Michael Holley has a new multi-year contract to remain as WEEI midday co-host alongside Dale Arnold weekdays from 10:00 – 2:00.

“I’m thrilled to extend a relationship that began three years ago and I’m thrilled to do it in this market,” Holley said. “I’ve said many times that Boston is the best place in the country to observe and talk about sports, and I’m blessed to be able to do that with colleagues I care about and respect. Specifically, I’ve enjoyed working with Dale the last few years and I think we’re both excited about taking our show to an even higher level of excellence in the upcoming years.”

Holley also has a new book – Red Sox Rule: Terry Francona and Boston’s Rise to Dominance due out this spring.


11 thoughts on “Holley Staying On At WEEI

  1. This is a disgrace. He is god awful. WEEI must have some sort of quota. They have taken a step back each successive host.

  2. You have got to be out of your mind. Holley might be the BEST host on weei. Your ‘quota’ comment is cute though, because obviously that has something to do with his ability to talk sports.

  3. I think by “quota” Mr. Williams is referring to Michael Holley being an African-American. Aren’t we beyond that crap yet?

  4. In all likelihood Mr Williams is probably a mouth-breather that enjoys the yelling on the morning show. He doesn’t comprehend that you can discuss sports rationally and without raising your voice.

  5. One complaint about Holley I have is that he seems to defer to or match his co-host. When his is with Dale, Holley adopts Dale’s safe, middle of the road, say nothing approach. When Holley has hosted with Michael Smith or one of the flashboys, he is much better. He goes into topics with greater depth and isn’t so reserved. Dale is holding Holley back and he shouldn’t allow it.

  6. This is the best sports discussion show in town. No shouting. Rational discussion. Expresses the views of the hosts without all the pandering and home-boy crap. I liked Neumie, but Holly is deeper.

  7. Holley is awesome. I for one enjoy hearing what an intelligent non-white-middle-aged-ex-jock has to say.

  8. I like Holley, but I miss Neumy, too!
    This is an intelligent show and may not appeal to Dennis & Callahan fans.

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