan’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis resting his hand another night. Benjamin’s notebook has more on the All Star voting. McAdam’s Journal has more on the events last night in Seattle.


Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics need to keep it simple and move the ball on the Pistons. Christopher L. Gasper has Paul Pierce delivering a strong message to his teammates at practice yesterday. Bill Burt says that the season will not be tarnished if the Celtics lose this series, or the next. Scott Souza says that the Celtics need to be the aggressors in game five.

Tony Massarotti has the Celtics going into a huge swing game tonight. Dan Shaughnessy says that Kevin Garnett needs to prove he is more than just a “Timberwolf for life.” Lenny Megliola says that the Celtics can’t afford another home loss. Mike Szostak has the Celtics split personality holding them back in the postseason.

Steve Buckley says that Celtics fans should forget game four, be happy the club won game three, and look ahead to gave five. Glen Farley looks at the Celtics going into a third straight game five with the series tied. Mark Murphy has P.J. Brown finally feeling fully a part of the team, and just in time. Jeff Howe looks at Garnett’s manic fervor.

Massarotti’s notebook has the Celtics trying to figure out what to do with Antonio McDyess. Julian Benbow’s notebook has things heating up in game four…literally. Farley’s notebook says that the Celtics need a big performance from the big three. Szostak’s notebook has more on the captain’s message to his team.


Karen Guregian has a piece on new Patriots linebacker Victor Hobson. Mark Farinella does some spring cleaning.

…and yes, I am aware of the post by Mike Florio over the weekend which seemed to lift many elements from my Spygate post. While I’m by no means claiming exclusivity on the material in my post, its clear to me where Floria got HIS material. As someone who has protested in the past about larger sites taking his material, It would have been nice had Florio not done what he complains about and instead just acknolwedged where he got the information from.

7 thoughts on “Manny Hits Number 499 in Sox Loss

  1. Sadly, this will likely get swept under the rug because Florio didn’t pull his info from another newspaper column as was the case with other noted journalistic transgressions. But you should definitely call him on this, Bruce.


  2. Bruce,

    I e-mailed Florio and not surprisingly he’s yet to respond. I always stop by PFT to catch some rumor mill talk but for a site that receives advertising revenue from the NFLN it is strange that he can just “throw stuff out there” and not be accountable.

    Funny thing, Easterbrook of all people called him out a few months ago, saying…

    “If Your Site Contains Rumors, Do Your Predictions Have to Be True? West Virginia lawyer Mike Florio publishes Profootballtalk.com, a rumor Web site that gained standing this year when it won advertising from NFL.com. Florio runs an amazing number of breaking stories; his big time-saver is that his stories don’t need to be true. What about his predictions? In September 2007, Florio predicted San Diego general manager A.J. Smith was about to be fired; three months later, Smith got an $11 million contract extension. A month into the season, Florio said “the Raiders are for real” with a good chance to make the playoffs; Oakland finished 4-12. Florio forecast the Bengals, Broncos, Saints, Bears, Rams and Eagles to win their divisions; that is, six of his eight predicted division winners did not even reach the postseason. Florio said Mike Shanahan might get the University of Michigan coaching job — “I am serious, it could happen.” Florio predicted the Rams would win the NFC championship. In mid-September, Florio predicted Tom Coughlin of the Giants would be fired by “sometime in November.”


  3. More and more PFT seems to be going over the edge. It’s only a matter of time before he does something drastically stupid and his 10 minutes will be over. Patience Bruce – he’s his own worst enemy (or should I write enema?).


  4. Florio is a dip….He “breaks” very few stories (if any) he just links to sites that do…and HIS OWN rumors are FALSE 99% of the time….I really don’t know how PFT became a “respected” web site….only in America


  5. More and more PFT seems to be going over the edge. It’s only a matter of time before he does something drastically stupid and his 10 minutes will be over.

    He’s already done something drastically stupid and, unfortunately, nothing happened. The Terry Bradshaw incident was beyond belief. Even Tomase understood he was wrong for running with the rumor.


  6. Rick, I must have missed the Florio ‘incident’ involving Bradshaw. Care to elaborate?


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