Greg Dickerson Dickerson has done a little bit of everything in his career.

He’s been a radio host (WWTM, WBZ, WEEI), a television host (FSN/Comcast SportsNet), a PA announcer for two of the local professional sports franchises (Celtics, Patriots) and is currently the sideline reporter for the Celtics broadcasts on CSN.

On the national level, Dickerson has been a Sports Center anchor on ESPN Radio and a studio host on Westwood One’s NHL Radio broadcasts.

On WEEI, he’s recently been added to the Big Show co-host rotation, and last fall he hosted the Sunday morning football show on the program, going up against his CSN colleague Gary Tanguay, who hosts the pregame show for the WBCN Patriots telecasts.

Dickerson is a native of Milford, MA and is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston.



59 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Greg Dickerson

  1. Tough call. Kind of gives me the heebee-jeebees when he looks straight into the camera but I respect his passion for basketball. Has advanced his career while Meterparel still does the SportsFlash.

    Milt Schmidt, #15: Man of Honor

    Go Bruins!


  2. Any “approvals” tell me the kid is from a large family. How is this cat employed? Period. He and Shepard give hope to morons from coast to coast. To listen to what actually comes from his pie hole is simply mind boggling.

  3. Loves the Celtics and the NBA in general. Does a fine job on the sideline, though still needs some polish there.

    A much more likeable personality away from the contrived storylines of Sports Tonight.

  4. He would be at the opening of an envelope if he thought he would be on TV. Best thing they ever did was get him off the Baseball show – when I see his face I switch the channel!!!!!

  5. I’ve grown to like him now that he’s out of the studio. I suppose that could change when basketball season is over, but the vote is today, and today I approve.

  6. Nobody is better at telling you what you read in yesterday’s newspaper. Of course half the time we miss what he is saying because he never realizes his mic is off. I also love how when the media has a player cornered in his locker Dickerson is asking 90% of the questions, all of which are stupid (my all time faovrite was when he asked Orien Greene if Doc wants him to make open shots. No Greg, Doc wants him to miss them).My favorite mannerism about him is how he fidgets uncontrollably when somebody else has the floor during a forum. He can’t stand to not have the floor. I can’t emphasize enough how much this person annoys me. If you’re going to have a know it all and self-important attitude, at least try to actually know something and tell me something that wasn’t in the “Celtics Notebook” section of the Boston Herlad that I read yesterday. What a tool.

  7. I am not sure how to vote on this one. I think he is the best sideline reporter the Celtics have ever had. (Or maybe my standards were just lowered so badly by Willy Maye, who struggled to even form basic English sentences) However, he is unbearably smarmy and obnoxious whenever he is on the radio or given any forum to actually speak for more than a minute. I guess I will have to vote “disapprove” on this one.

  8. The Sports Dick gets a slight approval

    He’s good on the C’s broadcasts and tries to be informative so thats a plus.

    On the negative side he stunk when he was with Tangerway trying to stir the pot

    Pierce summed it up best when he said “If you want to learn nothing about sports listen to Gary and Greg”

  9. He’s brutal, looks eerily like Quentin Tarantino, routinely offers up nothing more than the obvious and a complete jock-sniffer just like the insufferable “TC” of NESN.

      1. No way. Caron has a forehead you could show Ben-Hur on and a voice that would crack the Hope Diamond.

  10. Grinds the Celts telecasts to a halt, can’t really control his on/off button, had a good show with Jason Wolfe’s nerdy buddy on weekends a few years back although they never really got what Rider/Risch/Monansky seem to understand and that is that there is no need to mimic the weekday shows because they all suck. Light years better than Stern or Adams on the football and baseball shows. So far in this playoff run has predicted in every series after the 1st game that they are all but over.

    Approve because he’s not a scumbag and seems to love what he does which is better than most of the people Bruce has put up on the front page.

  11. Disapprove. He’s Sheppard minus 150 lbs.

    He won’t make it back into the Sports Tonight studio, Felger’s got his seat.

  12. A bland, timid entry, suitable, perhaps, for patients
    recovering from surgery.

    A mild approval for this mild, vanilla entry.

  13. I assume that he’s doing pretty wel financially. It’s time for him to get a decent haircut.

  14. Keeps the Celtics pre-game show moving along…

    Couldn’t stand him on the baseball show, would not let anyone finish a thought or sentence, oh, that’s how he got on the big show

  15. Approve. I like G-Dick.

    He’s versatile and has tried several different jobs in his career. His willing to try different things and he seems pretty knowledgable about all four major sports in town.

    I think he has subpar interviewing skills but does reasonably well with his Celtics sideline reporter gig.

    I also like the fact that he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously ..unlike some annoying folks like Ordway, Dale Arnold, DeOssie, etc. He’s willing to throw a subject out there and debate/discuss it without having to be the final authority and win the argument. There’s really no arrogance with this guy. He’s not annoying or self serving.

    I feel like I should disapprove of him but find myself actually liking the guys a little bit. I think with some polish and with the removal of some of his goofiness he’d be considered a really solid and respected member of the media.

  16. tough approval, he’s not as bad as many of the people who have gotten approve votes

  17. Someone please tell him he’s not actually a member of the Boston Celtics. His congratulatory high 5/fist bump with Doc Rivers after their win in San Antonio this year was totally unprofessional. He’s a little too close to the team and his loyalties to Doc Rivers blind his “analysis” which is too bad because he’s actually half decent at covering hoops.

    when covering any other sport he just harps on the same tired storylines

  18. Love John’s comment…totally agree…

    He DOES fidget uncontrollably when somebody else has the floor during a forum. It looks like he almost starts mouthing what he wants to say next, fidgets with his legs and arms,…he just can’t wait to grab the microphone and start with his next point…

  19. Massive, massive ‘Disapprove!’ This is the original “Bad Haircut Boy.’ Who does his hair…an eggbeater? But on TV this is the guy who loves the camera pointed straight at him. ‘LOOK…AT…ME, he seems to be saying. Opinionated beyond all sense or reason; argumentative for the thrill and sake of it; and the poster child for the ‘Wal-Mart Door Greeter Sports Media Hack Hall of Fame.’

  20. I don’t really have strong feelings for him either way but he looks borderline retarded in that photo. I hope that isn’t one that he uses for press kits.

  21. He’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he looks at you, he doesn’t seem to be living… until he starts talking and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah, then you hear that terrible high-pitched yammering. His face turns red, and despite all the screaming and the hollering, Tanguay and Felger come in and they rip him to pieces.

  22. Smarmy know nothing from Milford, him and Tanguay had a radio show in Worcester that was truly execrable radio, and I’ve despised him since.Basketball is his sport(which is not saying much) because what he knows about the other 3 wouldn’t fill a thimble. Big Bledsoe rumpswab, tourette-style tics and an obnoxious look at me persona that is even more pronounced in person, this mug deserves a blanket party.DISAPPROVE!!!!!

    1. Guys, this is not a beauty contest. For sure GD is butt ugly, but as a media figure he’s not so bad. He’s knowledgeable about the Celtics and the NBA. He loves the game. Ok, he’s not great interacting with others on the air – unless you like slapstick, and can be overly serious, but he’s a fairly solid reporter and he means well. I think the absense of negativity should count for something – as long as its not cheerleading.

  23. I cannot stand Dickerson. He is such a suck-up to the Celtics it’s pathetic. he’s awful as a co-host on WEEI and his sports knowledge is lacking. I strongly disapprove.

  24. Only negative and I’ve heard him do it a couple of times, someone will challenge him on a point and instead of him defending it, will somehow say it is the fans making the point and try to weasel out. Gets point for dealing w/ Tanguays blinking. Approve.

  25. -He likes sports.
    -Keeps Doc’s Balls warms.
    -Moves the show along.

  26. DISAPPROVE…Goes TOO FAR in the OTHER direction…fist bumping the head coach?….Newsflash Dickerson, YOU’RE NOT ON THE TEAM!…find him incredibly annoying, his best moments come when his mouth is shut

  27. In response to Paul’s questions about my comments regarding “TC”. Sorry, but I do find him insufferable. To me, he epitomizes the ridiculous notion and constant promotion of that fraudulent and insipid “Red Sox Nation”. Maybe I’m old school but any time I see something refer to or someone mention “Red Sox Nation” I cringe. This is obviously another story for another day, but NESN and Remy and Lucchino and Caron and their incessant marketing and mention of “Red Sox Nation” just disgusts me.

  28. Mild approval.

    Compared to Halloran, Burton, Stearns and Johnson, and other local media horrors, Dickerson is fine. Approve? Yes. Recommend? I wouldn’t say that…

    Really, is there anyone more deserving of unemployment than Halloran? How he can get work on both WEEI and 890 is beyond me. The fact that he isn’t even a sports anchor only adds to the mystery of his involvement with either station.

    1. I used to think Butch Stearns was the most useless tool on the boston sport media scene, but halloran is making up ground fast…

    2. I absolutely agree with Rotillo’s point on Halloran. He’s so deeply jaded that he’s completely lost touch. He was on with Felger yesterday defending Thomasse and went off on a rant that would rival any of the craziest Big Show callers. I’ve also heard him state opinions on the Red Sox that are completely off the wall.

      I have to believe he either doesn’t follow the Sox very closely or he’s making a feeble attempt to be contravrsial. Either way, it shows he doesn’t belong on the radio. Even Felger said yesterday that they were scraping the bottom of the barrel, and I don’t think he was kidding.

  29. I’ve found that, except for Gorman, my vote is not based on “liking” someone but rather on how much they annoy/anger me. Dickerson, not so much. Mild approve…quoth the venerable C.M. Burns “I know what I hate..and I don’t hate this”

    Plus I saw him out in Providence once with a slumpbuster, and I beamed with pride. No shame in his game, a man after my heart

  30. How can anyone hate Dickerson? He is the man. Wallach & Dickerson show on the weekends way back when was the best…in addition to Dickerson & Donaldson…

    He does a good job at getting players to speak openly in interviews because of the good rapport with them. He stood up for himself when TJ Ford was pissed after the game when Rajon Rondo schooled Ford all night long. And he revels when the rest of the Boston media heads give him heat when his fans show public affection.

      1. Of course if you only want people to slam Dickerson, you can take it that way. I am just providing a more complete opinion on the guy…

  31. If Doc Rivers were a frail, thin, 104-year old white man with “horsehoe” pattern baldness, with age spots on his forehead, and if he often drummed his fingers together while slowly saying the word “eeeeeeexcellent”, I’d swear that Dickerson was Wayland Smithers.

  32. I saw him doing color analysis for a C’s game once and I screamed for 10 minutes. That sums up my feelings on him.

  33. I’ll approve, mostly because I’ve never watched more than three minutes of the NEST show. Granted, often times it appears as if he “bronski’d” the pancake foundation but that is a silly reason to disapprove. From ;istening to him occasionally on the radio, he has always struck me as relaxed enough to be aware that a discussion of sports is neither a morality play nor a bunker from which to hollowly declare your manhood.

  34. When he opens his mouth, it seems it is only to change whatever foot was previously there.

    Ruined many weekends, (time that I will never get back) when he and boy-blunder John Wallach would gas-bag their way through 4 or 5 painful hours before a Sox night game.

    Painfully uncomfortable viewing experience watching him fidget and twitch when waiting for interviewees to answer inspid questions.

    Talks, then waits to talk. Then talks over anyone in the room, beginning every sentence with a stumbling “I, I,I, I, I, I, I, I…”

    Disapprove of the highest order.

  35. He’d be OK if he didn’t try to overplay his sideline role into the second coming of James Naismith. He should take a page from the vastly more accomplished Mike Gorman and just simmer down.

  36. A true blue-chip ugly S.O.B. … Worst haircut in Boston … Borderline white trash from Milford, who was stuck in Worcester until this lucky break … serial killer persona when speaking to the camera … a true jock-sniffer who loves hanging out with athletes and happily eschews journalistic integrity … still, he stuck with the Celts during the lean times and therefore gets a tepid appproval.

  37. formerly my most hated member of the WEEI staff. Not so much anymore, as Mustard, Meter, Dennis, etc… have easily passed him, but he’s still DISAPPROVE with me.

  38. I could never forgive Dickerson for taking the rantings of a very old and feeble Bob Feller ( a hero of World War II) and branding him a racist a few years ago on WEEI. This is the same Bob Feller who actively promoted the induction of Buck O’Neil into the Baseball Hall of fame. This certainly does not mean that Feller was not a racist. I have no idea if he was. Neither does Dickerson.

    To me the term racist is maybe the worst label someone can be given. To take a 30 second sound bite of a barely coherent old man and label a his whole life racist just so you can be on the right side of the argument, thereby declaring to the world that by pointing out a racist you are not one yourself, is one of the cheapest radio stunts I have ever heard.

    By most accounts Feller was not a great guy, but the mere fact that he defended his country at its most perilous time in histroy in such a heroic way should have garnered him a little more respect from a little piss-ant like Dickerson, who’s only claim to fame is being a jock-sniffer for the Boston Celtics.

  39. DIAPPROVE!! biggest I/ME/MY jackass in town(yes bigger than Buckley). talks to hear himself speak. thinks talking louder makes him correct. reminds you of pat o’brien covering the nba for cbs in the 80’s. He thinks he IS PART of “the show”:he and the players “work together”. pathetic. also sucks up off the court and tries to hang with players at bars. weak. flobee haircut sucks too.

  40. This guy sucks on nearly every level. Sideline reporters are next to useless, which is why it’s preferred to have an attractive woman handeling these duties (hedi watley cervas-e-ho etc). Dickerson also has a speech impediment, in the form of a profound lissssppp. When he’s looking straight into the camera, he gives a look of anguish and discomfort like Perk was making an unwanted sexual advance on him. Maybe Scalabrine’ll take his job when he’s finally released.

  41. Tough one. I think he does a great job on Celtics telecasts, but on the radio he can be downright annoying with all his grabass comments.

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